Thursday, July 28, 2011

Caption Contest Update

Hello all! Here is the update I promised you. It's a little early, but it is the only time I will be able to post before the end of the contest on August 8th. I have recieved captions from three people already, which is awesome! That's already hit my original goal, but the more the merrier! I'll be back on the 8th with more caps and results from the contest, so until then, keep sending captions for the contest!

-Elena Starz

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Ponytail: First Caption Contest!

Hello all! This is just a little taste to hold you over for captions to come, but I think it is a really good appetizer. I found this image recently and just had to do a caption for it. 

The image just screams "FEMININE", right? Anyways, I liked it so much that I have decided to ask if anyone would like to caption it and send it to me for a contest of sorts! It's nothing really fancy; just anybody inspired by the image, or anyone who likes captioning, just shoot me an email at with your name and your caption of this image. 

As a little added incentive, considering that this is a "contest" of sorts, I will pick a winner of the submitted captions (assuming that there is at least three, so please, submit at least something!), and this person shall receive a free caption courtesy of me! They will be able to pick what they want in the caption (theme, characters, specific attributes of the characters, ect.) and I will do my best to satisfy their request and post it on this blog! I will give TWO WEEKS for this contest, and post an update in about a week, so please, it would be awesome if I got at least three entries! To start your creative juices flowing, here is my captioning take on the image:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bodysuit Bimbo

An interesting 5 panel story. Involves an employee at BIMBO Inc. invading a rival company who may have inside information on BIMBO Inc. Employee dons a bodysuit, gets some cool spy gadgets, and discovers a secret. Read on the find out what the secret is, and when "Cindy" finds out!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clothes Make the Man (Into a Woman)

The title kind of explains it. Three captions inspired by the clothing that these boys are dressed in (or transformed into). One party costume, one sissy maid uniform, and one magical piece of clothing produce very beautiful blondes. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mothers Know Best: Another Story

Hello all. I've been going through TG caption blogs, as usual, looking around at the various captions that people had posted, when one in particular caught my eye. It was over at Sexy Secret Sophie (a very excellent TG caption site, I highly recommend it) and I saw this caption. I don't really know exactly what enthralled me, whether it was the cute image, the way the piece was written, or the concept of mothers feminizing a whole group of friends; but regardless, it gave me inspiration to write a story along the same lines. To me, captions are an excellent way to concisely convey a delightful TG concept, but sometimes a concept is so good that it needs to be developed out to its maximum potential, which is where a longer story is required. Thus, because I was begging for more after reading the caption, I will extend out my own story to fill the void. It's kind of long, and I probably should have broken it up into more parts, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Mothers Know Best: Part 1

     Dan was ecstatic. He was a senior in high school, and in a few months he would be moving on to college! It wasn't really that he enjoyed the thought of more schooling; hell, he was one of the worst troublemakers in the school, and hardly ever was in class, but the ability to move out of his mother's control was an opportunity he would have to take. She was always riding him hard, especially since his dad had died. So what if he had conspired to cheat on a test with Arthur, his somewhat nerdy friend, or vandalized the side of the school with the twins, Mark and Carl, or even just smoked a little pot with Robert, his alternative buddy? Its not like he had gotten into trouble with the police or anything. They were the Fine Fellas, the baddest bunch around the drab old town, and nobody told them what to do! 
     He frowned though, thinking about past events. Lately, his mom seemed to be hatching a plan. He had noticed her talking with Julia, Arthur's mother, Sandy, Robert's mother, and Katherine, the twins' mom. It wasn't really that much of a surprise; all the mothers were real worrywarts and were constantly nagging the five of them. But it actually unnerved Dan a bit when he saw Sandy and his mom looking at him, whispering to each other. It was even more disturbing when Sandy laughed aloud and said, still looking at him, "Oh, Wendy, I think that's a great idea! I even got some of the necessary equipment in the attic! I can't wait to see how they all turn out!" At this point, Dan left the quickly left the room, to the sound of giggles and more whispering.
     But that had almost been a week ago, and nothing had happened. In fact, just today, he had come home at midnight, reeking of cigarette smoking, and his mom had just sighed and said, "Go to your room. I'll deal with this later. We'll have a talk in the morning." He smiled at that thought. I've broken her, he thought to himself. I could do whatever I want now. But it is almost one in the morning, and I am actually quite tired. I'll get up late tomorrow and tell the guys about my success. With that, Dan drifted off to a deep sleep...

