Thursday, February 26, 2015


So this will be the final original caption from me on this blog. I hope to have a WordPress site set up in the next few days and will obviously provide a link on this site once that happens. However, as a reminder I still would love to see entries for the Advertisement Caption Contest - got some cool entries already and would love to post them all on the new site in about a week. Finally, I've started to see some links to new sites pop up - I plan on posting once every few days with links so people can start finding their way around the new sites in the community.


  1. The photo that you used was amazing. The perfect look in her eyes and the perfect shape to her painted lips. I count myself lucky that it reminds me of a few occasions I was lucky to look down and see a similar sight. Thanks.

  2. Great news that Blogger has backed down. You wont have to leave Blogger now. Of course, should you choose to move to Wordpress or were ever, I would follow

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