Sunday, December 21, 2014

Contest Winner Caps: Brittany7

Today we pay tribute to the prolific caption contest participant Brittany7, who won a prize cap from the Female Impersonator and Open Caption Contests from talent and sheer volume of captions produced! Really happy to see how productive Brittany's work is and thus wanted to be productive in making caps for say thank you! There are two caps, each which a different theme below: enjoy!

The first cap was based on the idea of two friends who spy on a sister's slumber party and end up getting hypnotized into being drag queens by the girls.

The second is a classic Brittany cap - a boyfriend's birthday present becomes a trip to the New U Salon that turns him into his girlfriend's love slave. I mixed it up a little by having TWO birthdays to give a twist to the "present" aspect of the cap.

1 comment:

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