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S.H.E.M.A.L.E Starz - Part 2

The second part in the S.H.E.M.A.L.E. Starz storyline. The link to Part 1 is here. This time, Serena unexpectedly attracts a new employee to the club, the dazzling Hallie Starz! Enjoy!

Part 2: Hallie Starz

     After spending the rest of the night dressed up as his alter-ego, Serena Starz, Sora decided to go home. He learned how to remove makeup, changed back into his regular clothes, and thanked all of the girls and Mr. Ru for the wonderful first night at his new job. "I'll be back tomorrow night!" he called out as he opened the door out of the building. "And don't worry, Mr. Ru! I'll bring in enough "girls" to keep the club running for years to come!"
     Although he wanted to just go home, sleep, and dream about his new future, Sora saw the lights on at Mel's house and decided to pop by. Huh, I guess I forgot that Mel was hosting a party every Friday night until school's out, Sora thought to himself. I guess I'll swing by and brag about my new job, with some alterations to true details of course.
     "Hey, Sora, you made it!" called out Emilio as Sora entered the house. "We'd thought you were moping around your house complaining about the fact that you can't find a job!"
     "Nope!" Sora answered with a gleam in his eye. "Laugh it up all you want, Emilio. Because I've got a job now. A good job, not some silly job bagging groceries. I'm vice president of a club downtown!"
     "I don't believe it!" Albert said, a little shell-shocked. "How did you manage to get a job managing hot babes? Did you have to suck the owner's dick or something?"
     "No," Sora replied angrily, not happy with Albert's disbelief. "I saw an ad on a flyer, stuck out my chest, nailed the interview, and landed the job. How hard is that to believe?"
     "Not really that hard at all," said Lars, stepping in to defuse the tension between his friends. "It looks like that's the best job I've heard so far. That $500 prize appears to be yours for the taking, Sora."
     "Thanks, Lars," smiled Sora, happy that someone was finally acknowledging his accomplishment. "Shoot," he said, looking at his watch for the first time, "My curfew was half-an-hour ago. I gotta run, guys. See ya!"
     As Sora went to the door to grab his shoes, Hal walked up to his friend. "Hey," he said in his quiet voice. "Congratulations on earning that job. What did you say the name of that club was?"
     "It doesn't have a name yet," replied Sora cheerfully as he stepped out the door. "It's just getting off the ground, so I have to help the owner with naming it, finding more employees, and doing other odd jobs so that it can open. Why?"
     "No reason," Hal said quickly. "See you later."

     Sora woke up the next day and immediately went to the club to start work. When he arrived, Mr. Ru and Tiffany were already there, discussing plans for the club. "Hi you two," Sora said in greeting. "What can I do to help?"
     "Well, we were thinking about some names for the club and some structural designs for the club," replied Mr. Ru. "But before you can help us, you need to get into costume. First rule of the club: anyone who is working is in drag."
     "Here, I can help you again," offered Tiffany. "But you need to start practicing on your own a little, too. Let's go!"
     Sora walked with Tiffany to the communal room and sat down in front of the mirror. Sora managed to get his wig on his head without much difficulty, and learned how to make it blend into his head so that it looked real. Sora then worked on his makeup, going slowly, one thing at a time, after watching Tiffany demonstrate on herself. He began by applying foundation to his face, after being recommended the perfect tone to match his complexion. Next, he penciled his eyebrows into thin arches. The hardest part for him was the eyeliner, as it took him quite a while to get it right, but eventually he did it. Then came some eyeshadow, which he actually chose and managed to blend some white into a smoky black perfectly. Finally, after gluing in some long false eyelashes, he outlined his lips and filled them in with light peach lipstick. "Wow, Serena, I've never seen anyone take to makeup so quickly, not even myself!" Tiffany exclaimed in admiration. "I think you could use some false nail extension too. Let me show you how to use them!"
     Thirty minutes later, Serena's look was complete; she had her gorgeous blond wig, sultry eye shadow, a pouty look to her lips, and long striped nails. She strutted back out to greet Mr. Ru, who smiled approvingly. "That look is fantastic!" he called out. "Why don't you try out on-stage for your first performance?"
     Serena complied, climbing the steps onto the stage. She was dressed up in a full-body leopard print cat-suit with matching heels. Whoa, its a little hard to maneuver in these 5" heels Tiffany gave me, she thought to herself. And what is the song going to be? Oh well, its just lip-syncing anyways.
     "I'm getting a real animal feel from you!" called out Tiffany from backstage. "How about you dance to "She Wolf" by Shakira?"
     "Sounds good!" called back Serena, relieved that it was a song she recognized. "Hit it!"
     A few seconds later, the thumping opening beat of the song began pouring over the speakers, and Serena began to let go of all her inhibitions.She began jerking her body around in smooth, sexy positions much like she had seen Shakira do in her music video, thrusting out her fake boobs and padded ass.
     "S.O.S. she's in disguise. S.O.S. she's in disguise. There's a she wolf in disguise. Coming out, coming out, coming out!"
     It was like an animal had taken over her body. Sora never had been a great dancer, but Serena sure knew how to move! She performed the whole song nearly perfectly, missing a few lyrics she didn't know, stumbling once in her heels, but the majority of the performance was smooth and rhythmic.
     "...there's a she wolf in your closet, let it out so it can breathe!"
     After two last thrusts of her breasts to match the pants of pleasure at the conclusion of the song, Serena looked directly out to the crowd where Mr. Ru and Tiffany were ecstatic. "That was awesome!" Mr. Ru exclaimed as Tiffany began to wolf-whistle. "You sure you haven't done this before?"
     "Nope, first time on-stage ever, let alone in heels!" Serena smiled.
     "Well then, I think we know what song you are going to perform on opening night! My goodness! Obviously, you could use some practice in heels and it would be better if your remembered all the lyrics, but for a first try that was fantastic!" Mr. Ru said, practically giggling with excitement.
     "Come on down, Serena "She Wolf" Starz!" Tiffany laughed as she hugged Serena. She offered Serena a seat and the three of them sat down together. "Now as you catch your breath, we'd like to talk with you about a little business," Mr. Ru said. "Our goal is to open in the first week of April, which is about three weeks from now. However, we need to have at least seven performers by then. So far me have you, Tiffany, Alotta, Bambi, and Stephanie, meaning we need at least two more, preferably three, performers by then. How is your search coming along?"
     Serena's face of joy suddenly turned more somber. "I haven't had much luck," she said dejectedly. "I'm still trying to keep Tiffany's and my job here under wraps, so its kind of awkward to approach anybody about the subject."
     "I see," said Mr. Ru sympathetically. "Well, who knows. Things happen in a funny way, and I'm sure that this club will grow into something spectacular."
     "Yeah," smiled Serena. "Speaking of which, do we actually have a name for the club?"
     "That's another thing we wanted to talk to you about," interjected Tiffany. "We've been throwing some ideas around, but nothing has stuck. If you get any sudden inspiration, let us know."
     "Will do," nodded Serena. She suddenly froze, looking at the clock. "Shoot!" she exclaimed. "I'm supposed to be leaving for a trip in an hour and I haven't even started packing! I really need to go; do you think I can get a copy of the "She Wolf" lyrics to memorize over the trip?"
     "No problem, honey. I'll have them ready for you after you change."
     "Thanks!" she called out as she trotted to the dressing room in her heels. Serena quickly stripped out of her performance attire, removed all the makeup and her wig, and rushed out towards the front entrance. "Thanks for the lyrics!" Sora called out as he pushed his way out the door. "I'll be back Monday to practice - I don't have school that day!"

