Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thank You to Followers Week: Cap #2

Please read my notice I posted recently if you haven't already read it. It concerns the future of this blog, both in the near and distant future.

This caption is for Alice, in hopes that it tickles her fancies of prom caps and bets gone wrong. Prom caps are some of my favorites to read because of the beautiful girls in the images - in line with that, I found the most beautiful model for my image, one of my top three favorite images that I have ever found. Isn't she gorgeous? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have her hair? Oh, but enough about my fantasies - this cap goes into the thought process of a guy who goes to extremes to win his bet. But does he really win? Read on and decide for yourself!


  1. love the cap you are awesome Ma'am just love the caps have a fabulous day hugs and love all you do for us
    Sissy barbie

  2. Thank you sooooooo much Elena! This is lovely and hits all of the right buttons.
    I sincerely hope you find a peaceful path to follow and that you are happy. If creating these wonderful caps are in your future, great. If not, thanks for all of the happy times you have given us.

  3. This might be the best cap you have ever done. Everything about it from the obvious in the photo, to the story that you tell is just wonderful! The entire cap is incredibly well done. I don't know where you found that picture but it is fabulous. Her hair is literally to die for!