Friday, July 27, 2012

Thank You to Followers Week: Cap #3 and #4

Hello all! I'm sorry if I disappeared in the middle of a week of captions! Some files on my computer accidentally got erased, and I had to redo the captions for this week. As a result, please enjoy TWO captions as opposed to one!

These captions are for Jackie Rose, who has an interest in beauty salons and blowjobs in her captions. I have two separate captions for her, and hope she (and the rest of you) enjoys them both!

This caption has a great image and a nice story about a salon-owning mother who has a rude son and three so-called "ugly" daughters...but that's about to change!

The second caption is about a blowjob "connoisseur" who believes that girls giving head should use their five senses for the benefit of the blowjob receiver. See what happens to this "expert" by reading on!


  1. love the caps our are awesome some even hit me right on the money too thank you for all you do
    Sissy Barbie

  2. Elena! Thank you so much for these captions, they are wonderful! I am so honored that you did them for me :)