     "Wake up darling..." his mother's voice cooed in his ear. "It's time we had a chat..."
     Dan groaned, still tired. He did not want to get up this morning and have a "talk". His entire body felt weak, his eyes felt heavy, and his lips were throbbing. Leave it to Robert to lace something into a cigarrette, he moaned to himself. Slowly, he opened his eyes, and saw his mother, beaming down at him. "How do you feel this morning?" she asked, still smiling.
     "Like shit..." he was about to answer, when he noticed something weird. His head felt like it was being constricted by something, yet at the same time his head felt soft, like he was still on his pillow. "I feel really different," he said, listing all of his ailments. "Think its some kind of virus?"
     "No," his mother replied. "I think its a result of your lifestyle choice. Here, let me show you..."
     She held something up and he saw the image of a somewhat attractive blond girl. "You think that I got herpes from this girl or someth - holy shit!" he screamed. "The lips...they're moving!" And then Dan realized the horrible truth. That wasn't just a picture of a girl; it was a mirror, a mirror that was showing him! "Dan, meet Daphne," his mother smiled as Dan looked stupidly at the mirror, feeling his porcelain smooth skin and soft blond locks. "This is the girl I've always wanted...a soft, demure daughter who doesn't smoke, cuss, or get into any sort of trouble at all. She's basically the complete opposite of you!" She laughed bitterly at this. "So stand by the wall, Daphne darling! I want some pictures to commemorate the event!"
     "No way!" Dan said, getting up to walk to the door. "You can't do this to me! I'm out of here!"
     Just as he was about to reach the door, his mother grabbed him by the throat. "YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!" she roared, as Dan struggled against here grip. Usually he was more than strong enough to overpower her, but for some reason he was just too weak. Finally, she marched him by the scruff of his neck and stood him against the wall. "Daphne darling, you don't really have a choice here," she said, locking the door behind her. "Either you stand here and pose for me like a good girl, or I will have to make this punishment even longer and even more humiliating. Understand?"
     Dan looked at the door forlornly, realizing that with the locked door there was no hope of escape. "Fine," he grumbled, and stood along the wall. "Fine, Mommy," his mother corrected him. "From now on you will address me as 'Mommy' and say my name anytime you speak to me. Got it?"
    "Yes...Mommy," he said.
    "Raise the pitch of you voice a little, darling," his mother said as she brought out a large, professional camera. "We wouldn't want people to discover Daphne's little secret, now would we?"
    "No, Mommy," Dan said, suddenly realizing the depth of his predicament. If he stayed like this, he would suffer, but if he told someone, he would be laughed at.
    "Alright then, Daphne, give me some sexy poses!" his mother called out. For the next hour she took photo after photo, instructing Dan how to pose in different positions, each more feminine than the last. It was a bit hard for him to maneuver in a pencil skirt and a tight blouse, but his pain was no concern of his mother's. "Oh, Daphne, you look so cute!" she laughed as she continued to snap photos. "Never in a million years would I have imagined you looking so adorable! Oh, the other moms are going to be so jealous when you look better than all of their daughters!"
     Dan knew better than to speak in the middle of a shoot, but his eyes widened in enough of a questioning manner that his mother continued. "Oh yes, Julia, Sandy, and Katherine are in on this too. It was perfect; Katherine is a pharmacist, so she was able to get all the drugs we needed to make you so weak and submissive, Sandy's job as stage manager at the theater gives her access to loads of wigs and dresses, and Julia's job at the salon means that you can look pretty with nice makeup and nails for as long as we want!"
     The incredible cunning of the plan shocked Dan. He had known all these things; known the jobs of the moms, known his mom's desire for a daughter, and known that she had been hatching a plan with the other mom's; but this plan went beyond even his wildest dreams! His only glimmer of hope lay in the fact that he was wearing a wig; that wasn't permanent. Yet. But what did she mean by 'daughters'? he wondered.
     When his mother was changing out camera lenses, Dan took the opportunity to speak. "Mommy?" he asked sweetly, answering properly in hopes of getting a straight answer. "What did you mean when you said, 'Daughters?' "
     She looked up at him, surprised. "You haven't figured it out? Boy, you sure are dumb. When I said that Julia, Sandy, and Katherine are in on this plan, I meant that they were fully in on this plan. We wanted to dissuade you and your friends of your ways, but we couldn't bring ourselves to seperate you. So we decided to change you all into submissive little daughters. Oh, the fun you'll have with you little girlies, Daphne, will be so much fun to watch!"
     She quickly snapped a picture as Dan looked at her shocked, still posing, with his eyes wide and mouth agape. "Perfect!" she said. "I think that was the best one yet! Here, Daphne, come take a look at yourself!
     Dan slowly walked over to the camera, afraid to look. He gasped as he saw the picture on the camera. He looked like a little feminine doll. Porcelain white, smooth skin, equally light blond hair, arms hanging out like a doll. His skirt and blouse were extremely cute, and even without breasts. The worst part was his face: in his moment of shock, his eyes had widened and his lips had parted, so his face was frozen in a sexy pose that only a doll would have. His mother then proceeded to go through each of the pictures, one by one, commenting on how each one accented his femininity. They were all unbearable to look at, even though the first one was the worst by far. "So what do you think?" asked his mother at the end of the sequence of pictures. "I want your honest opinion."
     He could see her staring at him carefully, and he knew that this was some kind of test. What do I do? he thought. Am I supposed to play her game and say that I like it? Or should I tell her how horrible they are? "Well, Mommy," he said finally answered in his feminine voice, trying to gain some sympathy. "I really don't care for them. I look too much like a doll, and am a little bit too feminine, I would prefer something a little more casual, like jeans and a simple top."
     He relaxed a little as she began to smile. "Well Daphne, I am very glad that you are sharing you own opinion about how you want to wear girls clothing! And although I think you look more like a cute girl than a doll, I can see what you are saying." Just as Dan thought he had scored a victory, she continued. "But if you think that is too feminine, you have no idea! A simple skirt and blouse is nothing! Daphne, you are about to permanently enter the feminine world, so you need to be comfortable with this side of you. Hold on a second." She got up and left the room (re-locking the door behind her, much to Dan's chagrin). In a few minutes, she came back with a large trunk. "Here," she said, throwing the trunk on Dan's bed. "You need to get used to feminine stuff. So I want you to undress and put on everything that is in this trunk. You may need to swap out wigs, but don't worry, your makeup can stay, so you don't have to learn how to reapply it." She then walked towards the door and opened it. "I'll let you change in here alone. I'll come calling in about a half-an-hour when I am ready to see you," she called out over her shoulder. "And remember, Daphne, when I say dress in everything that is in that trunk, I mean EVERYTHING."
     "Yes Mommy," was Dan's autopilot reply. He was a little excited about the fact that he could change out of that awful skirt and top. Satisfied with her "daughter's" believable smile, Wendy exited the room, locking the door behind her.

