Tuesday, July 22, 2014

If The Shoe Fits

Hey all! Contest winners have been posted/informed...congrats to all those who won! The next few days I'll be going through my Quick Cap storage as I'm on vacation and won't have time to cap. Expect two quick caps a day through the weekend!

Monday, July 21, 2014

(Vanity) Mirror

Hi all! Contest winners will be announced tomorrow, followed by a couple days of Quick Caps that I've had in storage and want to use while I'm on vacation for a few days. But today, enjoy a comeback of the classic "Vanity Mirrors" theme. This isn't the typical Vanity Mirror cap (which generally requires a model looking in a mirror of some kind), but the picture is close and the text is undoubtedly suited for the theme. So enjoy!

Female Impersonator Caption Contest Winners

Okay, as has been customary since the Blogger polls have gone kaput, I'm picking the winners and explaining why I selected each cap! Probably shouldn't keep picking as many as I do with as many people entered...but considering how much I enjoy all these, why not reward them? So here they are!

Dolly Diklipz
 The queen of forced femme sissy drag queen caps herself, Dolly produces a great two-parter in her first captioning attempt in a while. Although it is a bit long, the ability of this cap to make me squirm with the slow transformation details and the naughty sexual acts is lovely. How could I turn this down?

Leila Stoat
Leila continues her excellent run of captions in my last few caption contests with this excellent piece. While the idea of a boyfriend being hypnotized into becoming a multi-personalitied drag performer is awesome, it's the addition of such amazing names with a three picture cap that did it for me. Trying to imagine which face went with "Lady Sissy", "Barbara Blowdoll", or "Jane Jalapeno" was fun and exhilarating thanks to a good use of the pics I had hoped would be used in a series (or something of the like!). Great work!

Ian makes a return to the caption contests with this little stunning cap here. Besides using one of my favorite images of the bunch, the dialogue is very well done and is aesthetically pleasing thanks to the color selections. Excellent job!

Speaking of great images and good writing, Donna nails it with this cap! I absolutely loved the storyline and the way that the narrator referred to his mother as "Momma"...almost gave off a sweet, sissy boi feeling that matched the pageant-esque beauty of the selected image perfectly. Loved it!

After another industrious contest, producing six wonderful captions, Brittany wins another prize thanks to this gem. This cap did an excellent job of referencing lots of important qualities of a female impersonator or drag queen - sexy makeup, glamorous attire, and lovely nicknames for both the performers and the club that Brittany dreamed up (doesn't "Mimics" just sound like a perfect drag venue?). All combine to make an awesome caption.

Last but not least we have Edi, whose blunt and dominating dialogue from a dragged up father figure makes for a steamy sexual thrill envisioning what is in store for his effeminate son. Really can't say enough about how well this cap grabs your attention with the dialogue...knew it was a winner from the moment I saw it! Thank you Edi!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Big For His Britches

Similar to yesterday's cap, today's creation plays off an old idiom "too big for your britches" and turns it into a cap. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Handsome or Beautiful?

Back to regular captions today! We had some lovely submissions for the Female Impersonator caption contest and some great questions for the latest FormSpring Friday, so check those both out! 

Today's cap plays on a word distinction based on gender, which of course is turned into a fun cap! Hope you like it!