     Sora spent every free moment on his trip working on memorizing his lines and practicing walking on his tiptoes to imitate walking in heels. Upon his return to town, he kept his word and returned to the club Monday night to practice his routine. He dressed himself up in his leopard skin bodysuit, put on his makeup and wig, and was about to go on-stage when he saw that Tiffany was on-stage working with someone - someone new!   He walked over to them to get a better look.
     The new girl looked fantastic. She was wearing a goldish-gray spaghetti strap top that beautifully matching her curly reddish-blond hair. Her lips were perfectly shaped with a nice dark liner that framed the pink gloss. Her eyes had long, full lashes that faded into a light layer of eyeshadow. Serena was especially envious of the wonderful penciling job she had done with her eyeliner and eyebrows. "Hello, Serena!" Tiffany exclaimed, noticing that Serena was observing the new girl. "I see you like her makeup job. Can you believe she did it all on her own?"
     Serena's eyes widened. "Really?" she asked incredulously. "You did that all on your own?"
     The new girl blushed and replied softly, "Yes. I've been experimenting with makeup for a couple years now. This is the first time I've had a full range of options to work with, though."
     "Wow, I'm impressed! I barely make up my face in one look, and you're telling me you're only limited by how many cosmetics you have around you? Damn..." Serena shook her head in admiration. Then she looked up, realizing her rudeness. "Wow, how impolite am I? Making you all uncomfortable without even introducing myself. I'm Serena Starz, and you are...?"
     "You can call me...Hallie," the new girl said slowly. "I haven't really thought of a full stage name, but Hallie will do for now."
     "Well, now that were all introduced," Tiffany said, clapping her hands impatiently. "Why don't we get started? Serena, I'm going to finish this walk-though with Hallie, then you can practice your routine, and we can all comment on ways to improve. Sounds good?"
     Serena and Hallie both nodded their approval, and got to work. Hallie was working on a performance to the song, "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga. Serena noticed the fluidity of her movements; while not very suggestive or sexual like herself, Hallie exuded a sensual, soft vibe that was equally erotic. She was 'just dancing,' much like the song she was performing to. "Great work!" Serena cheered as she walked onto the stage at the conclusion of Hallie's performance. "Thanks," replied Hallie demurely as she swapped positions with Serena. The two drag queens switched performances for the next two hours, with Serena slowly growing accustomed to dancing and heels, while Hallie practiced her emphasis on graceful  femininity. Finally, after feeling extremely comfortable walking in her heels, Serena decided to call it a day. "That's enough for me," she said. "My arches are killing  me, but at least I got the hang of strutting around in heels."
     "You were great today," Tiffany said positively. "Work on those positions I was showing you before you come back on Friday. I'm going to work with Hallie a bit more. See you later!"
     Serena waved goodbye and went to her dressing room to put away her costume and remove her cosmetics. She was so comfortable in heels now that she almost walked out the back door with them on! Silly me, though Sora. What would my friends think of me as a drag queen?

