Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two "Girl" Caption Contest Winners!

Hello everyone! The voting period has now commenced, and the winners for the caption contest can now be announced! The viewers top two favorites, with 31 and 26 votes respectively, were captions by Brandi and Anonymouse! My three favorites, out of the many excellent submissions, was Brandi's series, as well as caps by Annabelle Raven and Victoria! Normally I would also add a third viewer winner, but considering that Annabelle Raven and Victoria's caps tied for third with 20 votes, I just announced the two outright viewer selections because I chose the third place winners myself! Congrats to all winners, and expect an email from me soon to get you your caption prize!

P.S. I've started a new tab at the top of the blog for caption contest winners where all future winners will be posted...but for now the winners are below!

Annabelle Raven - Elena's Favorite
Anonymouse - Viewers' Favorite
Brandi - Viewers' and Elena's Favorite
Victoria - Elena's Favorite


  1. Yay me!
    I'm gonna reply to your e-mail now, Elena. ^_^

  2. well done to the winners all great caption.