Thursday, March 27, 2014

Contest Winner Cap: Annabelle Raven

So if it wasn't clear, I am officially back from vacation! The Animal Print caption contest is still up and I'm still looking for submissions (there were some great ones sent in while I was gone, but I'm always looking for more!), so check that out and try your hand if you haven't already! Also, I owe captions to contest winners, so the next few days leading up to the deadline for the caption contest will be these winner caps!

So two contests ago (the "Two Girl" caption contest), Annabelle Raven won, but never recieved a caption because she was on vacation and couldn't submit her request! Well now she's back, I'm back, and we have her cap - a fun "family" caption with a father and his twin sons...enjoy!


  1. Mm, families with big boobies are the best! Plenty to look at when you come over for dinner.

    I just sent in my contest entry. ^_^

  2. Thanks Elena! What a treat to have you do this as my prize! I would love to be in Lori's place and welcome my daughters to a world of girlish sensuality ;)