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Mothers Know Best: Another Story

Hello all. I've been going through TG caption blogs, as usual, looking around at the various captions that people had posted, when one in particular caught my eye. It was over at Sexy Secret Sophie (a very excellent TG caption site, I highly recommend it) and I saw this caption. I don't really know exactly what enthralled me, whether it was the cute image, the way the piece was written, or the concept of mothers feminizing a whole group of friends; but regardless, it gave me inspiration to write a story along the same lines. To me, captions are an excellent way to concisely convey a delightful TG concept, but sometimes a concept is so good that it needs to be developed out to its maximum potential, which is where a longer story is required. Thus, because I was begging for more after reading the caption, I will extend out my own story to fill the void. It's kind of long, and I probably should have broken it up into more parts, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Mothers Know Best: Part 1

     Dan was ecstatic. He was a senior in high school, and in a few months he would be moving on to college! It wasn't really that he enjoyed the thought of more schooling; hell, he was one of the worst troublemakers in the school, and hardly ever was in class, but the ability to move out of his mother's control was an opportunity he would have to take. She was always riding him hard, especially since his dad had died. So what if he had conspired to cheat on a test with Arthur, his somewhat nerdy friend, or vandalized the side of the school with the twins, Mark and Carl, or even just smoked a little pot with Robert, his alternative buddy? Its not like he had gotten into trouble with the police or anything. They were the Fine Fellas, the baddest bunch around the drab old town, and nobody told them what to do! 
     He frowned though, thinking about past events. Lately, his mom seemed to be hatching a plan. He had noticed her talking with Julia, Arthur's mother, Sandy, Robert's mother, and Katherine, the twins' mom. It wasn't really that much of a surprise; all the mothers were real worrywarts and were constantly nagging the five of them. But it actually unnerved Dan a bit when he saw Sandy and his mom looking at him, whispering to each other. It was even more disturbing when Sandy laughed aloud and said, still looking at him, "Oh, Wendy, I think that's a great idea! I even got some of the necessary equipment in the attic! I can't wait to see how they all turn out!" At this point, Dan left the quickly left the room, to the sound of giggles and more whispering.
     But that had almost been a week ago, and nothing had happened. In fact, just today, he had come home at midnight, reeking of cigarette smoking, and his mom had just sighed and said, "Go to your room. I'll deal with this later. We'll have a talk in the morning." He smiled at that thought. I've broken her, he thought to himself. I could do whatever I want now. But it is almost one in the morning, and I am actually quite tired. I'll get up late tomorrow and tell the guys about my success. With that, Dan drifted off to a deep sleep...

     "Wake up darling..." his mother's voice cooed in his ear. "It's time we had a chat..."
     Dan groaned, still tired. He did not want to get up this morning and have a "talk". His entire body felt weak, his eyes felt heavy, and his lips were throbbing. Leave it to Robert to lace something into a cigarrette, he moaned to himself. Slowly, he opened his eyes, and saw his mother, beaming down at him. "How do you feel this morning?" she asked, still smiling.
     "Like shit..." he was about to answer, when he noticed something weird. His head felt like it was being constricted by something, yet at the same time his head felt soft, like he was still on his pillow. "I feel really different," he said, listing all of his ailments. "Think its some kind of virus?"
     "No," his mother replied. "I think its a result of your lifestyle choice. Here, let me show you..."
     She held something up and he saw the image of a somewhat attractive blond girl. "You think that I got herpes from this girl or someth - holy shit!" he screamed. "The lips...they're moving!" And then Dan realized the horrible truth. That wasn't just a picture of a girl; it was a mirror, a mirror that was showing him! "Dan, meet Daphne," his mother smiled as Dan looked stupidly at the mirror, feeling his porcelain smooth skin and soft blond locks. "This is the girl I've always wanted...a soft, demure daughter who doesn't smoke, cuss, or get into any sort of trouble at all. She's basically the complete opposite of you!" She laughed bitterly at this. "So stand by the wall, Daphne darling! I want some pictures to commemorate the event!"
     "No way!" Dan said, getting up to walk to the door. "You can't do this to me! I'm out of here!"
     Just as he was about to reach the door, his mother grabbed him by the throat. "YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!" she roared, as Dan struggled against here grip. Usually he was more than strong enough to overpower her, but for some reason he was just too weak. Finally, she marched him by the scruff of his neck and stood him against the wall. "Daphne darling, you don't really have a choice here," she said, locking the door behind her. "Either you stand here and pose for me like a good girl, or I will have to make this punishment even longer and even more humiliating. Understand?"
