Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Contest Winner Cap: The Zoligomyst

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! We're celebrating with a little party of our the the form of this cap for The Zoligomyst after a recent win in the Best Friends Caption Contest. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Contest Winner Cap: Jenny Valentine

Back with prize caps for the future! This one goes out to Jenny Valentine after her well-deserved prize from the Open Caption Contest. Enjoy!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Fairville Tale

Another cap from storage to hold you over while the rest of the prize caps are being completed. This one is a darker revenge cap that tries to play off the image. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Hi all! Sorry for the recent absence - the holidays sucked up more time than I anticipated! I do want to continue outputting prize caps, but also wanted to slip in some regular caps to give me time to complete these. So I went through my storage for the closet thing to a "Christmas" cap that I could find and found this cute little piece. Enjoy!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Contest Winner Caps: Wes Mantooth (White Boi Career Day)

So today's prize is a bit unique. Wes has been someone I've worked with and admired for a while, as well as someone who has entered fantastic caps that have won a few prizes recently. He asked for a caption about one of his characters in his interracial sissy universe called Candy Luvdarc, who is a white school teacher that often ends up pleasuring his students. This character has a specific model that Wes likes to use, and upon searching for some images of this person I was inspired to make a series of captions. Not only that, but I decided to pay tribute to some of Wes' other characters that I love, to both make up for the multiple prize caps I owe him and to say thank you for creating such dynamic characters on his blog. The result is this "White Boi Career Day" series: enjoy!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Contest Winner Caps: Brittany7

Today we pay tribute to the prolific caption contest participant Brittany7, who won a prize cap from the Female Impersonator and Open Caption Contests from talent and sheer volume of captions produced! Really happy to see how productive Brittany's work is and thus wanted to be productive in making caps for say thank you! There are two caps, each which a different theme below: enjoy!

The first cap was based on the idea of two friends who spy on a sister's slumber party and end up getting hypnotized into being drag queens by the girls.

The second is a classic Brittany cap - a boyfriend's birthday present becomes a trip to the New U Salon that turns him into his girlfriend's love slave. I mixed it up a little by having TWO birthdays to give a twist to the "present" aspect of the cap.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Contest Winner Cap: Ian

A prize cap going back to the Female Impersonator Caption Contest, Ian wanted a girlfriend revenge cap on a boyfriend who ends up bimbofied and abandoned far away from home. A good idea choice, in my opinion, that I think produced a good cap! Enjoy!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Contest Winner (and Guest!) Cap: Dolly Diklipz

So today we'll be starting the publication of guest caps I owe from the Female Impersonator Caption Contest, the Open Caption Contest, and hopefully the prizes for the recent Best Friends Caption Contest if I get them done in time! I think the way I'm going to do it is this - although normally I would do a cap a day, I have some people who have won multiple caps, and I also REALLY want to get back to my regular caps because I have some fun ones in storage that I'm excited to share. So don't be surprised if you get two caps in the same post!

This first post goes to Dolly Diklipz and starts the trend of two caps per post - however, Dolly only won one prize cap for a lovely entry in the Female Impersonator Contest. But she was very kind and asked for an image to cap as a thank you to me - and created a really fantastic cap! So I thought I'd share it with you all here:

Of course, I also did do a prize cap for her based on the idea of a vacation with permanent effects, tied into the theme of gay-basher-turned-sissy that Dolly loves so much. So enjoy this cap as well!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Four Stages of Your Sissy

So a bit of business and fun today. First, I have been in-and-out recently due to some personal business, meaning I have done some things and neglected others. For example, the winners of the last caption contest have been emailed about prize caps - those winners (and past winners I still haven't added!) will be put on the "Contest Winners" page and will be getting a post tomorrow as congratulations. Secondly, I am finally going to start posting prize caps that I have made for old winners - that should also start tomorrow/Saturday and span for quite a bit. I still haven't finished some prize caps for a few people (thank you for being patient - they're coming!) but have enough done to the point that I can complete these unfinished ones and still not miss a day of caps. Finally, I am slowly accumulating caps for the three series/themes for this blog and will be posting sporadically to keep you all interested. At some point when I have a better collection completed I might start picking a specific day of the week to post the next cap for a series/theme, but that will be a while until I'm capable of that. Simply too many ideas/caps to work with and not enough time at the moment! :(

