Friday, July 4, 2014

Hypnosis Caption Contest Winners...Plus Analyses!

Hello everyone! Happy Fourth of July to all of you here in the U.S. Hopefully you're out enjoying the day off...but if you managed to find your way back here in your free time, here are the winners of the hypnosis caption contest! Some really great caps here, plus some excellent caps that didn't even "win" this all should be proud of this batch. :) But without further ado, here are the winners and why I liked them!

Only one cap from the lovely and talented Candy, but that was all that was needed to catch my eye! I liked that this cap was actually written in the second person from the perspective of an angry girlfriend that has hypnotized this man into a mindless bimbo - it's a really unique style that works well. It allows the details of what the hypnosis is causing him to "remember" while also slipping in little fits of rage from the girlfriend that explain why the transformation occurred. Plus, it never hurts to use my favorite image of the batch :) Great work, Candy!

Jenny Valentine
Jenny actually had multiple captions that I enjoyed, specifically the pimp-making-blond-bitch-shemales and the McSis Sorority caps, but I settled on this one because of the excellent use of a unique hypnosis method - massaging. It totally makes sense (cannot believe I've never thought of it before) and Jenny does a great job of selling the soothing effect by having the boy repeat exactly what the masseuse says right after he says it. Very creative and well written!

Wes Mantooth
I picked Wes' series because it does a fantastic job of using dialogue in contrast with the image to sell that the man in question really doesn't realize what he looks like since he is under hypnosis. There are a lot of references to how the man thinks he looks like that are great like, "Yeah, I decided to try out a goatee for a while", and some fantastic responses from the doctor like "Possibly. I wouldn't worry about it" or "Hmmmm, you're supposed to remember it as talking about football". These all combine to make a slightly humorous plot that I real enjoyed.

This was one of the most well-written caps of the bunch, in my opinion. The internal monologue of the character who feels that something is wrong but instead reaffirms what he is hypnotized to believe is great. The blocking adds to it by selling that something is amiss with phrases like "she can't remember. The mirror sometimes shows flashes of him" or "but the mirror memory has...upset her". Then finally, the conclusion steals my heart with such a poetic few lines. Absolutely phenomenal ending to a very well-crafted cap, Donna!

Leila Stoat
With all due respect to the other quality captioners and caps they made, Leila absolutely killed it this contest. Her three caps probably made up my top three and made it an absolutely nightmare for me to have to choose a cap. I ended up picking this one because her second cap had a wonderful complete unawareness of the changes shared by Wes' series and the third cap used the same image as Candy's winner, but I easily could have picked either of those. So what do I like about this cap I settled with. A whole heckuva lot, that's what. I think a conversation between friends is an excellent choice for this cap, especially when the dialogue is so good. The way that the hypnotized man talks so normally with his friend while acting like the hypnotized slut that he has become (as details by the dialogue of each character) is phenomenal. The dialogue is also great at conveying the excellent plot, with both the background of the jealous girlfriend, the actions of the hypnotized man leading his friend into the background, and the descriptions of the tears as he blows his friend is just wonderful. Finally, the image choice I think was perfected because of the blank, mindless look on the model's face. It ties together this fantastic cap perfectly. Excellent work, Leila!

If the top caps prize goes to Leila, the volume award goes to Brittany, who cranked out 7 singles and a 3 part series for this contest! Amazing work, especially considering how each is relatively long and unique. I selected her first cap for analysis because I thought it did a great job of being a hypnosis cap where the hypnosis is a more subtle part of the cap. A lot of time is spent on the lovely salon transformation, which makes it unique from all the other submitted caps, while still making it clear that hypnosis is what is moving this plot along. Finally, I liked the surprise at the end where the feminizing sister is also hypnotized by the mother - a fun twist to a great cap!


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  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If everyone wrote comments with this amount of insight and care, I'd be capping all the live long day. Thanks for creating these contests.

  3. worthy winners. well done all

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