     Sora was in a good mood for the rest of the week, occasionally subconsciously mouthing the lyrics to "She Wolf" when he was bored in class. Emilio gave him some weird looks when they passed by in the hall once when Sora was wiggling down the whole to the steps of his routine . "Have you met a girl, Sora? You look a little star-struck," Lars joked one day at lunch. "You could say that..." smiled Sora in reply "Yes. I definitely thing I'm Starz-struck..." This earned him another odd look from Emilio, but after that slight slip up, Sora managed to hide the source of his giddiness. The only person around that seemed nearly as happy as Sora was Hal, who was laughing and joking a lot more than he usually did. "Have a good weekend?" Sora finally asked his friend.
     "Yes, yes I did," smiled Hal. "I landed a job downtown this weekend; nothing to the caliber of your management position, but it is enjoyable."
     "Really? Where is it?" asked Sora, intrigued.
     "Its, uh, down in Southeast," Hal said, suddenly evasive.
     "Is that so? My job is down in Southeast too!" Sora exclaimed. "We could carpool Friday - I'd drop you off before heading to my work."
     "Thanks, but, um...I've got a test to make up that day school," he stammered quickly.
     "How about on the weekends then? I'm working Saturdays and Sunday nights too."
     "Ooooooh, I'm only working in the morning on those days. Thanks, though."
     "Sure, no problem," Sora stated, noticing how nervous his friend looked. "I'll see you later."
     The next day was Friday and as soon as the bell rang, Sora bolted to his car and rushed through traffic to get to the club. He made his face up in record time, slipped on his fake breasts and catsuit, and prepared to find Tiffany to show her the new moves he had been practicing. When he got onto the stage, however, he found that Tiffany was already there, standing with Alotta, Bambi, Stephanie, and Mr. Ru. "Oh, Serena, you're here! Perfect!" called out Mr. Ru upon Serena's entrance. "I was willing to run this group act with four, but five is a perfect number." Serena slowly clicked over the wood floor towards the group. "What's this about?" she asked, curious.
     "Well, I've had this idea for a massive, five-performer act for the closing number on opening night," explained Mr. Ru. "I picked the song "We R Who We R" because has a quick beat and is perfect for a lot of sexual interaction. You've proven to be quite capable of that, based off of what I've seen you do last weekend, so I'm glad your here. Alotta Ass and Stephanie Persephone are excellent backup dancers, Bambi Bigtits has all the assets to show off, and Tiffany Tease lives up to her name! But you, my dear Serena, are my little ostentatious, outgoing dancer who is wild and crazy. For someone who just entered the world of drag just over a week ago, you move like a seasoned expert! So I will have you as a solo performer, along with Bambi and Tiffany. You okay with that, Miss Serena "Ostentatious" Starz?"
     Serena thought about it, reflecting upon all of the quick changes that had happened in her life, or rather, in Sora's life. A week ago, there had been no Serena: there was only Sora, who had never even thought about makeup, or walking in heels, or exaggerating his feminine features. But Serena had slowly wiggled her way into Sora's thoughts, into his actions, even into his own personality. It was at that moment that Serena realized that Sora was okay with these changes; he enjoyed being this special person who could attract attention to herself with makeup, clothes, and suggestive poses, even if it meant having an alter-ego. "Yeah, I'm okay with that," Serena smiled, knowing that she was okay with being the "Ostentatious Star" of the drag club.
     "Excellent," Mr. Ru clapped his hands. "Then lets get started."
     The session was difficult, but Serena was getting the steps slowly but surely. She especially liked the one solo session she got, where she got to freestyle and show her acceptance of her new role in the club. They were still going an hour and a half later when the door to the club opened. Serena looked up in the middle of the dance and was shocked to see who it was. It was Hal! Dumbfounded, Serena continued to dance as she watched her best friend from school stroll nonchalantly into the communal room. She only turned her head back around when Tiffany barked at her, "Serena! Move your ass up front! That was your cue!" With no time to process what was going on, Serena completed the song, but before she could go backstage to see what Hal was doing, Mr. Ru ordered that they continue practicing until they got the dance completely right. It took three more attempts, at total of about five minutes, but eventually they stopped, at which point Serena hurried into the communal room.
     When she got there, the room was empty, save for one person: Hallie, who was just finishing putting on her makeup. That's weird, thought Serena. I could have sworn that I saw Hal dart into this room... And then the truth hit her like a ton of bricks. "Hal?" she asked, holding  her head in disbelief. "You're Hallie?!?!?"
     Hallie turned around, her beautifully made-up face looking stunned. "How do you know my real name?" she asked, shocked that this drag queen she had met only once before knew her name.
     "Because I'm not Serena, I'm Sora!"
     It was Hallie's turn to be incredulous. "Sora? That's you behind all that makeup?"
     "Yup." The two girls, who were really guys, stood facing each other, not knowing what to say. Then, Hal began to smile, Sora began to chuckle, and pretty soon the two of them were rolling with mutual laughter.
     "I...hahahahah...can't believe that you...hahahaha...were actually bold enough to dance...haha... on a stage!" laughed Sora.
     "And I...heeheehee...can't believe dressing and acting like a slutty woman...heeheeheehee!" Hal giggled.
     The two of them eventually regained their composure and began talking. "So how did you get a job here?" Sora asked, curious. "Well," Hal started, taking a deep breath. "You see, I always knew I was different. I was naturally quieter than everyone in our group, I tended to shy away from most of the things the other guys were interested in, stuff like that. When I was about 13 I realized that I was gay. It was relatively easy for me to hide it; I just ended up looking even shyer than before when I would look away when a guy I thought I was cute looked at me. But I had always secretly admired the beauty of the woman, so about three years ago I began experimenting with makeup. This year, after our little bet on who could get a job, I realized that I wanted to be a drag queen! So when I saw a flier left near our house the night after the party at Mel's house looking for drag queens, I decided to go for it, and here I am."
     "Yeah, that was probably my flier that I dropped," Sora said, embarrassed. "That job I told you about at Mel's house, about getting the vice presidency at a club downtown? Well, you're sitting in the club!"
     "Really?" Hal asked, amused. "Well, I guess it wasn't a lie. But how did you end up dipping into drag? I never pegged you as the type."
     "Well, the problem was that initially, Mr. Ru didn't have enough performers to open the club. He said that the only way it would work was if I dress up as Serena and get two other guys down here to work for the club as well. Tiffany dressed me up the first time, and I fell in love with my new persona! So here I am, Serena Starz, performing for the club!"
     "Wow" was all Hal could say, surprised by this revelation. They sat there silently for a minute, pondering this strange turn of events. Finally, Sora broke the silence.
     "Hey Hal?"
     "I was thinking. You don't have a stage name, right? How about you adopt my stage name, Starz? We were once a part of the Seven Stars, right? Now we can be two of the Starz: Hallie and Serena Starz."
     Hal thought about it for a minute. "You know, I think I like that idea. Thanks, Serena!"
     The two friends then hugged, not as Sora and Hal, but as Serena and Hallie Starz. "We were, or we are, best friends as guys," Hallie whispered into Serena's ear as tears of joy ran down her face. "Now we can be best friends as drag queens, sharing our lives as secret Starz."

