Friday, February 20, 2015

Selfie Caption Contest Review

So as usual, I wanted to give a brief review of at least one cap/series by each participant in the Selfie Caption Contest! This is a little "snapshot" of what I think of each, specifically what I like stylisticly or thematically, and possibly any small critiques to make it better. I encourage everyone to read the responses to all the caps not only to appreciate the great work but see how to improve/inspire your own!

Ashley does the unique and effect style of overlaying the text over the caption. What can often be difficult with certain pictures is trying to get the text to overlap in a way that doesn't hide the image - I think that Ashley did a great job of putting the text in a location that still showed off most of the pic, even if the picture angle made that difficult. Also, the loopy text is super awesome for showing off the thoughts of a feminized boy! 

Anzaleth has a unique focus on superhero feminization caps (in this case poor Superman getting turned into Lex Luthor's Bimbo of Steel (Colored Dress) by some Pink Kryptonite) which normally I don't like - but what I appreciate about this cap is that Anzaleth tailored the cap in a way that made it interesting in other ways (by making it a bimbo selife cap!). I can't stress enough how important it is to think outside the box even if you have a specific style you like. The ability to branch out by merging two themes can often enhance the popularity of the cap immensely...throw in some good writing/dialogue, and you've got a fantastic cap! Great work!

Anderson is a relatively new contributor to contests but has consistently produced quality caps. This one has a number of things I like about it. The major technique is what I think of as a "summary flashback", where you start out in the present where the character is feminized (in this case taking a selfie), jump into the story of how this happened (meeting a man that turned him into a blond bombshell), then jump back to reveal what he's like now (a bimbo dreaming of cock). It's a super effective style choice that allows you to both write yummy details about the transformation and sexy thoughts about what they've become. Additionally, the choice to alter the text in the beginning to reflect a text message as well as spacing the beginning, middle, and end all add to the piece and the technique I previously mentioned.

Candy is a wonderful captioner who does a lot of things well - but I think one of her strengths is choosing stories that match the image extremely well. This is a perfect example of it. The picture is of two similar blondes, so it turns into a "Twinsies!" selfie cap, while the girls are dressed scantily like dancer, so the story is based around a stripper at a strip club. Throw in a classic slow transformation story and a unique twist such as the transformee willingly coming back looking like a twin stripper, and you have a wonderful cap!

Speaking of using pictures well, regular contributor Ian has a knack for choosing pics and matching them up with extremely clever stories. I would never have thought of using this locker room-esque picture as the site of a dare, but Ian did and weaves an excellent tale of success and betrayal. Not only that, but having the messages be a conversation via text ties into the theme of the contest nicely, adding consistency points to the creativity of the cap!

I'm not going to lie - I wasn't POSITIVE about the story of this cap because of some implications...but if the implications I got were correct this is too sexy of a story to pass up. I read this cap as a shemale sending selfies to a "master", says that she won't do what he wanted, then reveals that she actually has a bigger dick and expects him to transform himself into a sexy shemale for her. What I was unsure about was the line, "No I will not get them lazored off master, until you see the next selfie", as I assumed it referred to the stars on her legs but we were just talking about NOT having stars on the what exactly is the "next" selfie for? That being said, this was an interesting story and also tied into the image well - good job!

The Zoligomyst
I really loved this series - easily would have won top prize if I was giving them out simply because of the twist at the end. The series itself is long with lovely details about the transformation and texting the sister, plus the interesting backstory about Coachella motivating the transformation. But when I got to the last paragraph with the friend's response, not for a second did I expect that he was also crossdressing - for some reason I just assumed the picture was another outfit for the main character. But once I read that I realized exactly what a great, sweet, lovely twist it was - it tied everything together (why the sister was feminizing the main character, the Coachella event, the main character's fear of his friend's response) in such a perfect concluding fashion. Hats off to you, Zoli - this is exquisite!

Okay, I'll admit that I'm partially drawn to this cap because I love the dad to sexy MILF caps. But C2Sanon also deserves praise for the way the cap (specifically at the end) shows the transformation with the *SNAPS* of the camera, the slight color changes at each photo, and the dialogue that becomes sluttier and sluttier each time. You could literally see that transformation happening visually, but wanted to keep reading too because the dialogue was drawing you in! Great work!

So in fairness to Musta, the iMessage text is not Christina's original idea, but I think she did a fantastic job with her's. Obviously it ties in well to the "selfie" theme (relating to the phone), but Christina also chose a photo that looks like the girl is typing or snapping a photo, an ambiguity which adds to the style of the cap. Finally, I'm a sucker for good bimbo dialogue, plus the bit about the "Bimbo Soda" and "OMG how did you know?" was great.

I love this idea by Donna. Making a list of "Terms and Conditions" for a SnapSelf application and styling the transformation details as part of the rules was an exceptionally creative idea. Plus, I love how each section gets continually more degrading/controlling - it goes from physical transformation details (taking the body) to details about taking money/pictures from them (taking possessions) and then straight up saying in the end that the user has no rights now. Really great work Donna!

Kelli is a new contributor and should be very proud of this first cap! I love the rapid development of this cap - he realizes that he looks hot as a girl, sends a photo, then starts thinking about cock. The cap also seems to throw in a lot of joking "haha's" to make it seem like a joke (and the ending "It's not gay if it's your best friend, right?" also seems to sell this idea), when really he's acting super effeminate and clearly is enjoying it. Good job Kelli!

Musta made a really fantastic before and after series cap. Obviously there's the transformation differences - the wig, lisptick, minor heels and maids uniform in the first cap is replaced by the extensions, implants, 8" heels and bikini in the second - but aesthetically there's also the white vs. hot pink coloration and the somewhat masculine vs. downright feminine text used in each caps. I also love the way each cap is written - they're both letter and describe events, but the dominant "personality" at that point (crossdressing boy who kinda likes some aspects versus total devoted bimbo) shines through in the dialogue and the naughty stories. A great read that I encourage others to check out!

Wes Mantooth
The final shoutout goes to Wes, who had his deliciously humiliating sissy theme on display in a cap that also showed off the "texting/IM" basis for the cap. I think someone else might have done this as well (Anderson, maybe?) but Wes did a great job of distinguishing each text with a specific color and choosing an appropriate username/text name for each character. Also, a big nod to Wes' wonderful layouts - I don't usually talk about it because it's something that most people can't even dream of replicating without some photoshop experience, but every cap made by Wes is always beautiful to look at because of the borders, title, and unique images in the corners.


  1. Thank you Elena so much for such a nice review of my caps. Also it's really great to see how popular your contests are getting.


  2. Thanks for all the kind words. Can't wait for the next contest.

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