     Wendy sat in her parlor for the next thirty minutes, smiling smugly to herself as she thought about the success of her day. The sound of her doorbell woke her from her reflective state. That must be our guests, she smiled to herself, and went up to answer the door. True to form, the two guests arrived, and Wendy led the both of them upstairs. When they got to Dan's room, Wendy called out, "Daphne dear, we have visitors! I'm coming in!" She unlocked the door and opened it to a sight that made her smile. Her 'daughter' looked absolutely precious! In those fishnet stockings, ballet slippers that forced Daphne into a ballerina's position, and loads of petticoats underneath a cute plastic dress made her look so absolutely feminine. Even more so, the pink and light green coloring of her dress, the large matching heart in the background, and the silvery-blond wig pre-styled with two braided pigtails made her the cutest girly in the room! So what if she looked a little pouty; she had put everything on, from the wig to the clothes to the nail extension, all by herself.
     But while Wendy was absolutely glowing with happiness, Dan was horrified. It was bad enough that he had caved into her demands for dressing up with everything in that large trunk, but he had figure that at least he could have berated his mom privately about it. Instead, his face of pouty pleading turned to one of shock and burning shame as he looked at the guest in the doorway, who stood in front of his mother and a woman who appeared to be Julia.
     In the doorway stood one of the single most beautiful teenage girls he had ever seen. She was a perfect  five foot eight inches, hourglass figure squeezed into a beautiful blue dress that seemed to dazzle with a vibrant life. Her smile was even brighter; perfect rows of pearly white teeth surrounded by kissable pink lips. Long brunette hair cascaded over her shoulders, while a sexy little bump of hair added volume on top. But while all these qualities were enthralling, the most beautiful part of her appearance was her eyes. A deep chocolate iris, with perfect amounts of eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara, shined brilliantly under two softly arched eyebrows. Dan stood there in his ballerina shoes, staring at the smiling girl, who stood touching her gold necklaces with her pink painted hands, as her blue hoop earrings dangled from her ears. He immediately began to get an erection, which pushed against his new panties and rustled his petticoats, the embarrassment of which only cause him to grow harder. Why me? he bemoaned his situation to himself. Why does the hottest looking girl I have ever seen have to show up to me when I am in panties and a dress? She'll think I'm a freak! 
     Wendy seemed to notice her daughter's discomfort and decided to exploit it. "Alisha, this is my darling daughter Daphne, who used to be my son, Dan." Dan blushed profusely at this comment. "She's been a bit adverse to her new feminine role, so I decided to show her an extreme of femininity. What do you think?"
     The girl slowly sauntered up to where Dan stood. "Hi there," she smiled, flashing one of her megawatt smiles. "I'm Alisha, and I just love your hair. How did you style it so elegantly?"
     "It was a pre-styled wig I set out for her," answered Wendy, not letting her daughter have the chance to speak. "Daphne hasn't yet transitioned to real hair yet, like you have."
     "Aw, that's a pity," Alisha smiled at Dan again. "It's so nice having your own hair to style." She giggled, and Dan nearly lost it from the combination of lust and shame. His mother then jumped in again to torment him more. "Why, Julia," she commented, looking directly at Dan as she spoke. "I must say, your daughter looks absolutely stunning. I think she gets her sexy, girlish looks from her mother!"
     "Why thank you Wendy," Julia replied, playing along as she saw the questioning look on Dan's face. "And you daughter looks absolutely stunning as well! I must say that we have some of the cutest, girliest daughters around!"
     Dan was confused at what they were trying to insinuate. "But Mommy," he said, careful to address his mother properly. "I thought Mrs. Julia only had one child, her son?"
     "Why, didn't you understand?" Wendy asked, feigning shock. "This is her only child. She has no son anymore; only a wonderful daughter named Alisha!"
     Dan nearly fainted as he turned to Alisha, who was batting her eyelashes at him. "Albert?" Dan asked timidly in his girly voice. "Is that you?"
     "Albert? Who's Albert?" the girl before him asked. "I'm Alisha." But the unhappy look in her eye told all. Suddenly, Dan's world was turned upside down. Holy crap, he thought to himself as he stared at the volumptuous body of his friend. Mom was right. The other Fellas are being feminized too. But man, I would never guess in a million years that this hot babe was nerdy Albert. Jesus, if they could do this to Albert, there's no telling what they could do to me!
     He stood their, transfixed, unable to keep his eyes off of his friend 'Alisha'. His mother noticed his staring. "Daphne, do you like Alisha's appearance?" she asked innocently. In a stupor, he nodded, still dumbfounded. "Excellent!" Wendy clapped her hands. "I think you'll make a fabulous young lady, just like Alisha! Oh, I can't wait!"
     Alisha, serenely calm throughout the entire visit, suddenly looked at Dan in alarm after his submissive response. "Mrs. Wendy," she asked quickly, as she regained her calm, girlish demeanor. "Would you leave Daphne and I alone for a few minutes before she makes a decision?"
     "Why would you want to do that?" asked Wendy, suddenly alert at the possibility of leaving the two 'girls' alone to plot an escape.
     "Well, as the resident beauty here, I must discuss all the possible hair colors, makeup techniques, and dress choices with my friend Daphne before she makes a decision on her appearance!" Alisha quickly replied,  making sure to sound extra girly. Wendy, soothed by the obvious feminine glee in Alisha's voice, relented. "Alright," she said smiling. "If you two girlfriends want to talk about girly things for a while, I suppose we shouldn't stop you. Julia and I will leave you alone for a while."
     "Thank you, Mrs. Wendy," Alisha said, quickly curtseying. On her way down she nudged Dan to indicate him to do the same. "We'll have so much fun, won't we, Daphne?"
     "Oh yes, thank you Mommy," Dan said, catching the hint and managing to curtsey without falling over in his ballet shoes. "You're welcome girls," Wendy smiled at her feminine daughter and her girly friend. "We'll be downstairs if you need anything."
     With that, Wendy and Julia exited the room, locking the door behind them to ensure that their 'daughters' wouldn't have any second thoughts. Immediately Alisha exhaled and her perky appearance visibly drooped. "I'm glad that's over," she sighed.
     Dan was taken aback by the sudden change. "Albert, that really is you, isn't it?" he asked.
     "SSHHHH!" his friend silenced him quickly. "Their just down the stairs and they can still hear us! WHY YES, DAPHNE," he spoke loudly in his girly Alisha voice. "I DO THINK YOU WOULD LOOK GREAT IN A MINIDRESS!" His voice then dropped again. "You have to speak softly, because if they hear us addressing each other by our real name, or talking about anything other than dresses and makeup, they'll kill us!" he hissed.
