Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lauren (Sports Week) - Re-Education 101: How to Become a Blonde Bimbo

While today's cap (second cap, because technically I had one up this morning) has many ties/parallels to cycling/the Lance Armstrong scandal, this is not supposed to be a commentary on them. I just thought it would be a fun parallel to do, even if the issue is complex and cycling fans have their own opinions on it. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I plan at posting consistently at this time each day for however long it takes to complete this series/for me to run out of caps...just so you all know!

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  1. Mega-hawt caption, and good to see you back. Small suggestion; I think you should make the move over to tumblr. It has a very extensive captioning community, and the amount of content produced and shared is endless. I'm not saying blogspot doesn't do this, but interaction and communication between users is encouraged moreso on tumblr. Other good caption sites include the crossdresser boards of newfapchan and 7chan.