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Blown Away

Some boys just cannot be satisfied with receiving blowjobs. Others (willingly or not) want to give them!

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Teacher's Pets

A three-cap series that describes a typical day in the classroom of Miss Jesse at the Feminization School for Boisterous Boys. Images are of the lovely TS Jesse

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S.H.E.M.A.L.E. Starz: Part 1

Hello all! I've had an idea in my head for a while for a storyline. It will be a seven to eight part series about seven friends who end up getting a job together - as drag queens! Some come out of need, others out of willingness, and a few are forced in service! So without further ado, here is part one, about the lovely Serena Starz.

Part 1: Serena Starz 

     Sora was at a crossroads in his life. He had two paths to consider; on one hand, he was a senior in high school and simply wanted to party it up with his friends, enjoy his last year in his hometown; on the other hand, Sora was realizing that life after high school was going to be difficult and require a serious approach. He was going to need to figure out where he was going to go to college (if he was at all), find some way to pay for tuition  or necessities if he took a gap year, and he needed a place to live. Although all these thoughts were stressful, he always remembered that most of his friends had the same issues to deal with, and they were there to support him  if need be.
     Sora smiled at the thought of his friends. He could always count on them. They had all grown up together in the same neighborhood and had remained close from the first time they met in grade school. Their little group, "The Seven Stars," as they called themselves, was composed of Hal, Emilio, Mel, Albert, Lars, and Lance. Hal was always the quiet, polite one of the group and was probably the closest to Sora in the group. Emilio was the athlete of the group and could be a little too bold for Sora's tastes, but overall he was a good guy. Mel was the ladies' man of the group, a smooth-talker with the ability to talk his way out of anything. Albert was the youngest of the group, only a junior in high school. He was extremely cocky and a bit of a dick, but he was Lars' best friend, so Sora had to tolerate him. Lars was also a junior, and the younger brother of Lance. He was probably the nicest guy Sora had ever met, which was ironic, considering that Albert was his best friend. The last guy in the group was Lance, the "leader" of the group. Although he refused to acknowledge this role in the group, everyone respected his word. He was a well-rounded guy: good looking, fairly athletic, and had a commanding aura that seemed to emanate from his calm persona. Sora was really proud to be connected to Lance, as everyone in school could tell that he was going places in life.
     Sora also aspired to do something great with his life. He wasn't sure what that something was yet, but he knew that eventually it would come to him. He, Hal, Emilio, Mel, and Lance were all graduating that year and all decided that they were going to get jobs. Emilio, who was always itching to prove his superiority, had suggested that all five of them should pool in $100, and the person who gets the best job the fastest will get the money. All five of them eventually agreed and decided to use Albert and Lars as judges if there was a disagreement between the five of them on who had gotten the best job. That, of course, had been three weeks ago, and Sora still could find no job offers. Even worse, Mel had hinted that he had sweet-talked his way into an interview with a high-powered company, a job that surely would secure him the $500 from the pool.
     What's a guy to do? Sora muttered as he wandered around downtown, walking home from a failed interview. That's the third time this week I've been turned down after applying for a job. At this rate, I won't find a job during the summer, let alone in time to win the money in the pool. 
     He glumly stared at the ground, bemoaning his predicament, when suddenly he saw on the ground a flyer. Slowly, he bent down to pick it up, and began to read it:
Male performer willing to dance and/or sing
Needed to work weekends and some weekdays
$10 dollars per hour plus tips
Please contact Paul Ru at 2713 Queen Street ASAP
This is probably an advertisement for male stirppers, thought Sora. But hey, I'm desperate for money, I'm not a horrible dancer or singer, and its only a block a way. I guess I'll check it out...
     Sora walked over to the address and found a large building. He entered into the large room and was surprised to see a lot of unopened boxes scattered around. "Hello?" he called out. "Is this the residence of Paul Ru?"
     A noise could be hear in a back room and a few seconds later a small man stepped out to meet Sora. "Hello," he smiled warmly. "I'm Paul Ru. What can I do for you?"
     "Well, I saw this advertisement on the ground," said Sora, handing him the flyer, "And I think I'd like to apply for the job."
     Mr. Ru began to size Sora up, examining his body and looking into his eyes for some mysterious reason. "How old are you, Mr...?"
    "Sora. And I'm eighteen."
     "Perfect!" Mr. Ru's eyes shined with delight. "I thought you were a little too young to apply, but I guess not! So then, Sora, is it? Sora, I am so glad you came here. I just got into town and wanted to start my own business, but it started out so slow. I only have four employees, plus myself, and thought I was going to have to shut down because of the lack of staffing. But now you've come along and bring me hope that I can attract from the younger generations!"
     "So I've got the job?"
     "Sort of," Mr. Ru smiled sadly. "See, although adding you to the staff is helpful, I still don't have enough people to start. So I have a favor to ask you: do you think you can get five more guys to come in here and sign up? If so, I will have a job to give you; in fact, I'll make you vice president of the club! But if you can't get five guys, there won't be a club for you to have a job in. So can you do it?"
     Could I do this? thought Sora. I don't would be hard to convince one guy, let alone five. But if I don't say yes, I'll have no job, and there will be no way that I can win the pool money.
     "I think I can do it," smiled Sora.
     "Perfect!" exclaimed Mr. Ru. "I'll make you vice president of the club right now, although you'll still have to work for the club like the rest of our employees."
     "Alright," Sora said. "But what exactly is it that I'll be doing. Am I performing onstage? Am I singing something? The flyer wasn't very specific."
     "Oh yes," Mr. Ru replied. "I can have my stage director explain everything to you. Tiffany, can you come out here please?"
     Sora stood gawking as behind the curtain came Tiffany, the boyfriend of Emilio. "Tiffany?" he gasped. "You work here?"
     Tiffany smiled. "You're one to talk. I never took you as the club type, Sora. So do you want the full tour and explanation or not?"
     "I guess I do," Sora said, and began to follow Tiffany into the back room.
     "Oh, wait just one moment!" called Mr. Ru. "Sora, I need you to sign this documents acknowledging that you are a full-fledged employee of the club, for tax purposes an such."
     "Sure, no problem," Sora answered, signing his name on the dotted line.
     "Alright then, let's get a move on," Tiffany called and walked into the back room. Sora followed quickly after, not wanting to miss a detail of explanation. 
     "So this is the entrance to the stage from the back," she pointed out to Sora. "Here are the dressing rooms. So far our girls are Alotta, Bambi, Stephanie, and me. We all get our own seperate rooms. I think Mr. Ru will set you up in the empty one on the right; you can store you belongings and earnings here. But the communal room is where you'll be spending most of time, as it functions as the lounge, the costume closet, and the group mirror where we can help each other get ready. Come on, let me show you."
     Tiffany opened the door to the communal room, and Sora was shocked with what he saw. The entire back wall of the room was covered in wigs. Long wigs, short wigs, curly wigs, wavy wigs, blonde wigs, brunette wigs, black wigs, red wigs, blue wigs; every kind of wig that he could possible was on that wall. Not only that, but in the corner of the room there were all kinds of dresses and costumes, the largest collection of feminine attire that Sora had ever seen. "Wow," he joked, still shocked at the collection before him. "Mr. Ru must be desperate to give the appearence that there are more than four girls performing here. Do you four dress up in multiple wigs and outfits, like you have multiple personas or something?"
     "No, not really. We all only use one wig and one persona. The collection of wigs is for the newcomers who get to choose their new persona, like you."
     "What do you mean, 'like me'? These are all female wigs and clothes; they couldn't be for me!"
     "Yeah, actually, they are. This is a drag club, silly. Didn't Mr. Ru tell you that?"
     Sora stood there dumbstruck. I signed up to be a perfomer at a drag club? No, this isn't possible!
     "Heh, heh, funny joke Tiffany. If this is a drag club, why are you here?"
     "Because I'm a guy, Mr. Know-It-All. Genitalia and everything."
     This was simply too much for Sora. Tiffany is a man?!?!? This isn't a strip club; its a drag club?!?!? And I signed up for a year?!?!? Oh my god... 