     "Sorry," Dan replied, as Albert began fussing with his hair and rubbing his face. "I just was so taken aback by your appearance that I couldn't believe it was really you!"
     "Yeah, I know," said Albert, as he continue to rub his face and poke around his eyes. "I couldn't believe it when I saw myself either. I've never been very gifted physically, but man do I look gorgeous now."
     "Yes you do," said Dan softly, with a twinge of jealousy. Who would have thought that I would be jealous of Albert being a regular girl, he thought ironically. He watched Albert play with his eyeballs. "What are you doing?" he asked.
     "Contact lenses," was his brief answer. He then pulled the second one out. "Got it. Damn, who'd thought that I would turn down contact lenses? Oh well, its for the greater good." He looked at Dan with his clear green eyes. "Can't be looking too pretty, now, can we?" he said with a sad smile.
     Dan looked at his friend and finally realized what he had been doing. The bump in his hair was gone, replaced by a slightly more unkempt straight hairdo. His eye shadow was smeared around to give it a slightly less professional look. Albert had even removed some conditioner that had been hiding the lip stud that he had had since freshman year. He still appeared like a regular teenage girl, but Dan could definitely tell that it was Albert behind all the makeup. "You still look gorgeous, even with the changes," he said, admiring Albert's handiwork.
     "I know," he said with a resigned sigh. "But its better than looking like a perfect goddess all day and night."
     "I don't know," Dan responded, thinking of how good 'Alisha' had looked. "It's got to be better looking like a hot chick than some feminine dolled-up freak like me."
     "NO!" Albert said quickly and emphatically. "THOSE HEELS WOULDN'T MATCH YOUR PURSE!" he called out quickly, covering up his audible distress to calm their mothers. His voice then dropped again, and he looked directly at Dan with his powerful green eyes. "Don't think like that. Don't give into what your mother is trying to do to you," he said, almost pleading with Dan. "I made the mistake of thinking like you did, and my life has been hell ever since! You may be at one extreme of femininity, but I'm on the other; it's not much better."
     "What are you talking about?" asked Dan, incredulous. "I look like a freak, and you look normal! And don't give me that crap about not giving in; you've acted like a complete girly-girl the whole time, even when you knew it was me!"
     "Because I have to!" he quickly retorted. "My mother was in the room and she has complete control over me. Its a double-edged sword: if I obey her, I must act as her completely feminine daughter Alisha. If I don't obey her, she uses the femininity against me!"
     "What are you talking about?" Dan asked. "I'm drugged to be weak. What is your mother doing to stop you from walking out on her?"
     "She doesn't need drugs; she has my image," Albert said, getting teary-eyed. "She dressed me up about three days ago at her salon, gave me these extensions, a full mani-pedi, and took a picture of the results. I figured, like you said, that I could just walk out, because I could cut my hair, the nail polish would wear off, and I'd be free. But then she showed me how sexy I looked in her pictures. And told me that if I ran off or didn't do what she said, she would post the pictures online on porn sites and give any interest viewer my location. I may not be weakened by drugs, but I'm not strong enough to fend off a horny 200 pound guy trying to rape me! Oh, it's horrible!" He began to sob for real this time.
     Dan looked at his crying friend in horror. Holy shit, he thought, remembering how quiet Julia had been. I thought his mother was a pushover, but she is one nasty lady! Poor Albert's got it rough...
     "I'm sorry," Dan said, managing to get far enough in his ballet slippers to lean over and hug Albert through his petticoats. "I had no idea..."
     "It's okay," he sniffled, as he began to wipe away his tears. "Shit, my makeup is running," he said. "Mom's not going to like that."
     Dan's heart suddenly beat with fear for his friend. "Albert! How are you going to explain your changes in hair and makeup to your mom?" he asked fearfully. "She'll know somethings up and wonder what we were doing!"
     "It's okay," he smiled softly. "I was prepared for this. I'll just tell her that I was demonstrating a more casual look for you that you could try out before you get completely glammed up like I was before."
     "You always were smart, Albert," Dan smiled at the evidence that his friend Albert still existed in the guise of Alisha.
     "Thanks," he smiled back. "But you need to be smart too," he said in a serious tone, as the two could hear the soft footsteps of their mother coming up the stairs. "I've been surviving because I will act like Alisha when required, but never anymore. Do you think you can walk the line?"
     "I think so," Dan said, as the footsteps grew nearer.
     "Excellent," Albert grinned a smile of hope at his friend. "That leaves only one question...Pink nail polish, or clear nail polish?" he asked in his girly voice right as Wendy and Julia opened the door."
     "Pink!" Dan exclaimed in his girly voice.
     "Great choice Daphne," Albert said, winking at his friend. "Oh, hello Mom, Mrs. Wendy," he said, turning in his heels to face the two mothers. "I was just discussing nail polish with Daphne here, and she picked a fabulous color!"
     "That's great!" said Wendy, pleased at how happy her daughter and her friend looked.
     "Yes, I'm so glad that you two are enjoying you girl time," said Julia. "And I hate to break it up, but Alisha, we have another hair appointment in 20 minutes and we need to get going."
     "Of course," Albert said. "I was looking forward to it all day! But can I give Daphne a hug goodbye first?"
     "Yes you may," Julia replied. "Thank you for asking. You may go hug Daphne."
     Albert bounded over to where Dan was standing and gave him a big squeeze. "Promise me you won't let yourself be turned into a glamorous girl like me?" he whispered in Dan's ear.
     He thought about it for a moment. It was such a simple request, and he really wanted to do what his friend asked. But as Dan stood there hugging Albert, loving the feeling of his friend's soft hair and slender arms, while simultaneously loathing the feeling of his stiff petticoats and bouncing pigtails, he knew what his answer was. "I can't promise that," he whispered. "I'm sorry."
     He felt Albert increase his squeeze strength for a second, then release it, as if sighing. "Don't give in" were Albert's final words as he pulled away from their embrace, looking over his shoulder at Dan with a sad smile. He stared at Dan like this the whole time as he was escorted out of the room by his mother. He maintained his composure until they got into the car; then he began softly sobbing.
     "What's the matter, Alisha?" asked Julia, concerned.
     "'s just that...that...that," he said through sobs. "D...D...Daphne is happy!"
     "Oh, honey!" Julia said sympathetically, misinterpreting her daughter's tears. "It's so sweet that you are so emotionally happy for your friend! She's lucky to have a friend like you!"
     'She' is extremely lucky to have me as a friend, but she is too blinded by femininity to appreciate the advice from the real me! Albert thought silently as he sobbed all the way to his hair appointment.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vanity Mirrors

