Monday, June 16, 2014

A Living History Lesson

Another interracial sissy cap today, toying with some of the background behind the theme and the possible ramifications for it in terms of education, for example. If you'd like me to do more caps like this and/or possibly explain the "universe" I envision for this theme, let me know and I will respond!


  1. C'Mon, did you really think that i would say anything other than that I LOVE this caption and the idea of where you could go from here? This a great and has so many possibilities you have to explore.

    -Wes Mantooth

  2. Hi Elena! Long time fan, first time commentator. I love this caption, I love all of your captions-but I've noticed you don't often do second person captions.

    Just a suggestion, and a request; could you make some captions, maybe like those quickcaps, focused on the reader? "Be a shemale," "Become feminine," motivational stuff?

  3. Love the theme in this caption and would definitely like to see more. Perhaps even more about how this school changes ;P