     Dan looked at the door forlornly, realizing that with the locked door there was no hope of escape. "Fine," he grumbled, and stood along the wall. "Fine, Mommy," his mother corrected him. "From now on you will address me as 'Mommy' and say my name anytime you speak to me. Got it?"
    "Yes...Mommy," he said.
    "Raise the pitch of you voice a little, darling," his mother said as she brought out a large, professional camera. "We wouldn't want people to discover Daphne's little secret, now would we?"
    "No, Mommy," Dan said, suddenly realizing the depth of his predicament. If he stayed like this, he would suffer, but if he told someone, he would be laughed at.
    "Alright then, Daphne, give me some sexy poses!" his mother called out. For the next hour she took photo after photo, instructing Dan how to pose in different positions, each more feminine than the last. It was a bit hard for him to maneuver in a pencil skirt and a tight blouse, but his pain was no concern of his mother's. "Oh, Daphne, you look so cute!" she laughed as she continued to snap photos. "Never in a million years would I have imagined you looking so adorable! Oh, the other moms are going to be so jealous when you look better than all of their daughters!"
     Dan knew better than to speak in the middle of a shoot, but his eyes widened in enough of a questioning manner that his mother continued. "Oh yes, Julia, Sandy, and Katherine are in on this too. It was perfect; Katherine is a pharmacist, so she was able to get all the drugs we needed to make you so weak and submissive, Sandy's job as stage manager at the theater gives her access to loads of wigs and dresses, and Julia's job at the salon means that you can look pretty with nice makeup and nails for as long as we want!"
     The incredible cunning of the plan shocked Dan. He had known all these things; known the jobs of the moms, known his mom's desire for a daughter, and known that she had been hatching a plan with the other mom's; but this plan went beyond even his wildest dreams! His only glimmer of hope lay in the fact that he was wearing a wig; that wasn't permanent. Yet. But what did she mean by 'daughters'? he wondered.
     When his mother was changing out camera lenses, Dan took the opportunity to speak. "Mommy?" he asked sweetly, answering properly in hopes of getting a straight answer. "What did you mean when you said, 'Daughters?' "
     She looked up at him, surprised. "You haven't figured it out? Boy, you sure are dumb. When I said that Julia, Sandy, and Katherine are in on this plan, I meant that they were fully in on this plan. We wanted to dissuade you and your friends of your ways, but we couldn't bring ourselves to seperate you. So we decided to change you all into submissive little daughters. Oh, the fun you'll have with you little girlies, Daphne, will be so much fun to watch!"
     She quickly snapped a picture as Dan looked at her shocked, still posing, with his eyes wide and mouth agape. "Perfect!" she said. "I think that was the best one yet! Here, Daphne, come take a look at yourself!
     Dan slowly walked over to the camera, afraid to look. He gasped as he saw the picture on the camera. He looked like a little feminine doll. Porcelain white, smooth skin, equally light blond hair, arms hanging out like a doll. His skirt and blouse were extremely cute, and even without breasts. The worst part was his face: in his moment of shock, his eyes had widened and his lips had parted, so his face was frozen in a sexy pose that only a doll would have. His mother then proceeded to go through each of the pictures, one by one, commenting on how each one accented his femininity. They were all unbearable to look at, even though the first one was the worst by far. "So what do you think?" asked his mother at the end of the sequence of pictures. "I want your honest opinion."
     He could see her staring at him carefully, and he knew that this was some kind of test. What do I do? he thought. Am I supposed to play her game and say that I like it? Or should I tell her how horrible they are? "Well, Mommy," he said finally answered in his feminine voice, trying to gain some sympathy. "I really don't care for them. I look too much like a doll, and am a little bit too feminine, I would prefer something a little more casual, like jeans and a simple top."
     He relaxed a little as she began to smile. "Well Daphne, I am very glad that you are sharing you own opinion about how you want to wear girls clothing! And although I think you look more like a cute girl than a doll, I can see what you are saying." Just as Dan thought he had scored a victory, she continued. "But if you think that is too feminine, you have no idea! A simple skirt and blouse is nothing! Daphne, you are about to permanently enter the feminine world, so you need to be comfortable with this side of you. Hold on a second." She got up and left the room (re-locking the door behind her, much to Dan's chagrin). In a few minutes, she came back with a large trunk. "Here," she said, throwing the trunk on Dan's bed. "You need to get used to feminine stuff. So I want you to undress and put on everything that is in this trunk. You may need to swap out wigs, but don't worry, your makeup can stay, so you don't have to learn how to reapply it." She then walked towards the door and opened it. "I'll let you change in here alone. I'll come calling in about a half-an-hour when I am ready to see you," she called out over her shoulder. "And remember, Daphne, when I say dress in everything that is in that trunk, I mean EVERYTHING."