Wow! Three posts in less than two days! That's got to be a record for me! I've found some really good images lately and have been really inspired by them; thus, the quick production! This batch involves three boys looking at themselves in the mirror...although their reflections don't look very masculine at all! Enjoy!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lipstick Lads

Some wonderful captions depicting "girls" applying lipstick after their girlfriends introduce them into the world of cosmetics. One hypnotized, one willing, and one forced, yet all share the same future of much more adventures as Lipstick Ladies in the future!

Camp Cheerio: BYU's New Recruits

Another Camp Cheerio segment showing four college boys from BYU getting sent to the camp for breaking the honor code. Story is from a third-person, past tense point of view, focuses a little more on "Daisy" than the other "girls", so it's a little different formatting-wise than the other Camp Cheerio parts I've done, but this is what felt right and I thought it turned out pretty well. Tell me what you think (of this specific set of captions and the Camp Cheerio series as a whole) in the comment section below. Thanks!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bimbo Virus

A new series of captions I am going to open up. The premise of the story is explained here...there will be more bimbos coming later, as the Bimbo Virus spreads!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Sorry its been so long since I posted any captions, especially considering that I passed the 100 follower mark about a week ago. Anyways, hope this satisfies you all; three nice hypnotism and bimbo caps for you. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hypnotic Wishes 5: Lauren and Geneva

To all who have been patiently waiting, here is the next (5th) installment of the "Hypnotic Wishes" series. Misty and Sophie have their "girls" selected for The Pageant; now it is Lauren's turn to make a boy into a beauty! Hope you enjoy!

     It was the day after Lauren had helped Sophie feminize Cassandra that she realized that it was probably time to find a candidate for The Pageant. Being a bit of a spontaneous person, she decided to walk downtown and see if inspiration struck her. She meandered through the mall, wandered through the park, and strolled down main street, not finding inspiration anywhere. So she decided to stop by her favorite art gallery and visit the owner, Mrs. Monasso, an old friend of hers. To her surprise, she found a sign that read, "GALLERY CLOSED FOR MODELLING PRACTICE". Intrigued, and not worried about barging in on her friend, Lauren slowly entered and found a single artist working with one model, who appeared to be nude. The artist seemed to be painting, but Lauren managed to hear a string of lewd phrases directed at the model.
     "Oh, yes, pose for me bitch," he muttered. "Thrust your hot little ass out at me like you want it. Yeah."
     The model seemed quite distressed by these comments, and grew even more agitated as the man slowly began advancing upon her, claiming to want a "better angle". When the poor model saw Lauren standing in the back, she suddenly burst into tears, unable to tolerate the abuse any longer, and ran naked into the back of the gallery. The artist turned angrily towards where Lauren stood:
     "What do you think you're doing? This is a private shoot! I was finally getting somewhere, and then you scare my girl off like that. Who do you think you are?"
     I think that I am going to be your new mistress, Lauren smiled, finally finding the inspiration she was looking for. "I'm Lauren, a friend of the gallery owner," she called out, walking up to where the artist stood. "And I was hoping to get into the modelling business. Your techniques intrigue me." 
     The artist's eyes widened, then he smiled as he walked up to Lauren. "Well, you certainly look qualified," he smiled devilishly. "My name is Gene Green, artist extraordinaire. So tell me, how interested are you in a job? My last model seems to have, uh, found the work conditions a bit too strenuous, and I am in need of a model."
     "I'm sure I could stand up to whatever you throw at me," Lauren laughed as she stood over the short artist. Even without her heels on she would have been at least four inches taller than Gene. "But I think that before I work with you, I would like to know what inspires you, what you truly wish to create with their art. Only then will I decide."
     "But of course," Gene said gallantly, staring at Lauren's bosom. "My goal for my art is to make it extremely passionate, and to do so, I feel I must be very intimate with my models. Does that suit you?"
     "That suits me just fine," Lauren whispered, as she leaned in to softly kiss Gene. And I think you yourself will make a great piece of art, she thought to herself as she slipped a tiny microphone behind his ear. "How about I swing by in tomorrow for our first session?"
     "Sounds great!" Gene exclaimed, excited to have such a willing participant for his questionable routine.
     "Alright, I'll see you then," Lauren smiled, blowing Gene a kiss as she exited the door.

     Gene went home that night absolutely enthralled by his discovery. He was so excited that he began to draw a few images of Lauren freehand from his memory. They were crude, focused a little too much on making her breasts and ass extra-large, but they were actually some of his better artwork to date. Later that night he fell asleep drawing, his pen still in hand. But at about midnight, art began again. More precisely, it was the art of hypnotic messaging, which Lauren relayed through the microphone behind his ear.
     Gene, notice the defining qualities of the female body. Notice their voluptuous butts and bouncing breasts, as many men do. But notice the finer details. Notice the long, slender legs that draw attention to their female parts. Notice the nice hourglass curves that accentuate those beauiful breasts and butt. Notice the smooth, hairless bodies that emphasize how soft and dainty they are. Notice how their smooth, silky hair perfectly frames their delicate noses and high cheekbones. Notice all of these things, and appreciate them.
     The messaging played on all night, until about a half-an-hour before Gene awoke groggily, completely unaware of the messages his subconscious was receiving. He quickly ate breakfast and rushed on down to the studio in order to maximize his time with his eager model. When he arrived, Lauren was already waiting, half-naked, only covering up her breasts. "You ready to start?" she smiled warmly. "You know it!" he replied, and quickly sat down at his easel. For the next five hours the pair worked together, changing poses every so often, each time becoming more and more sexual. What a pervert, thought Lauren, even though she smiled more brilliantly each time the pose became more exotic and revealing. I ought to show him my package just to give him a little scare...nah. I don't want to lose this one. I guess I just give him my other package instead, to speed up the process a little.
     "Hey Gene," she finally called out after Gene was just about ready to tear off her panties. "Do you think I could see some of your drawings?"
     "Sure, why not?" he replied, a little miffed that he wasn't going to have an all nude picture, but still a little flattered that Lauren cared some about his art. "Take a look."
     Lauren sauntered over and gazed at the paintings. These actually are quite good, she admitted to herself. But even better, he is definitely focusing on the aspects I 'suggested' last night. "Wow, these are amazing!" she gushed. "You made me look so pretty! And you even focused on the small details, like my hair, curves, and the length of my legs! Thank you!"
     "Aw, it's just my job," he grinned as she gave him a peck on the cheek. "But I must admit, these are a few of my better works."
     "I agree," Lauren said. "And I've got just the thing to thank you." She strutted back to her purse on the floor and pulled out a large pink gift bag. "This is for you," she said, handing him the bag. "It's got a bunch of nice pastels and a bottle of wine," she said as he rummaged through the bag. "Maybe we can share the wine later after this gig is over," she smiled, winking at him.
     "Yeah!" he exclaimed with a gleam in his eye. "That sounds great!" He unabashedly walked up to her and embraced her in a hug, getting a full whiff of her exposed breasts as his face smushed into them. "You really are the best model I've ever had. I'm really enjoying how my art is turning out."
     "Me too," she replied, as she slipped a secret box into the bag behind his back. And with these extra 'art supplies', I'll really enjoy my own art.

