Monday, July 7, 2014

Contest Winner Cap: Aleksi Andrews

Hi all! FYI, thank you all for the wonderful comments both on the first FormSpring Friday post and the contest winners + analysis post...nice to have a response when I try to talk to you via Q&A or responding to some of your work. I am also planning on doing FormSpring Friday every feel free to send in any kind of question to me via the widget on the right-hand side! It's completely anonymous (unless you WANT to share you name, which is fine) and no hassle - I haven't gotten any questions in like a week, so hopefully you are all just shy! Finally, a new caption contest will go up in a few's a unique focus that some of you will like, so hope to see some good caps for it!

Today's cap goes to Aleksi Andrews, who had the idea of a middle-aged white guy forced to become a tranny hoodrat. Not sure if I quite got the exact "hoodrat" vibe down, but I still think it's a good enjoy!


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