Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Contest Winner Cap: Edi

Edi's prize cap is based around the idea of a guy recently out of college who signs a bimbofication contract to make some money...and finds he has to complete the contract even once he finds a different job! I adjusted the contract part slightly, but the whole idea is still the same...enjoy!


  1. overall love the caption and image. The text was a bit hard to read with the background. Still enjoyable.

  2. First thing, loved this caption. Really great stuff. Very imaginative and quite compelling. Borderline inspired. Totally loved.

    Second thing, and maybe I've just spent way too much time reading your captions (never can be sure, after all) but, this new ratings system? I honestly don't think I get it. Is 7 best or worst? Does a 1 mean I love it that I hate it? I admit to being a little confused. Sorry about that.

    Otherwise, AWESOME caption. Totally adored it.


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