     A little while later, Lauren and Gene went their separate ways. Gene skipped home with his gift bag, his head swimming with emotions, and immediately went to his desk to admire his new pieces. As he laid his drawings on top of the sketches he drew last night, he noticed that today the drawings were a lot less busty and made Lauren look more slender and feminine. Huh, he thought. They look a lot better than what I drew last night. More realistic. Maybe that's what I need to do to improve my art. He spent the better part of the night practicing his strokes to accentuate the details he had focused on that day, before finally tiring out and falling asleep. He was sound asleep by the time the hypnotic messaging began playing through the microphone behind his ear...
     Gene was dreaming. Which was weird, because usually he didn't dream. He was painting the face of a woman. Make sure her eyebrows are thin. That was also weird. Usually he couldn't hear voices in his dream. But this voice was right. So he arched the eyebrows nice and thin. Give her a nice base of purple eyeshadow. Oh, that's a great idea, Gene thought to himself, and did that. We're painting a naughty girl. Paint on some nice long whore-lashes. Gene did as he was told. Some slutty pink lipstick is a must have. Gene couldn't agree anymore, and traced a nice pink cupid's bow on her plump lips. Let's add a little blush, because we want our girl to be embarrassed that she is such a hot little slut. Yeah, oh yeah. That's what I'm talking about, thought Gene, almost orgasming at the beauty of this girl. I should really create this piece when I wake up. But I should name this first...
     Geneva. Name her Geneva. Alright then, Gene thought, pleased with how helpful this voice inside his head was. Thanks. You're welcome, Geneva...
     BUZZ...BUZZ. Gene's alarm suddenly awoke him from his dream. That was odd, especially the way that the voice called me 'Geneva' at the end, thought Gene. Oh well. It was probably just referring to the painting, and I woke up before it could finish. Yawning, he got up, eager to recreate the image of this beautiful girl that was still fresh in his memory. But for some reason, his eyelids still felt really heavy, and his face seemed caked with sweat or something, so he went to the bathroom to wash it off. He went in, looked in the mirror, and almost screamed at the sight. His face was madeup exactly like the girl from his dream!
     "Holy shit!" he yelled. It was impossible to deny. He looked exactly like Geneva; from the hot pink lipstick, to the slight touch of blush, to the excessive purple eyeshadow and long fake lashes, everything on his face was the spitting image of the girl in his dream. He slowly reached up to touch his face, to see if this was real; when he felt the flutter of his fake lashes saw that a little dab of pink lipstick, still moist, had come off on his hand, there was no doubt that this wasn't his dream still. He stared, transfixed with the sight in the mirror, not sure if he was more upset at not knowing how it happened or with the fact that he was starting to get a hard-on looking at himself. Finally, he glanced down to the countertop and noticed a large makeup kit resting there, with many of the items still open. "Shit," he swore aloud. "How did that even get there?" He stopped to think for a minute, then realized that he was due down at the art gallery in 10 minutes to meet Lauren. Not having time to think about it anymore, he quickly washed off the makeup as best he could (although his lips still retained a little pink color and the fake lashes remained glued in), and hustled on down to the art gallery.
     But even though the makeup was (mostly) off his face, Gene still didn't feel normal. On his entire trip down to the art gallery, he was noticing strange things, things he wouldn't normally notice. Things such as how the dress in the store window would go perfectly with those heels. Or how pretty the pink nail polish was on that woman walking down the street. Even he was beginning to be affected; as he noticed the very precise sashaying of the women down the street, Gene caught himself walking in a heel-to-toe fashion, mimicking the very action he had seen before him. Moving as quickly as possible while trying to avoid mincing as much as possible, Gene finally made it into the relative safety of the art gallery.
     "Hello, Gene, darling!" called Lauren, who had arrived a while earlier. "How are you on this glorious morning?"
     "I've been better," Gene stated nervously, pacing around on the floor. "Lauren?" he asked. "Have you ever felt your whole perspective was changing? In a really short amount of time?"
     "What do you mean?" asked Lauren, looking puzzled.
     " see...the last couple days my art work has began to change. My focus was on more subtle details of the feminine physique. Then, I started noticing these details in real life as well...and actually was really appreciating them..."
     "Interesting..." said Lauren, slowly walking over to Gene, were she traced her finger over his lips and wiped off a little of the remaining lipstick. "Ever...experiment with these new-found interests in femininity?" she inquired, showing him the smear on her finger.
     "No!" he exclaimed, blushing profusely. "I mean yes...well, sort of. See, I woke up this morning and found that my entire face was made-up like a real pro - yet I don't have a clue about makeup, nor do I remember myself or anyone else applying it to my face! All I remember is having a dream about seeing a woman...a woman named Geneva...who looked exactly like me with the makeup on my face. It was so strange."
     "I see," Lauren stated, as see sized Gene up. "Well, I think I know what the problem is. But right now, you are in no psychological condition to deal with your problem. So here's what you should do." She walked back to her belongings and came back with a small bundle. "Take this home with you, and take a nap. It will help ease off the stress. Then come to my house later at about 5 o'clock and we can have a deep conversation about this and help you through your struggle. Sounds good?"
     Gene nodded, dumbfounded as Lauren handed him a scrap of paper with her address. He was so excited about receiving the address of a hot model that the thought of checking Lauren's bundle completely slipped his mind. "Thank you!" he grinned. "I'll see you soon!" With that, Gene skipped out of the gallery, not really caring enough to notice that his gait was decidedly more feminine than it was just 15 minutes ago. Yes, thought Lauren, I will see you soon. In fact, I will see the new you for the first time. And a little bit earlier than five, if everything goes according to plan.