               Hey Sora, you there? Wake up...
Sora opened his eyes and saw Tiffany standing over him. "You're awake," she smiled, relieved. "You passed out for a while there. I guess that all this information was a little too much to absorb at once. Sorry."
     Sora got up from the ground and pinched himself. "Nope, not a dream," he observed with a wince of pain.     
     "I'm sorry this you had to learn everything this way, but its the truth," Tiffany said sympathetically. "You were going to find out anyways when I would have gotten you dressed up for the first time."
     "So all the girls here...their really guys?"
     "Yup. One hundred percent shemales or drag queens."
     "Whoa...I never would have thought...what about Mr. Ru?"
     "Used to be a drag queen himself back in the day. He still performs occasionally, but now he's content to help us improve our art and make us the best queens that we can be."
     Sora shook his head. "Wow, I've really gotten myself into a mess this time. How am I going to tell the guys about this? There's no way I can tell them what kind of job I got- they'd disown me."
     "Don't tell them everything. I won't tell if you don't tell them about my little secret. Just tell them that you got a high ranking position managing a club; they'll be extremely jealous of you!"
     "I suppose that is a good idea," said Sora, smiling at Tiffany. "Thanks."
     "No problem. That's what girlfriends are for." Sora winced at the comment. "Oh, I'm sorry, Sora, but you've got to get used to it. We are going to create your drag queen persona tonight, so you've got to get over the reality that when you are working here, you aren't Sora: you are...well, we can decide your stage name later. Let's get to work on your makeover."
     Tiffany led Sora over to the wall of wigs. "First, let's select your wig. I'll let you pick one out, but give this some serious thought: this wig will define your entire persona, so I'd rather you'd be happy with your choice than miserable with something I am forced to pick for you."
     Sora, resigned to the fact that he was going to have to do this, carefully scoured the wall. Finally, he pointed to a long, wavy blond wig with yellow tips. "That one."
     "Excellent choice!" beamed Tiffany. "I actually was thinking that that wig would look perfect on you with your fair complexion. Sit down in the chair over there and we'll try it on you!"
     Sora did as he was told and shivered as he felt the soft locks cascade down over his shoulders as the wig was secured on his head. "Perfect," Tiffany said. "Now, Sora, in the future you will be expected to do your own makeup, and although I will teach you, right now I am going to do the makeup for you so you can be surprised by your look. Alright?"
     He nodded his approval and Tiffany went off like a shot, starting by adding foundation and blush. Although Sora couldn't see what Tiffany was doing, she could tell that she was using a lot of makeup, as his eyelids felt much heavier as she added eye shadow and his lips tastes strongly of lip gloss after Tiffany was finished spreading the creamy stuff over his lips. It kind of hurt to have his eyebrows tweezed and shaped and it was really strange to see the long false eyelashes fluttering in front of his vision when he blinked, but he still had no idea how he looked. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Sora, Tiffany announced that she was completed. "Now, Sora," she said, handing him a camera. "I am going to turn you around and show you the new you. It is a custom in this club for a new girl in drag for the first time to take a picture of herself so that the picture can be used in advertising and posters and what not. So find a sexy pose, and snap away girlfriend!"
     With that last piece of information, Tiffany spun Sora around to face the mirror. What he saw absolutely shocked him. There was absolutely zero trace of his maleness anywhere; all that he saw in the mirror was a stunning, heavily made-up blonde with a camera in her hand. He stood up in shock, getting closer to the mirror to get a better look. Sora had thinly arched eyebrows that hovered above beautiful eyes accented by thick, feathery eyelashes. His eyelids were painted to perfection with mutliple shades of lavander, while his lips looked plump and inviting thanks to a stunning shade of pink lipstick, lip gloss, and the shocked little 'O' that his lips were forming. Slowly, but surely, he realized that he was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Even better, he could control this beautiful woman. He made he strike numerous poses, each one more sexy and provocative than the next.
     "Well, it looks like you're really getting into the persona," chuckled Tiffany as she watched her creation dance with herself in the mirror. "Have you decide on what name you want to give this persona?"
     The woman in front of the mirror turned around flashed a dazzling smile. "Call me Serena. Serena Starz."
     "Alright, Serena, now that you have taken your picture and seem more than satisfied with the makeup job, let's pick out a dress for you," Tiffany said, leading her new student over to the closet. After about 15 minutes of rummaging through the racks in the closet, Serena called out, "I've found it!" and raced off to her dressing room to change. Although Tiffany was a little worried that Serena chose something without consulting her first, it was her turn to be completely shocked at Serena's new appearance. Serena stepped out of the room in a stunning rainbow colored dress and matching rainbow heels. The shimmering dress perfectly matched her yellow tips and blond hair while additionally bringing out the pink in her lipstick and eyeshadow. Tiffany could practically see the femininity shining out from Serena in her new outfit. "Serena, you look fantastic!" she exclaimed. "I'm so glad that you begun to accept the new persona you have to take for this job!"
    Serena smiled gratefully for the compliment. "I have you to thank for it. You see, I've never been really good at anything. I was never that smart, nor that big, nor that strong. I've been average at everything I do. But when I saw my image in the mirror after you dressed me up, I knew I could be something special as a drag queen. So I am going to work as hard as I can to be the most beautiful drag queen around and make sure that this club stays afloat. I will be doing something great in my life: I will be Serena Starz, the greatest drag queen at the most successful club in town.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Barbie Boys