However, I did recently complete something I think is quite fun. I've been toying with multi-cap series (distinct from series/themes that can posted separately and stand-alone) and have one to post together. I really liked this set because of a few reasons: it allowed me to use some smaller images that normally wouldn't work for a cap (I tend to set 500x500 pixels as my minimum), it allowed me to experiment with new cap design (i.e. the border and titles for each cap in the set), and finally I managed to design it such that each cap is the same size and the framework (pink title size, pic size, text box size) is all the same. Plus, I'm really pleased with the way this series could be read as general instructions or a specific sissification case that's fun either way. But that's enough talking: enjoy The Four Stages of Your Sissy! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Beauty to Prom Queen

A more straightforward, sweet story for you all today. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shemale Double Cross

I realize that I haven't done a good shemale cap in a while although I've been LOVING some images I've found of some amazingly beautiful transsexuals. So here's a cap I made that caters to this little niche of captions. Enjoy!

Monday, December 15, 2014

MHDC: Role Models

Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll for the caption contest - winners should have been posted by now and emailed for the opportunity to get a prize cap! 

So today we have the second cap in the Mildew High Dress Code series. I'm trying to go a little bit chronological here, but I feel that a lot of future caps will still be quite standalone like I hope this one is. Also, I've included some short polls on the right of the blog asking various questions about all of the series. I want to get a sense from people who might not be inclined to comment about what their preferences for the development of each series is. So go vote in those polls and enjoy this caption!
*EDIT* I decided not to put up polls because I realized that my questions were too general. I think I'll explore some options, see what the reaction is, and maybe ask questions later!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Never Released

Today's cap plays off the great theme of hypnosis that's never released. Enjoy!

Friday, December 12, 2014

FOUR HUNDRED/MILLION (Cap: Do I Really Have to Do This?)

Lot's of big news and updates! First, thank you to those who were a part of the flurry of comments I got on my three series, especially those who commented on multiple - really appreciate the feedback and love some of the ideas that are being brought up. Secondly, there are about two more days left in the contest poll, so vote if you haven't! Finally, the really big news that I just noticed is that in the span of two days this blog has gained it's 400th follower and hit 4 million page views. That;s crazy! Although there's been some lapses and delays due to absence, that's a great growth over 4.5 years! Thank you all for the love and support, and I hope to continue to repay you with great captions for much, much longer!

Now for the caption: Sometimes men cheat on their wives. Sometimes men give those mistress' their bank account information. Sometimes the mistress takes all the money. And sometimes the furious wife makes the husband dress as his mistress to try and regain control of their funds. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Date Discovery

A simple crossdressing cap with a little twist. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

For the Art

Okay, back to regular caps after a fun three days of series starters! A pretty straight-forward cap here...but it's a little odd because I originally planned it to be an interracial sissy cap and then decided to generalize it more to a simple feminization cap. Let me know how you think I should have done this cap!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pink Room Opening!

Hello all! The final series opening is here! Hopefully you've gone and checked out the Mildew High Dress Code and Duck Flu openings and commented to help me shape those pieces (BIG thanks to the few people who have taken the time to put thoughtful comments in. Really do appreciate your wonderful ideas!). But now I want you to turn your attention to the idea of the Pink Room. This idea, although not explicitly derived from anything, was more than likely subconsciously affected by the wonderful Pink Room series done by the very talented Avaro. The idea is simply a pink room that transforms boys into girls based on "what they desire" or "what they should become". This series I actually have the most questions about, as the only thing that I've established in my mind is that this will be a theme with mostly stand-alone caps as opposed to a series. So check out this cap, then move past it to read some questions I have!

Alright, so now you've hopefully read the cap - now for the tough questions. You're all creative, smart people, so I bet you can help me mold this theme into a cohesive and well-thought out one! Let's get started!

1. What are the "origins" of the Pink Room?
  • This is a broad question basically trying to help me parse through a backstory/logical basis for the Pink Room to build off of. Is it a magical place? A man-made construction? More importantly, who can access it? As in, could girls/witches/something else open up the Pink Room consciously (or unconsciously) or is it more of a celestial "punishment system" that takes males determined to be flawed and shape them into something better? A lot of subquestions, I know, so please share your thoughts on this idea especially!
2. Does the public know about the Pink Room?
  • Kind of ties into the origins questions (as in where it comes from/who can access it affects who can know), but slightly different. Is the Pink Room common knowledge to anyone, or are there a small subset of people who know? As in, would it surprise most people to see a bimbo/sissy walking out of where a son stood, or will they realize "Oh, that's just the Pink Room!"?
3. How fast should the transformation time in the Pink Room be?
  • I kind of left this ambiguous in the opening cap intentionally - I think I want to allow for time in the Pink Room to be different from real time (to allow for instant transformations or slow transfromations kind of like Avaro's Pink Room series where trapped males only have access to clothes and eventually start dressing up/acting like what they are supposed to become). However, should people be disappearing for seconds, minutes, days, or even years in the real world?
Those are the intial starting questions - I imagine I'll write more once I see responses from you and start to shape the series, but for now start with these. Of course, feel to give an other suggestions/ideas you feel like too - I just want A LOT of feedback on this theme in particular because, like the Pink Room, it's kind of in limbo for me.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Duck Flu Opening

