Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Finale - Elena's Encyclopedia of TG Bimbos

Hello everyone! After a long period of time, I have finally "completed" the final project that I will produce for this blog. I use air quotes because this was a series that could have been endless, but I decided to stop once I realized that I was struggling to come up with anything interesting. With regards to the project, there were a few things I wanted to accomplish to kind of reflect my time as a captioner:
  • Make something longer for you all. I think that some of my best work, both on this blog and on my sister blogs, have come in longer series. Not only did I want to represent this fact but a longer set of caps would leave you all with a something more enjoyable because of the length.
  • Make something inspirational or reproduceable. Now I'm not going to be egotistical and claim that this is a great piece that would/could inspire spin-offs or additions, but I do think the format lends itself to being reused by other interested people. I've always tried to spread the love in the TG community, or at least my corner of it, through contests and other things and I hope that people will continue to do that in some form when I'm gone.
  • Make something with a creative layout. This actually relates to something I wish I did better. People like Wes Mantooth, Nikki Jenkins, or Samantha deSavory have lovely looking caps to go with their awesome stories, which I can't claim to have in most of my caps. This series does have a fun look, with the layout mirroring a book with a fun border.
  • Make something that honors my personal favorite caption type: bimbos. It's a simple thing, but it's something I've done for a long time and to some degree of success. I've produced the extremely long How to Become a Blonde Bimbo 101 series, the Bimbo High series on Serena's sister site, and of course plenty of singleton bimbo caps that I'm quite proud of. I don't know if "bimbo caps" are what people associated with me or not, but it's definitely the staple of the blog in my mind.
So in the end, this is what I produced! It's an encyclopedia of TG Bimbos, complete with Latin classifications (Latin grammar is rough but generally accurate), details on habitat and characteristics, plus little stories about a "real" case for each bimbo. I really hope you all enjoy it - all of the viewers, captioners, and friends I've interacted with these past 5 years has made this site truly special to me. I hope that I've been able to do something special for you in at least one of the 1000+ captions I've done and wish you the best in my absence.

Love always,
Elena Starz