Friday, May 30, 2014

Working Bois Part 23: Prove that You're MY Sissy Bitch

Hello all! We are on the final stretch of the series - only a two more parts left after today! Right now we have Part 22 of the Working Bois series - Wes' cap is now linked here! Or use the general tags for all the caps done by Wes and done by me are linked. Also, as another note, the Explicit Caption Contest is up, so go check that out and try your hand at some sexy caps!

As the series winds down, Sammi and Carli are realizing what it is like to be truly owned by a stronger black man. But what does Carli do/say to prove to Mr. Blackstone that he is just his boss' plaything? The answer may arouse you ;)

1 comment:

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