Quick Plug - posted the wonderful submissions for the Best Friends Caption get a couple days to vote for your top three favorites!

Alrighty, after yesterday's display of the Mildew High Dress Code, today we have the introduction of our next wonderful theme/series, the Duck Flu series. It's based off this fantastic cap by Leila Stoat about a disease that causes the host to take on bimbo physical and mental characteristics and specifically big, fat lips. Of course, concern of an epidemic is tantamount, as the disease is spread by kissing those fat lips...and who wouldn't want to kiss these horny bimbos? Anyways, check out both Leila's initial and my first cap, then jump pass the cap to help me answer some questions!

Okay, seen both Leila's cap and mine? Good - now let's talk about ideas for this piece. I actually have a fair bit to talk about for this series, so I'm going to list some questions, explain my thoughts, then hopefull you all will respond in comments/emails to help me decide what to do!
1. Should this be a series (adhering more strictly to chronological order) or a theme (where caps are more distinct but may have some references across caps)?
  • For the Mildew High Dress Code series, I knew I wanted to be somewhat orderly in the beginning - but with the Duck Flu I could see it going multiple ways. On the one hand I think it would be somewhat liberating to just talk about someone getting the disease and be able to leave it ambiguous to how they got it. But I think it would be interesting to trace the disease from it's sources (like Person A infects Person B in a cap, then Person B infects Person C in the next cap) especially with the option of jumping between the different researchers (three males/two females) to show how the Duck Flu spreads across the country/globe.
2. Speaking of males and females, should the Duck Flu only affect males or females as well? If it's just males, can females "carry" the disease and have it transfer unwittingly to boyfriends or whatever?
  • Leila's cap alluded to the fact that females could get bimbofied by the Duck Flu, but I left it ambiguous in my cap to let you all help me decide. Being a TG caption blog, I definitely prefer to focus on TG aspects, but if people would like to see some cross-over let me know!
3. Should the Duck Flu always bleach the host's hair to blond?
  • I think this was my favorite and most creative idea from Leila's cap - but I also recognize that not all people are into blondes and/or would love to see some variety of hair colors. It also lets me use a wider variety of pictures, but then again I can probably just say that brunettes are "not at that phase" of the transformation by that point in the cap and get around it...
4. Finally, what fun "effects" of the Duck Flu should exist?
  • I think that I can pick and choose traits to focus on (big breasts, heavy makeup, increased libido, etc.) based on pictures and say that "the disease affects people in different ways" to get around having an archetype of what a "Duck Flu" picture looks like. But it would be fun to think of some creative effects the Duck Flu could cause - like maybe the hosts give off a pheromone that attract men? Can't think of any other good examples hopefully you have some ideas to share!
Phew! That was a longer list than I thought! Hopefully you stuck it out to this point and are brimming with ideas to share - so go ahead and comment/email me with thoughts! Help this idea spread like a disease :p

Best Friends Caption Contest Presentation

Hello all - here are the wonderful captions that have been submitted for the Best Friend Caption Contest! Really pleased with the turnout immediately after my hiatus - we got 33 caps from 11 different people, including a healthy mix of new captioners, captioners submitting to a contest for the first time, and people who have submitted frequently to contests. As usual, a poll will be on the right of the blog - pick your 3 favorites!

The Zoligomyst 1
Edi 1
 Edi 2
Edi 3
 Candy 1
Darrell 1
Darrell 2

Brittany7 1
 Brittany7 2
 Brittany7 3
 Brittany7 4
 Brittany7 5
 Brittany7 6
Brittany7 7
Alice 1
 Donna 1
 Donna 2
 Donna 3
 Donna 4
Christina 1
 Christina 2
 Christina 3
 Christina 4
C2Sanon 1
 C2Sanon 2
 C2Sanon 3
Wes Mantooth 1
 Wes Mantooth 2
 Wes Mantooth Series
Musta 1
 Musta 2
 Musta 3