Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mandy (Working Week) - Re-Education 101: How to Become a Blonde Bimbo

The final post of Working Week! Which means it time for some feedback. If you could comment on these two questions, that would be great! Thanks!
  1. Did you like the concept of doing a week with a theme like this?
  2. If so, would you like the concept of "Sports Week", where jocks, athletes, and other men with sports interests get turned into bimbos who cant' play sports, try to play sports, or end up in the sporting world in a more feminine position?
  3. Finally, after reading this cap that was especially MAID for you all, I have some thoughts about it to discuss - please read the stuff below the cap AFTER reading the cap. Thanks!

So this cap was another Dean Rests/DeeDee cap based around DeeDee feminizing another boyfriend. The last line of the cap is a bit of a cliffhanger for a reason - I've decided the roles/backstory behind both DeeDee and Dean Rests. This "mistake" that I've mentioned will be further explained in other DeeDee/Dean Rests caps that will determine the fate of both of them and their relationship with Professor Blonde and her class. I might even turn it into a week of caps just about them -who knows. If you like this idea/are excited to learn more about this father and bimbo son, comment below and I'll decide on how soon I'll release the backstory based on that.


  1. Great job on the cap, I really enjoyed the story. Nice choice in pic too. Although I don't see how he could ever view Mandy as a bad thing, after all he now has a gorgeous maid to take care of his off campus home.
    I liked the concept of the theme week but think that you should alternate between doing theme weeks and none-theme weeks. I love the concept of having a sports themed week and hope you do it.
    As for the Dean/DeeDee caps, I like when they pop up. I consider them sort of like when the plot is advanced in a procedural show and look forward to them. I don't think you should do them all at once though, but rather maybe do one every week or every once in a while. Unless you have a series with an over arching story, then I think it would work best if you posted all of the caps in one week.
    Anyways, keep up the excellent job. I have really enjoyed all of the caps you have made thus far and look forward to reading the rest. Except for a small hiccup, I think you have done a great job providing high quality caps every day. (By hiccup I mean when you didn't post.)

  2. would love to see the sports concept darling

    Loves Allisa :*

  3. Just wanted to say that I love your site and I love your Re-Education caps. I thought working week was excellent! I like the idea of theme weeks, but I think you should go with where your inspiration takes you. I like the Dean/DeeDee caps and I find them intriguing but I like having the reveals being a little more drawn out. Anyway great job and I hope you continue!

  4. I really loved this subset of the bimbo caps, and would love to see your ideas for a sports week. Please tell us more about Dee Dee and the Dean!

  5. This whole 'week of caps' idea was a wonderful one. You definitely out did yourself in many respects. As for future 'week of caps' ideas, the sports themed one does resonate with me quite a bit. Definitely one I would love to see, especially being a former college athlete who also just so happens to be a fan of your blog. Would definitely fit a lot of dreams and/or fantasies (if you catch my drift).

    Anyhow, great work once again. You've truly been outdoing yourself. Kudos!