Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cap for Courtney

Hello everyone! Long time no post! Its been a while, and I'm still not out of my captioning lull period yet, but I wanted to break up my break in caps with a caption I made for Courtney over at Courtney's Clean Caps. She is a fantastic captioner with some great themes and really hits all of my favorite styles when it comes to captioning. In order to pay my respects to her work, I got permission to make a cap in her name. Hope you all (and especially Courtney) enjoy the cap, and don't forget to check out her blog!
-Elena Starz

Sunday, January 1, 2012

If Only New Year's Resolutions Worked Like This...

Happy New Year's everyone! I must say, I never was one to make New Year's resolutions (mostly because I know I'd break them :) ), but they inspired this set of magic captions. Hope you like this first set of 2012!

-Elena Starz