     Gene arrived home in a good mood, overjoyed at his change in fortune. He happily dropped his bundle on the couch, took a sleeping pill to ensure a good nap, and immediately fell asleep to the sound of hypnotic messaging being relayed into his ear...
     He was having another dream. About a girl again. But this wasn't the same girl as before - her makeup was much more conservative, although she still looked quite stunning. Her name is Geneva, the same old voice said in his head. Huh. Same voice, same name, but definitely different girl. He watched as she slowly inserted large hoop earrings into her ears. They look beautiful, don't they? Yeah, the sure do, he thought to himself. You would like to feel what it's like, wouldn't you? the voice asked as the girl slowly put on a black bra and black panties. No, not really, he thought. Really? He watched the girl slip on some sparkly gold bangles and bracelets. Really... he said softly to himself. I could make it all better. I could make you feel as good as Geneva, the voice cooed. He was silent. Aw, you're just shy...Let me show you...
     He suddenly blacked out. When he 'awoke' again, he realized he was still dreaming. He was walking to somewhere...Lauren's house? But he didn't know where to go...
     I'll show you the way
     He smiled, suddenly comforted by the voice. Geneva, he thought. I'll call the voice Geneva. Such a lovely name.
     Geneva, Geneva, a wonderful name
     He smiled again, enjoying the slow rhythm of his gait, hearing a distant clicking noise in the background.
     Click, click, click click, heel to toe, heel to toe, swish your bum, swish your bum, walking to the click, click, click...
     Geneva droned on in his head for a while longer, and he paid no real attention, letting her words drive her motion. He took a minute to brush her long brown out of his eyes, then saw his destination.
     Almost there, almost there, click, click, click
     He was almost to the door step; he slowly picked up his high-heeled foot, just like Geneva told him too, and walked up to the door. He was reaching for the doorbell...
     DING DONG. Gene awoke with a start. What was that noise? He looked around. Oh, it's just the door bell... he thought to himself. Wait, the door bell? I'm at Lauren's already?
     He panicked, began to wildly look around...and noticed that all he had on were a black bra, black panties, and some matching black heels! He could feel the jewelry on his wrists, the wig on his head, and the dangling earrings bouncing on his now-pierced earlobes. Holy shit, he thought to himself. I'm dressed as Geneva again! So all he could do was smile nervously as Lauren opened the door with surprise to find this gorgeous brunette woman on her doorstep.
     "Gene?" Lauren asked, feigning surprise. "My goodness, you do have some issue to deal with. Come inside before anyone sees you." She led Gene inside and sat him down on her sofa as he began to sob. "Oh, don't cry, dear, you'll ruin the makeup on your face and get it all in your eyes," she said as she went to grab some tissues.
     "Wh..wh..why is this hap..happening to m.m.meeeeee?!?!?" he wailed as Lauren tried to console her.
     Because I decided, she thought ironically to herself. "Don't worry, I've talked with plenty of guys who have had this issue before," she soothed (leaving out the fact that she had been the instigator of many of these "issues"). "So tell me, how long have you been doing this for?"
     "A..a..about t..t..two days..." he sniffled.
     "And how completely and personally directed have these transformation been?"
     "Not...not very com..complete. I..I don't even doing most of"
     "Alright then," Lauren said, standing up as Gene's sobs slowly became occasional whimpers. "I'll tell you what you should do - You should dress like a girl as completely as possible, intentionally, on your own. Now here me out," she said, looking at the look of shock on Gene's face. "If you do it once completely right, you'll get it all out of your system. Trust me, a few of my male friends did it, and now they have no doubts about flip-flopping between male and female personas - they don't change anymore." This is true, of course, Lauren thought to herself as she gauged Gene's reaction. But instead of staying as men, Barbie, Misty, Christy, and Cassandra all want to stay as females forever. "So what do you say?"
     Gene sat there for a moment, quietly thinking. "I guess I'll do it," he said slowly, still hesitant. "But your sure this will work?"
     "It's worked the last four times, right off the bat," Lauren replied truthfully. "So I will leave you in here to change into some new clothes. You can take anything you want from my room. I'm just going to turn on some music, and leave you in peace in the bedroom. Okay?"
     Gene nodded, and was led in Lauren's large bedroom. There, she turned on some loud, thumping club music to get Gene in the mood, and shut the door. Gene began rummaging through the wardrobe, not exactly sure what he was looking for. Silently he searched for something, as he vaguely came aware that he was tapping his foot to the music. Hmmm, kind of catchy, he thought. I don't think I've heard this Beyonce song before...
     He began humming the song to himself as he looked around, until he noticed a fairly conservative black top. He was about to grab it when he thought about the lyrics to the song. the the world. Maybe I should try this instead, he thought as he reached for a sleeker, more transparent top. Nothing says 'I'm a female' more than showing off your new breasts. I need to get it out of my system all at once, so why not?
     As he donned the sleek top, he heard a voice laugh in the back of his head. Nice choice, laughed an unmistakable female voice. Gene's heart sank. Geneva? I thought she only appeared in my dreams. Am I dreaming? 
     You aren't dreaming silly. This is real. Very real. So come on, enjoy it. Let's dance to the music!
     Gene thought about resisting, but relented. I do like this song, he thought. It's so...moving. With that, he slowly began to rock to the music, then sing the lyrics that he had never heard before like he had known them all his life. Soon he realized he was dancing with reckless abandon, which was weird enough, but the worst part was he was enjoying it! Why am I enjoying dancing like a girl? he thought as he thrust out his tiny male breasts like a seasoned stripper. Why not? Don't you hear the music? It's so lovely! Put on another piece of clothing - we'll have even more fun then!
     He reluctantly stopped dancing and saw the jewelry box on Lauren's dresser. A proper woman would have some accessories, he thought. He pulled out some cute bracelets and tried them on. Instantly Gene giggled. "They're so dangly and cute!" he and Geneva exclaimed at the same time. Realizing what had happened, Gene's hand flew to his mouth in shock. "Oh my gosh!" he gasped. "I'm beginning to talk and think like Geneva! Like, why am I losing control of my mind? It only happens when...when I put on more feminine articles!" Gene discovered the horrible truth. I need to do something! Maybe if I tried putting on some more masculine clothes, the changes will stop...
     Gene quickly began rummaging through Lauren's drawers for something, anything, that was even remotely feminine. This was made very difficult by Geneva singing, the the world in his head over and over. Each drawer he opened, he found clothing that was feminine, but each drawer down the dresser, it was increasing less feminine, but with each opening and closing of a drawer without any luck, Geneva's soprano voice teasingly chanted louder in his head. Finally, in the second to last drawer, he found a pair of jeans! He immediately pulled them out and tossed them on, but alas, as he looked down at his new bottoms, he noticed...
     "Oh no! These are...girl's jeans! And they fit so snuggly too! Oh, I just love how they show off my butt!" Gene/Geneva giggled as they ran their hands up their hips. No! There must be something left that can save me! Gene thought, frantically reaching for the final drawer as he could feel his masculinity ebbing away. He opened the door...and his heart sank, because there, sitting alone in the drawer, was the most feminine, white floral top he had ever seen. Worse, he could tell by the way that he giggled with delight that this was the end of his life as Gene. "Ooooh, it's so lovely!" he cooed as he caressed the white top. Slowly, he donned the jacket-like top, and could feel a flood of feminine emotions swamp him. It was like he was still present, but not in control of his own body. Geneva was in control. She skipped to the mirror, grabbing a scrunchie along the way. She grabbed her hair, styling it into a cute ponytail, and put on the srunchie to hold it in place. Like a lock on a door, this final act seemed to seal Gene away, as Geneva was finally complete. "Don't worry, Gene," Geneva said aloud. "You can still see what I am doing, so you can enjoy the world of femininity as much as I do, but you just can't do anything about it. Teehee. Hey Lauren, I'm ready!"
     Lauren entered the room, and smiled approvingly. "You look lovely, Geneva," she said, smiling at her new bubbly protege. "What do you say about heading down to a parlor to get you nails done? I know a great place!"
     "Sounds great!" Geneva exclaimed, and practically bounded out the door with Lauren.

