Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bimbo Inc. Caption Contest Presentation

Wow! So that's all I have to say after finally sitting down and gathering all the caps that got submitted for this contest. 38 caps...from 10 people! That's almost 4 caps a person, which is absolutely amazing! So happy that I left the submission period open for longer, because the wait was well worth this fantastic treasure trove of captions!

As a result of this incredible turnout, I am actually going to create two polls - one for your TOP 5 individual caps/series, and one for your TOP 3 favorite submitting artists based on their collective work. Combining these two I will announce winners at the end of 4 days of voting! So thank you once again to those who participated and get voting!

WesMantooth 1
 Wes Mantooth 2
 Wes Mantooth Series
 Edi 1
 Edi Series
Candy 1
 Candy 2
Candy 3
Brittany7 1
Brittany7 2
 Donna 1
 Donna 2
 Donna 3
 Donna 4
 Donna 5
Donna Series
 Ian 1
Ian 2
Kieran 1
 Kieran 2
 Kieran 3
 Kieran Series 1
 Kieran Series 2
Dolly Diklipz 1
Bambi Lovejoy 1
 Bambi Lovejoy 2
 Bambi Lovejoy 3
 John Doe 1
 John Doe 2
 John Doe 3

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