Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Head of the Company

So as a little message explaining what the next few days are like - first, the next few days of caps will be prize caps I made for the winners of the last caption contest. In line with that, I am considering posting a new caption contest soon - but I am unsure of what the theme should be! I'm considering posting a bunch of pics I like but can't figure out a good story for them and letting you cap them, or posting a ton of pics of a single model I love and letting you guys go with whatever you want (and hopefully making a series or two!). If there's anything else you would like, comment below! Finally, I have a special new project that I will be introducing hopefully on Friday (to replace FormSpring Friday, as I have gotten only one question in the last two weeks :( ), but that is up in the air based on whether I can finish it in time.

So that's a rundown of what to expect - for now, enjoy this LOOONG Bimbo Inc. cap that I am quite excited to share. Let me know what you think!


  1. Wonderful story, Elena.

    -Wes Mantooth

  2. Loved this one! Elena, you have actually inspired me to make my own TG caption blog! Check it out if you want!