Saturday, February 28, 2015

Good News!

Wonderful news on the captioning front - I came online today with the intention of gathering links to new sites people were posting in light of the move from Blogger and discovered that Google has reversed it's policy! Very happy to hear that as my move from Blogger was an adjustment (was still tinkering with Wordpress formats/ways to navigate their toolbars) that I am now no longer required to make. 

However, this short period in which myself and others had to make accommodations/plan for a possible transfer to a new site has got me thinking about some things I've been wanting to do. Some of it is aesthetic (was kind of nice to try out a new background/format of WordPress), some of it practical (I really do need to "backup" my caps on Tumblr or something), and some of it is announcing something that the switch to WordPress would have provided an ideal timing for. I think I will plan on making that reveal tomorrow or the next day, but for now let's just focus on a fun new cap and celebrate the ability to stay on this blog site!


  1. Wow, i totally missed all the commotion of Blogger´s new rules, glad they changed their mind. Loved the caption, great way how you played with the different meanings of the color black. And you know i like me some interracial cap, even if it´s not meant as one :)

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