     "Yes Mommy," was Dan's autopilot reply. He was a little excited about the fact that he could change out of that awful skirt and top. Satisfied with her "daughter's" believable smile, Wendy exited the room, locking the door behind her.

     Wendy sat in her parlor for the next thirty minutes, smiling smugly to herself as she thought about the success of her day. The sound of her doorbell woke her from her reflective state. That must be our guests, she smiled to herself, and went up to answer the door. True to form, the two guests arrived, and Wendy led the both of them upstairs. When they got to Dan's room, Wendy called out, "Daphne dear, we have visitors! I'm coming in!" She unlocked the door and opened it to a sight that made her smile. Her 'daughter' looked absolutely precious! In those fishnet stockings, ballet slippers that forced Daphne into a ballerina's position, and loads of petticoats underneath a cute plastic dress made her look so absolutely feminine. Even more so, the pink and light green coloring of her dress, the large matching heart in the background, and the silvery-blond wig pre-styled with two braided pigtails made her the cutest girly in the room! So what if she looked a little pouty; she had put everything on, from the wig to the clothes to the nail extension, all by herself.
     But while Wendy was absolutely glowing with happiness, Dan was horrified. It was bad enough that he had caved into her demands for dressing up with everything in that large trunk, but he had figure that at least he could have berated his mom privately about it. Instead, his face of pouty pleading turned to one of shock and burning shame as he looked at the guest in the doorway, who stood in front of his mother and a woman who appeared to be Julia.
     In the doorway stood one of the single most beautiful teenage girls he had ever seen. She was a perfect  five foot eight inches, hourglass figure squeezed into a beautiful blue dress that seemed to dazzle with a vibrant life. Her smile was even brighter; perfect rows of pearly white teeth surrounded by kissable pink lips. Long brunette hair cascaded over her shoulders, while a sexy little bump of hair added volume on top. But while all these qualities were enthralling, the most beautiful part of her appearance was her eyes. A deep chocolate iris, with perfect amounts of eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara, shined brilliantly under two softly arched eyebrows. Dan stood there in his ballerina shoes, staring at the smiling girl, who stood touching her gold necklaces with her pink painted hands, as her blue hoop earrings dangled from her ears. He immediately began to get an erection, which pushed against his new panties and rustled his petticoats, the embarrassment of which only cause him to grow harder. Why me? he bemoaned his situation to himself. Why does the hottest looking girl I have ever seen have to show up to me when I am in panties and a dress? She'll think I'm a freak! 
     Wendy seemed to notice her daughter's discomfort and decided to exploit it. "Alisha, this is my darling daughter Daphne, who used to be my son, Dan." Dan blushed profusely at this comment. "She's been a bit adverse to her new feminine role, so I decided to show her an extreme of femininity. What do you think?"
     The girl slowly sauntered up to where Dan stood. "Hi there," she smiled, flashing one of her megawatt smiles. "I'm Alisha, and I just love your hair. How did you style it so elegantly?"
     "It was a pre-styled wig I set out for her," answered Wendy, not letting her daughter have the chance to speak. "Daphne hasn't yet transitioned to real hair yet, like you have."
     "Aw, that's a pity," Alisha smiled at Dan again. "It's so nice having your own hair to style." She giggled, and Dan nearly lost it from the combination of lust and shame. His mother then jumped in again to torment him more. "Why, Julia," she commented, looking directly at Dan as she spoke. "I must say, your daughter looks absolutely stunning. I think she gets her sexy, girlish looks from her mother!"
     "Why thank you Wendy," Julia replied, playing along as she saw the questioning look on Dan's face. "And you daughter looks absolutely stunning as well! I must say that we have some of the cutest, girliest daughters around!"
     Dan was confused at what they were trying to insinuate. "But Mommy," he said, careful to address his mother properly. "I thought Mrs. Julia only had one child, her son?"
     "Why, didn't you understand?" Wendy asked, feigning shock. "This is her only child. She has no son anymore; only a wonderful daughter named Alisha!"
     Dan nearly fainted as he turned to Alisha, who was batting her eyelashes at him. "Albert?" Dan asked timidly in his girly voice. "Is that you?"
     "Albert? Who's Albert?" the girl before him asked. "I'm Alisha." But the unhappy look in her eye told all. Suddenly, Dan's world was turned upside down. Holy crap, he thought to himself as he stared at the volumptuous body of his friend. Mom was right. The other Fellas are being feminized too. But man, I would never guess in a million years that this hot babe was nerdy Albert. Jesus, if they could do this to Albert, there's no telling what they could do to me!