Barbie dolls are the ultimate symbol for feminineness. Who would believe that guys could embody this femininity too? Seeing is believing, and these guys found out the hard way.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hypnotic Wishes 4: Sophie and Cassandra

    Hello everybody! This is the fourth installment of the Hypnotic Wishes series. It is REALLY late (I was planning to have it done three month ago!) and I apologize for this. Hope you enjoy it anyways!

     While Misty was getting her younger 'sister' Christy ready for The Pageant, Sophie was working at the "Hypnotic Wishes" apartment for her regular job. She cured all sorts of people of a variety of common problems - only the best, most needy men deserved the 'special cure' offered by Hypnotic Wishes. There hadn't been many eligible candidates over the last couple of weeks. But all that changed when Carson walked through the door about a week and a half after The Pageant had been proposed. He was a strong, arrogant man who strode into the room with a swagger, a swagger that may have been an attempt to hide the fact that Carson was small and lean. "Hi," he greeted Sophie abruptly. "I have a problem with chewing tobacco and I hear you are good at fixing addicts like me up real quick. Got a cure for me, miss?"
     "Please, call me Sophie," Sophie replied warmly.
     "Whatever" Carson responded rudely. "So, how long is this going to take?"
     "Well, that depends," smiled Sophie. "I have a few kinds of hypnotic cures here, involving tapes, music, and good-old-fashion one-on-one hypnosis. But you seem like an eager man who wants special treatment. I can offer you my "Special Cure" if I deem you are in great need. What do you wish to get out of this?"
     "I wanna be with this girl," he replied bluntly. "Her name is Lauren, a smoking hot blonde if you know what I mean, but she says she refuses to kiss a man who chew tobacco. So I want to fix my habit and hook up with her."
     Sophie's eyes widened at the mention of Lauren and inwardly smiled. This is going to be a piece of cake. "I happen to be good friends with Lauren! Do you really wish to be with her?"
     He nodded vigorously. "Good" Sophie grinned at him. "If that is what you wish, I can use my 'Special Cure' to help you. And a tell you what. As an added bonus, I'll give you some tips on how to attract Lauren's attention, then take you to this pageant she is working at in three weeks or so. I can reintroduce you and you'll be on your way!"
     "Sounds perfect!" Carson exclaimed. "What do I gotta do?"
     "It's simple." Sophie walked back to her vanity, rummaged around until she found a pink can labeled "Bimbo Gum". She hastily tore of the tape label and handed Carson the can. "There's some special gum in here that should help you out. Chew this at all times and leave it in your mouth when you sleep so you can digest the juices for longer. One piece should last an entire day and you shouldn't have any urge to chew tobacco at all! Just come back here in a week for a checkup and your first lesson on how to attract attention from Lauren!"
     "Alright. Later!" he called and stormed out, can in hand, without saying thanks. Yes, this is almost too easy, she chuckled to herself. I suppose Lauren deserves to have this poor man as her pageant contestant, but he walked right into my arms! What was I supposed to do? Oh well. I'll just call Lauren and talk to her about it.
     Sophie immediately walked over and picked up the phone to call her friend. She explained the situation and Lauren was perfectly fine with it. In fact, she was ecstatic!
     "Oh yeah, I remember that guy! I thought he would have made a perfect candidate for our pageant, but I decided against using him. By all mean, go and head and hypnotize him, Sophie! He deserves it!"
     "Well, I'm not exactly going to hypnotize him. I found this special "Bimbo Gum" online that will serve my needs. Just like the gum, he'll slowly become softer until he's putty in my hands!"
     "Brilliant, just brilliant!"
     "Thanks. Hey, have you found your candidate yet? I heard that Barbie is still looking around."
     "Yep, I'm working with my candidate right now! Those tapes you gave me worked like a charm! Anyways, I've got to get back and check on her makeup. Call me after your next session with Carson!"
     "I will! It ought to be about a week. Talk to you then!"

