Friday, January 11, 2013

Raphaella - Re-Education 101: How to Become a Blonde Bimbo

Hi all! So a few updates before I get into an explanation of a fun cap. First, as zgmfx20asfg correctly pointed out, I was wrong on my count for caps I've done - we are now at 55 caps in this series, so 46 more to go! Next, I've been wanting to do another theme week, and there has been enough support for the sports idea I proposed, so I'm excited to announce that the next theme week will be "Sports Week"! It'll start this coming Sunday (the 13th) and end the following Saturday (the 19th). I have images for soccer (or football, for all of you outside the U.S. ;) ), American football, tennis, auto racing, rodeo, and baseball - however, I'm a little shaky on my soccer photo and am still looking for a seventh sport (golf maybe?). If you have a sexy picture in mind (blonde, or course) that you think would work, email me at - I'd love to see it! If not, no worries - I still have some ideas in mind :)

Okay, that's it for updates - here is a great cap I made! It a bit of a shout out to theater/drama/plays, focusing on the drama department hosting a play with a special star! The "play" itself is a cross between Rapunzel the fairy tale and Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was two things I thought of when I saw the image of this model, so many of the references tie into those two plays! Hope you like it!

-Elena Starz


  1. Great job, I enjoyed the story. Nice choice in pic too. I love the idea of Professor Blonde being friends with people in the theater department.
    Can't wait to see your sports theme caps. Congrats on being more than half way done.

  2. What about gymnastics or even volleyball those both can turn out sexy and either could be done as a make or female sport.