     He stood their, transfixed, unable to keep his eyes off of his friend 'Alisha'. His mother noticed his staring. "Daphne, do you like Alisha's appearance?" she asked innocently. In a stupor, he nodded, still dumbfounded. "Excellent!" Wendy clapped her hands. "I think you'll make a fabulous young lady, just like Alisha! Oh, I can't wait!"
     Alisha, serenely calm throughout the entire visit, suddenly looked at Dan in alarm after his submissive response. "Mrs. Wendy," she asked quickly, as she regained her calm, girlish demeanor. "Would you leave Daphne and I alone for a few minutes before she makes a decision?"
     "Why would you want to do that?" asked Wendy, suddenly alert at the possibility of leaving the two 'girls' alone to plot an escape.
     "Well, as the resident beauty here, I must discuss all the possible hair colors, makeup techniques, and dress choices with my friend Daphne before she makes a decision on her appearance!" Alisha quickly replied,  making sure to sound extra girly. Wendy, soothed by the obvious feminine glee in Alisha's voice, relented. "Alright," she said smiling. "If you two girlfriends want to talk about girly things for a while, I suppose we shouldn't stop you. Julia and I will leave you alone for a while."
     "Thank you, Mrs. Wendy," Alisha said, quickly curtseying. On her way down she nudged Dan to indicate him to do the same. "We'll have so much fun, won't we, Daphne?"
     "Oh yes, thank you Mommy," Dan said, catching the hint and managing to curtsey without falling over in his ballet shoes. "You're welcome girls," Wendy smiled at her feminine daughter and her girly friend. "We'll be downstairs if you need anything."
     With that, Wendy and Julia exited the room, locking the door behind them to ensure that their 'daughters' wouldn't have any second thoughts. Immediately Alisha exhaled and her perky appearance visibly drooped. "I'm glad that's over," she sighed.
     Dan was taken aback by the sudden change. "Albert, that really is you, isn't it?" he asked.
     "SSHHHH!" his friend silenced him quickly. "Their just down the stairs and they can still hear us! WHY YES, DAPHNE," he spoke loudly in his girly Alisha voice. "I DO THINK YOU WOULD LOOK GREAT IN A MINIDRESS!" His voice then dropped again. "You have to speak softly, because if they hear us addressing each other by our real name, or talking about anything other than dresses and makeup, they'll kill us!" he hissed.
     "Sorry," Dan replied, as Albert began fussing with his hair and rubbing his face. "I just was so taken aback by your appearance that I couldn't believe it was really you!"
     "Yeah, I know," said Albert, as he continue to rub his face and poke around his eyes. "I couldn't believe it when I saw myself either. I've never been very gifted physically, but man do I look gorgeous now."
     "Yes you do," said Dan softly, with a twinge of jealousy. Who would have thought that I would be jealous of Albert being a regular girl, he thought ironically. He watched Albert play with his eyeballs. "What are you doing?" he asked.
     "Contact lenses," was his brief answer. He then pulled the second one out. "Got it. Damn, who'd thought that I would turn down contact lenses? Oh well, its for the greater good." He looked at Dan with his clear green eyes. "Can't be looking too pretty, now, can we?" he said with a sad smile.
     Dan looked at his friend and finally realized what he had been doing. The bump in his hair was gone, replaced by a slightly more unkempt straight hairdo. His eye shadow was smeared around to give it a slightly less professional look. Albert had even removed some conditioner that had been hiding the lip stud that he had had since freshman year. He still appeared like a regular teenage girl, but Dan could definitely tell that it was Albert behind all the makeup. "You still look gorgeous, even with the changes," he said, admiring Albert's handiwork.
     "I know," he said with a resigned sigh. "But its better than looking like a perfect goddess all day and night."
     "I don't know," Dan responded, thinking of how good 'Alisha' had looked. "It's got to be better looking like a hot chick than some feminine dolled-up freak like me."
     "NO!" Albert said quickly and emphatically. "THOSE HEELS WOULDN'T MATCH YOUR PURSE!" he called out quickly, covering up his audible distress to calm their mothers. His voice then dropped again, and he looked directly at Dan with his powerful green eyes. "Don't think like that. Don't give into what your mother is trying to do to you," he said, almost pleading with Dan. "I made the mistake of thinking like you did, and my life has been hell ever since! You may be at one extreme of femininity, but I'm on the other; it's not much better."
     "What are you talking about?" asked Dan, incredulous. "I look like a freak, and you look normal! And don't give me that crap about not giving in; you've acted like a complete girly-girl the whole time, even when you knew it was me!"
