Monday, August 29, 2011

Trust Me...

Trust is such an important thing. Some people trust because they are loyal, some trust because they are willing, and some trust because they are foolish. Here are three guys who trust their friends for various reasons, but with similar results. Trust me...they are enjoyable caps...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blondes Spreading the Bimbo Virus

Hey all. Got multiple people talking about how much they liked the Bimbo Virus series, so here a few more to "spread the infection" of this series around. All scenarios involve the Bimbo Virus, even if not stated. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st Post in the 2nd Year of the Blog

Hello all! I am back from an extended vacation, returning after the one year anniversary of this blog. I left a post about this before I left, looking for comments on the first year of the blog, and my goodness was I surprised! Five people came with feedback and other notes, and a flood of other comments came for the some of the latest posts I had made at the time. Overall, it was about 12 comments in a 8 day period - absolutely fantastic! So to everyone who commented - Michelle, Miki, Knight, Simone, Linda Marie, Victoria, and Skydave - thank you  so very much for the support and nice comments! As a little return to the feedback, I would like to make some notes. First, the Bimbo Virus series will be returning for those who have enjoyed it; be patient! Second, another caption similar to the Persephone Perfect caption is in the works, so stay tuned for that. Finally, I don't have any specific captions ready that will be along the line of the Vanity Mirrors captions, but multiple people commented on how much they enjoyed them, so I figure I will try and make some more!

Of course, this has been a lot of talk, so how about a little captioning? I have some old captions stored that never quite fit into any of my themes, but are perfect for a time like this when I don't have time to make a caption. So without further ado, here are two new caps to enjoy! Glad to be back with all of you!

-Elena Starz

Friday, August 12, 2011

An Anniversary Monologue and A Request

Hello all. I'm writing this caption with a twinge of sadness to inform you that I will not be posting in the next few weeks due to another commitment in the outside world. This unfortunately means that I will not be able to post on the first anniversary of this blog (August 17th) to celebrate a wonderful year of captions, stories, comments, and requests. That being said, I would like to thank all of the viewers who have stumbled upon this blog; whether you are my first follower, my most recent follower, a non-follower who still views frequently, or a non-follower who has only popped in to view my work once; and thank each and every one of you for supporting this blog. When I finally conceived the idea of a blog, I had no idea how long it was going to last, or how many people were to view it. I simply wanted to share my appreciation for the talent, creativity, and artistry that so many captioners and storywriters put into their work by sharing some of my work, and the warmth, kind praise, and appreciation I have received in turn, not matter how large or small, has motivated me to keep coming back with more. I never dreamed that I would have gotten over 100 followers, or over 400,000 page hits, or see my blog on the blog rolls on many other wonderful captioning sites, including those blogs who inspired me to start captioning. It is a truly amazing feeling, and as the first year wraps up, I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my blond, bimbo loving heart, for supporting my work.

Now I know I just talked a lot about myself and just started ranting about some of the successes of my blog, but I really mean for this post, and this blog for that matter, to reflect my appreciation for captioning/storywriting and the viewers/captioners who make it possible to continue. As such, I would like to request that each and every individual who reads this post  to reflect on the past year of this blog and comment on some of your favorite (or least favorite) captions, stories, or anything else this blog is related to. If there is a certain story you really like, let me know what you like in the comments section of this blog. If there was a caption that reminded you of a piece of work from another blog, let me know down below. If there was anything you thought I could improve on, let me know. I know not everyone wants to post something, nor does everyone feel comfortable posting, but even if you have to leave a extremely short comment anonymously, please do. I am extremely appreciative of my viewers and especially those few people who take the time to comment (I think you all are wonderful, even if I don't have time to thank you for each and every comment individual), and I respect your opinions. I want to hear your opinions or reflections so I can direct this blog in a direction during its second year that will make everyone happy.

Wow, that's a lot to write, and a lot to read, and I apologize for that. But when I come back in a couple weeks, I really do hope that this comment section is flooded with ideas, memories, or other things that people care about. Or at the very least, send me a caption request to my email account at, so I can have something to work for when I get back. So once again, PLEASE COMMENT OR EMAIL ME WITH THOUGHTS AND FEEDBACK FROM THE FIRST YEAR OF THIS BLOG AND FOR THE FUTURE! Thank you so much, and I love you all.

Your deeply grateful captioner and storywriter,
Elena Starz

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whose Idea was it Anyway?

These three captions are just messing around with the concept of hypnosis. In the first, Dianne (the girlfriend) hypnotizes Rosemary (the boyfriend) into a dress and wig for prom. In the second, Rosemary hypnotizes Dianne into "forcing" her to go to prom as a girl, because Rosemary wants to go. The third is the most complex; Dianne hypnotizes Rosemary into thinking that she hypnotized Dianne into "forcing" her to go to prom as a girl, because she wanted to go, but really this is just an idea placed in her head. In a bit of further explanation, Rosemary is always the redhead (and her dialogue/thoughts are in a matching red color), while Dianne is always the brown-haired girl (and her thoughts are in a matching brown color). This was done because the dress colors aren't identical in each image, even though the models are the same. Alright, hope this doesn't thoroughly confuse you, and if so, I hope the explanation here helps. Enjoy!

Caption for mgranillojr

A requested caption for mgranjillojr, who took the time to ask for a caption and gave me a really good scenario to work with. Hope you enjoy this two-parter!

Also, for those who want a custom caption, let me know by sending me an email at I'm about to take a break for a week or two in the next couple of days, so you may have to wait a while, but please, don't hesitate to ask if you want something!

-Elena Starz

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prom on the Mind

Just saw some cute prom dresses and some models with good facial expressions for captions, so I decided to make some. There is a single, a two-parter, and a longer, sentimental one that is less about TG and more about values, with a little crossdressing mixed in. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Caption(s) For The Knight

As promised, I have made a caption (well, in this case a two-part caption) for The Knight, who won the caption contest. Hope you enjoy it, Knight! Anyone else who wants a caption, let me know by sending me an email!

-Elena Starz

Lemon Twist

Well, perhaps "Blonde Twist" would be a better name for this, but whatever! Here is a two-parter, and two singles, but all have the same theme. They all involve the same  blonde girl (in the image, the stories have three different characters), and all involve a little twist to these feminizations. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Caption Contest Results!

Hello everyone! I am back, as promised, after more than a week offline with results from the caption contest! I must say that I was glad that when I came back there were more than a few wonderful captions to look through and evaluate. I especially want to commend those among the entrees who were first time or one of the first time caption creators - all work received was wonderful, and I'm so glad that people worked up the courage to at least try! But while there were many great captions, one in particular caught my eye. This caption from The Knight is the one that curled my lashes, made me shudder with excitement, and really did the ponytail justice, and thus is the winner of the caption contest!
Knight, whenever you are ready, I am more than happy to make you a caption. Whatever you want, be it a caption for an image you already have, a scenario you want me to play out with an image I have, something with a blonde, a brunette, two guys turned into two girls, a willing guy, a guy hypnotized into a bimbo, whatever you heart desires, I will make it! Just post your requests in the comment section of this post or send me an email: I will make a caption ASAP after receiving your request. And to the others who entered the contest, do not grieve; I will also give you a caption of your choosing if you email me what you want in it (although I will prioritize The Knight's first). Thank you to all those who entered, and let me know in the comments section if you would like to do something like this again!

-Elena Starz