Saturday, March 29, 2014

Contest Winner Cap: Leila Stoat

So as an update on the contest, I have had a couple really great submissions the past couple days - really happy with that, as it means that there will be more than enough captions to make this a full contest with 3 winners (as voted by viewers and me). Thank you to all who have submitted! The presentation will probably happen 31 hours from now, even though I still have a few more Contest Winner Caps to give out. This is because I have more than enough submissions to make me happy and it will allow me to get the next caption contest out even sooner! There is a poll for that on the side of the blog and it will conclude three days from now!

Today's cap goes out to Leila, who had an excellent idea about a man being dressed as a raver girl for a night out and waking up the next day to find photos of that night sent out to everyone he knows! Hope you like it!

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