     The two girls stopped by Serena's makeup parlor and found Serena sitting in the empty salon. "Hello Lauren!" Serena called warmly, hugging her friend. "And you must be Geneva!" she said, turning to Lauren's friend. "That's right!" she called out cheerly. "Geneva is my real, one and only name!" Gene grimaced in the back of her mind, wondering if Serena knew the truth. "Excellent," Serena replied, taken aback by the zealousness of this new girl. Lauren really did a super job with her, she thought. Nobody would believe that she is a shemale! "Why don't we start with a mani-pedi, and maybe a little makeover while we are waiting?"
     "Lovely!" laughed Geneva, as she leaped into the chair. "Let's get started!"
     Serena set to work with her eager client. "I think a nice purple for your nails would look great," Serena said. "What do you think?"
     "Perfect! Purple is my favorite color!" Geneva smiled as she overemphasized her enthusiasm to torture poor Gene a little. It took alomst an hour for Serena to finish, which was quite a long time for the overly-energetic girly girl Geneva to sit still in a chair for. But she managed to pass her time chatting with Lauren and Serena about girly things, like boys, hair care, and great places for health food, all while Serena worker on her makeup.. Finally, it was all done. "Show me your nails, sweetie!" Lauren said. Geneva held her hands aloft eagerly. "They look sooo amazing Serena! Thank you! I just looove having my nails done!" Geneva thought about asking Gene what he thought, but the quiet sobs in the back of her mind told her that he was too broken to care.
     "You know Geneva, you used to be a painter before...umm...your transition," said Lauren as she watched Geneva play with her nails. "But looking at you now, I bet you could be a model!" Geneva turned to look at Lauren, suddenly focused and interested. As she gazed at Lauren, Lauren noticed her impeccable makeup job, with beautifully outlined eyes, delicately arched eyebrows, stunning purple eyeshadow, and the cutest pink gloss on her lips. She looks like a little doll, Lauren thought with amazement. But I love how Serena did her up to look more like a cute model than a plastic Barbie like my girlfriend. Its a subtle difference, and it works for Geneva.
     "You really think so?" asked Geneva, wide brown eyes wide. "I do," smiled Lauren. "In fact, I am ready to sign you up for a pageant in two weeks. It'll be a friendly little competition that could earn you some experience for the modelling world. What do you say?"
     Geneva smiled a big, pearly grin, beaming at her friend Lauren. "It sounds wonderful! You see, when I was an artist, I always wanted to be closer to the models and have more life-like art. Now I am my own most realistic artwork, and I'm as close to a model as I ever could be. I guess I've always just wanted to be a model! Thanks, Lauren!"
     Lauren smiled back at the bubbly girly girl before her. "The pleasure is all mine," she replied. "Now come on; we've got you some proper clothes for The Pageant in two weeks."
     With that, Lauren and Geneva thanked Serena, and exited the door towards their new life.

     One week later, Geneva stood for her first model shoot. The Pageant was only a week away, and Lauren wanted to be sure that her protege would be ready for the flashing lights of the competition. So here Geneva posed, looking quite sexy in her new gold dress that she had personally picked out. Serena had given her a choice of dresses after Geneva had returned for another makeover ("We usually give out bras and panties," Serena had said. "But you look so darn cute I'll let you choose from a bunch of dresses!"). The dress looked lovely with her newly dyed jet-black hair falling in straight  waves over it, but that wasn't the reason Geneva had chosen it. She had selected in because it was the most revealing dress of all the choices, and nicely exposed her new 34DD breasts fresh off the rack from Dr. DD's office. Pouting sexily with her collagen ejected lips and fluttering her thick, mascara-coated eyelashes, Geneva was proving to make the transition from artist to model quite nicely. The only question is, will this talent translate to success in The Pageant? We'll just have to wait and see...

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