     Carson did just as Sophie told him, popping a piece of gum in his mouth everyday and sleeping with it in his mouth. He felt kind of funny during the process, feeling light-headed and slightly confused often. Even weirder was that fact that all of his body hair was slowly falling off and his skin was becoming a lot smoother. He wrote this of as a side-effect of the gum and tried to remember to ask Sophie about...about...what was he supposed to ask her? Oh, it can't be that important, he giggled to himself. It's curing my tobacco problem and that's all that matters.
     The week passed by quickly, with the subtle changes occurring daily, and finally it was time to visit Sophie again. Carson knocked on Sophie's door, vaguely disturbed by the fact that he had walked heel-to-toe, wiggling his bum the entire way from his house. She opened the door and led him over to her table, pulling out his chair for him as he slid into his seat with his legs together. "So," she asked as she sat down. "How's the treatment been coming along?"
    "It's been, like, totally great," Carson answered, bemused at his almost feminine tone. "I, like, haven't touched tobacco in forEVER! Except there was, like, one or two problems..." He scratched his head. "But I, like, just can't remember!"
    "That's quite alright," Sophie smiled. "Now, let's talk about your ability to get Lauren to notice you. Come over to the mirror here."
     Sophie led Carson over to the vanity and stood over him as he sat down. "The first thing we need to do is draw attention to those beautiful eyes of yours," Sophie said. "The best way to do this is by outlining your eyes, like this." She demonstrated how to apply eyeliner. "Why don't you try it?" she asked, and smiled as she watched Carson shape his other eye flawlessly. That Bimbo Gum sure is amazing, Sophie though to herself.   Carson probably hasn't been within ten feet of a makeup kit in his life, yet the enzymes in the gum activate his feminine side instantly!
     "Perfect!" Sophie exclaimed. "Now try adding a little eyeshadow...good, that's just how you do it! Okay, Carson, let's try applying mascara..."
     "Like, I totally know how to do that!" exclaimed Carson, as he got to work curling his eyes into the most delicate and thick shape. "How's that?" he asked as he finished.
     "It's great!" Sophie smiled. "See how much prettier your eyes are!"
     "Yeah, they are TOTALLY hot," he breathed. But aren't I wearing makeup? Carson thought to himself, confused. And didn't I, like, totally just apply it on my own? Oh well. I do look quite stunning.
     Sophie continued her tutorial (or more like a guidance, considering how much Carson knew about makeup), helping him shape his eyebrows, apply blush to his cheeks, and gloss his lips with peach lipstick and lip gloss. Carson was a little bemused by his inherent ability to apply makeup, but he was too worried about looking perfect to care at the moment! Finally, after finding the makeup satisfactory, Sophie informed Carson that he was going to have a new name. "You're new nickname will be Cassandra." she said. "It is very elegant, yet very feminine."
     Carson looked at her dazedly. "But why do I, like, need another name? My name is Carson."
     "True, but Lauren likes to give her boyfriends nicknames, so she can feel more comfortable with them. And Cassandra is such a wonderful name. Much better than boring old Carson."
     "Yeah, I guess it is," Carson/Cassandra smiled dreamily. "Cassandra. I like that name."
     "Oh, and one other thing." Sophie said. She went into the back bedroom and brought out a black wig, pink panties and a pink bra, with matching pink top and miniskirt. "Put these on. Lauren also likes a man who is in touch with his feminine side..."
     This is too much, Carson grumbled to himself as he slid on the panties. I'll look like a fool in these panties. They're so - Oh! They're so soft in silky! This feels amazing! I wonder what the bra and blouse feels like...
     And with that Cassandra eagerly dawned her new clothes, marveling at how well they fit her body. When Sophie slipped the wig on her head, she though she would die from the ecstasy. "You like this, I can tell." smiled Sophie. Cassandra could only nod her head in agreement. "Well then you'll love what I have ready for you next. I signed you up for a session with a doctor friend of mine. What do you say we head on down?"
     "Like, totally!" Cassandra squealed, and instinctively reached for the purse that Sophie had so kindly gave her. "Let's go!"

