Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MHDC: First Day Selfie

Another quick plug for the recent Hair Caption Contest - I really like these images and think there's a lot of potential for good caps, so hopefully you all agree and send in wonderful caps!

Today and tomorrow will be posts from the two series/themes that I've fleshed out the most, namely the Mildew High Dress Code series and Duck Flu theme. I'm probably going to put the Pink Room on hiatus for a bit, both to allow me to focus on these projects I have a vision for and also to ensure that I have a more complete collection of Pink Room caps to post consistently. So today, we are continuing on with the next installment of the Mildew High Dress Code with an idea that will likely crop up more than once in this series due to high schoolers' natural obsession with it: selfies. Read on to find out how Miss Clarke has implemented this into fulfillment of the Dress Code!


  1. i hope miss clarke well hang on to all these selfies for devious purposes.

  2. I really like thie series. It's really fun and caps where things backfire and the protagonists end up feminised are probably my favorites.


  3. I love this series, it was my favorite of all the different ideas you're tackling right and now and a caption like this is exactly why. Excellent work in every aspect. I'm excited to see more.

    -Wes Mantooth