     "Because I have to!" he quickly retorted. "My mother was in the room and she has complete control over me. Its a double-edged sword: if I obey her, I must act as her completely feminine daughter Alisha. If I don't obey her, she uses the femininity against me!"
     "What are you talking about?" Dan asked. "I'm drugged to be weak. What is your mother doing to stop you from walking out on her?"
     "She doesn't need drugs; she has my image," Albert said, getting teary-eyed. "She dressed me up about three days ago at her salon, gave me these extensions, a full mani-pedi, and took a picture of the results. I figured, like you said, that I could just walk out, because I could cut my hair, the nail polish would wear off, and I'd be free. But then she showed me how sexy I looked in her pictures. And told me that if I ran off or didn't do what she said, she would post the pictures online on porn sites and give any interest viewer my location. I may not be weakened by drugs, but I'm not strong enough to fend off a horny 200 pound guy trying to rape me! Oh, it's horrible!" He began to sob for real this time.
     Dan looked at his crying friend in horror. Holy shit, he thought, remembering how quiet Julia had been. I thought his mother was a pushover, but she is one nasty lady! Poor Albert's got it rough...
     "I'm sorry," Dan said, managing to get far enough in his ballet slippers to lean over and hug Albert through his petticoats. "I had no idea..."
     "It's okay," he sniffled, as he began to wipe away his tears. "Shit, my makeup is running," he said. "Mom's not going to like that."
     Dan's heart suddenly beat with fear for his friend. "Albert! How are you going to explain your changes in hair and makeup to your mom?" he asked fearfully. "She'll know somethings up and wonder what we were doing!"
     "It's okay," he smiled softly. "I was prepared for this. I'll just tell her that I was demonstrating a more casual look for you that you could try out before you get completely glammed up like I was before."
     "You always were smart, Albert," Dan smiled at the evidence that his friend Albert still existed in the guise of Alisha.
     "Thanks," he smiled back. "But you need to be smart too," he said in a serious tone, as the two could hear the soft footsteps of their mother coming up the stairs. "I've been surviving because I will act like Alisha when required, but never anymore. Do you think you can walk the line?"
     "I think so," Dan said, as the footsteps grew nearer.
     "Excellent," Albert grinned a smile of hope at his friend. "That leaves only one question...Pink nail polish, or clear nail polish?" he asked in his girly voice right as Wendy and Julia opened the door."
     "Pink!" Dan exclaimed in his girly voice.
     "Great choice Daphne," Albert said, winking at his friend. "Oh, hello Mom, Mrs. Wendy," he said, turning in his heels to face the two mothers. "I was just discussing nail polish with Daphne here, and she picked a fabulous color!"
     "That's great!" said Wendy, pleased at how happy her daughter and her friend looked.
     "Yes, I'm so glad that you two are enjoying you girl time," said Julia. "And I hate to break it up, but Alisha, we have another hair appointment in 20 minutes and we need to get going."
     "Of course," Albert said. "I was looking forward to it all day! But can I give Daphne a hug goodbye first?"
     "Yes you may," Julia replied. "Thank you for asking. You may go hug Daphne."
     Albert bounded over to where Dan was standing and gave him a big squeeze. "Promise me you won't let yourself be turned into a glamorous girl like me?" he whispered in Dan's ear.
     He thought about it for a moment. It was such a simple request, and he really wanted to do what his friend asked. But as Dan stood there hugging Albert, loving the feeling of his friend's soft hair and slender arms, while simultaneously loathing the feeling of his stiff petticoats and bouncing pigtails, he knew what his answer was. "I can't promise that," he whispered. "I'm sorry."
     He felt Albert increase his squeeze strength for a second, then release it, as if sighing. "Don't give in" were Albert's final words as he pulled away from their embrace, looking over his shoulder at Dan with a sad smile. He stared at Dan like this the whole time as he was escorted out of the room by his mother. He maintained his composure until they got into the car; then he began softly sobbing.
     "What's the matter, Alisha?" asked Julia, concerned.
     "'s just that...that...that," he said through sobs. "D...D...Daphne is happy!"
     "Oh, honey!" Julia said sympathetically, misinterpreting her daughter's tears. "It's so sweet that you are so emotionally happy for your friend! She's lucky to have a friend like you!"
     'She' is extremely lucky to have me as a friend, but she is too blinded by femininity to appreciate the advice from the real me! Albert thought silently as he sobbed all the way to his hair appointment.

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  1. Great story! Excellent continuation of of the original cap. Really enjoyed reading this one and would love to see more. I hope you are at least thinking about continuing this. Great Work!