     Cassandra and Sophie then went straight downtown to Dr. DDs. The Doctor greated Cassandra warmly and explained what was going to happen. Wouldn't that be kind of hard to undo? Carson's voice pipped up inside her head, but a small dose of anesthesia eliminated any ability to think. When Cassandra came to, she had a lovely new pair of CC breasts supported by a sexy red bra. "Welcome back, Cassandra," smiled Sophie as she watched Cassandra groggily play with her new assets. "Lauren will love your new boobs. Perfect and round, but not too big. We can increase the size later if you want. Here have some gum..."
     Yeah, maybe we could make them bigger... Cassandra thought happily as she daintily chewed her gum. "Thank you so much, Dr. DD!" she gushed happily. "I hope that I can repay you in some way!"
     "Oh, don't worry about it," the Doctor smiled. "As long as you are happy as you are..."
     "Alright Cassandra, that's enough. It's almost night now and I think you would look fantastic in a tight little dress at a club! Come on, I've got just the thing!" Sophie said as she led her hypnotized protégée out of the office. Cassandra quickly slipped on her top and blew the Doctor a kiss as she trotted out with Sophie.
     When they got back to Sophie's, Sophie went straight to her closet. "I've got to find the dress for you," she called out as she rummaged through her things. "Freshen up your makeup" Cassandra did this without question and in about 10 minutes Sophie came back with a tiny one piece cocktail dress. "Slip this on," she said. "I bet you'll look stunning." Cassandra complied and gasped at how tight the dress was. She felt like she couldn't breathe, but was pleased to see how the dress pushed out her new breasts beautifully. "This looks amazing," she choked out through sallow breaths. "But does it have to be so tight?"
     "Of course, silly," Sophie chuckled. "Beauty is pain. Plus, Lauren just loves a friend who would put herself through such pains to catch her attention. So come on, lets go. I'll tell Lauren to meet us there."
     Cassandra's eyes lit up at the thought of finally getting to see Lauren and see what she thought of him - or rather, her - new look. After throwing on a pair of 5" black pumps, spritzing on some perfume, and throwing away her gum, Cassandra was hurried into Sophie's car and driven to the club.
     When they arrived, Sophie picked her way through the crowd, leading Cassandra over to the bar. Along the way, many of the men in the club tried to pinch Cassandras's sweet and exposed ass cheeks, which began to worry Cassandra. Why are guys trying to cop a feel? wondered Carson, a voice buried deep in Cassandra's mind. Eventually, however, they reached their destination. Sophie brought Cassandra over to a man at the bar and introduced him. "Cassandra," she said. "This is Larry. He will be your date tonight."
     Date? Carson's voice questioned, as the effects of the Bimbo Gum began to wear off. Suddenly Carson remembered everything that had happened that day; the makeup session, the trip to Dr. DD's, trying on the tight dress he was in. "What did you do to me?" Cassandra screamed at Sophie as Larry pulled her by her hairless arm out onto the dance floor. On the dance floor he took her in his arms and began to slow dance with her to the smooth song playing over the speakers. "Stop it, stop it!" she sobbed as she felt him squeeze her bare ass.
     "I don't think you want that," he whispered in her ear. "You see, I know who you are, and I am quite willing to share this secret with everyone else around here. Who would believe you anyways? Besides, you should enjoy this respite while you can. When the beat starts flowing again, the real fun starts..."
     Cassandra didn't like the way Larry smiled when he said that, but said nothing, realizing that she was trapped. After about five minutes, the beat picked up, and Larry kept his word. He began grinding on the helpless Cassandra, playing with her new nipples as she moaned softly, not believing that she was actually enjoying the feelings he was giving her. "Why are you doing this?" she groaned.
     "Because this is what you want. YOU wanted to get closer to you are getting your wish! See, I am Lauren! I'm a T-girl, just like you - I just have my tits bound down to give me the appearance of a man. So now, you are going to return the favor by giving me something I want tonight..."
     Cassandra then gasped, partially at the explanation of Lauren/Larry, and partially at the feeling she got as Lauren pulled Cassandra back on her rock-hard she-cock. At that very moment, something in Cassandra's mind snapped. Whether it was from the long term effects of repeatedly chewing the Bimbo Gum, or from the huge shock that she got from the truth, or from the orgamic feeling she was getting from Lauren's cock rubbing between her ass-cheeks, the tiny amount of control Carson held over his mind completely snapped. A flood of feminine, bimbo thoughts flooded Cassandra's head, so much so that Carson was washed away permanently. For the rest of the night, Cassandra danced with reckless abandon, on Lauren, with Sophie, and on just about any man in the club who got close to her.
     Two weeks later, Sophie visited Cassandra to see how she was shaping up. She had not needed to give Cassandra any Bimbo Gum for over 10 days now and had found that Cassandra was self-motivated to win The Pagaent. Although Cassandra claimed that it was to show herself off for Lauren, Sophie secretly believed that Cassandra was simply such a girly girl now that she couldn't resist the chance to dress up fancy! When Sophie walked in to Cassandra's office, her thoughts were confirmed. Cassandra was  in the middle of a photoshoot for Lauren. She was decked out in a tiny pink miniskirt, with a tight, low cut pink blouse that showed off her new FF breasts. The rest of attire was equally feminine, with starch white stockings adorned with pink flowers, matching pink pumps, glossy pink lipstick, and her beautiful black hair in cute pigtails. Sophie almost laughed when she realized that the former Carson look even more sissy than the frilly pony behind her. It just goes to show you, Sophie thought to herself. Carson truly loved Lauren's feminine beauty. Now Cassandra is perfectly in love with an even more feminine woman: herself.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miss Madeline and Miss Maria's Magical Multi-Caption Story

Hello to all! As the title implies, this is a multi-cap story about Miss Madeline (formerly Mark) and Miss Maria (formerly Mario) waking up after their night at a hypnotist's performance. The story goes in order from the first caption below this text to the very last caption in the post. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marvelous Caption From Missy

Hi all, I wanted to give a shout out to Missy over at Missy's Sissy Caps for her excellent captions. I recently participated in a contest over on her blog and won a free cap. Here is the result:

It is a fantastic piece of work that reflects the creative genius of Missy's amazing work. Much thanks to her and definitely check her out at the link in the first sentence!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Deadlines and Timelines

The clock is ticking for these boys...will they satisfy the demands of their girlfriends in time? Or will they spend even more time in heels?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Poetic Justice (Destined for Drag)

Today we have three caps for you. 
One cap of a lovely drag queen in blue
One cap of a friend wishing this wasn't true
One cap of a man with a permanent tattoo
Sorry for the wait, these were long overdue!