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Queens, queens, a magical group.
 The more you fear them, the stronger the coup.
The stronger the coup, the more permanent the feel
So say the boys in these eternal drag queen deals

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What are Friends For?

Friends can have a large impact on your life. They could be girlfriends, guy friends, or working friends. All of these 'boys' have friends who had or will have a large impact on their new life!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Do You Think?

Hello everyone. I don't know how many of you have checked out my ongoing storyline "Hypnotic Wishes," but I am intending to conclude the storyline with a fourth and final installment in a month or so. However, I have enjoyed writing these stories so much that I don't know if I want to end the story so quickly. So I decided to leave it up to any readers to decide whether or not to extend the story! Here are the options I have been considering:

1. End the story with The Competition between Sophie, Lauren, Barbie, and Misty and their hypnotized contestants (only one story).
2. Continue writing about Christy's experience under Misty's control, then ending with The Competition (two more stories).
3. Going into the experiences of Sophie, Lauren, and Barbie and how they hypnotize and feminize their contestants, then concluding with The Competition (at least four more stories).

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions either by commenting under this post or by voting in the poll I will put up in the top right of the blog. You can read all three of the existing parts of the storyline by clicking on the label "Hypnotic Wishes" at the bottom of the post or on the right-hand side of the column to freshen up on the plot and help cast your vote. Voting will end in three weeks on December 18.

Thanks to all that help continue the development of this series!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's hard to remember much after hypnosis. Like, who are you? And, why aren't you in a skirt and heels? Just ask these boys - they'll tell you.

Hypnotic Wishes Part 3 - Misty and Christy

Part 3 Hypnotic Wishes storyline.  

     Two weeks after the 'birth' of Misty, Barbie, Misty, and Lauren all met at Sophie's apartment to discuss future business ventures. Sophie had created a hypnotic video recording that was laced with subliminal thoughts to turn any man into their dream(girl).
     "I love it!" said Misty after viewing the preview Sophie had prepared. "Anything that could make boys as happy as me is good, but this video looks like it has amazing potential! Even I could make a woman out of a man with this at my disposal!"
     "Yeah!" agreed Barbie. "But I must say that I'm pretty good at this hypnosis thing myself. I don't even need this new video!"
     "Please," chuckled Lauren. "Let's not forget that I was the one who hypnotized you, Barbie. I definitely have a leg up on you in our little profession."
     "But I fully hypnotized Mark into Misty," argued Barbie. "You had to give me a choice to live life in skirts, which I'm glad I took, but you didn't finish the job as well as me..."
    "Now, now girls," smiled Sophie. "Sounds like we have a little disagreement on our hands. So how about a little friendly competition? We are always looking to expand our brand and I need someone to test out the new video hypnosis. So why don't we all try to hypnotize one boy of our choice within a month. After that, we can hold a competition for our new 'girls', including a swimsuit, formal dress, and talent contest. Then, whoever's hypnotized 'girl' is deemed the most thoroughly hypnotized and best performer will earn bragging rights in our little group. Even I'll join in the fun!"
   "Sounds like a great idea!" exclaimed Misty, and the other girls nodded in unison.
   "Then its settled," said Sophie. "We can iron out the details over the next month, but the official competition begins now! We all have one month. Good luck to all!"

     Misty spent the next week looking around for suitable candidates for the competition, but no man had the right build or looked easily enough to trick. So with an extended break from her job beginning in a day, Misty made plans to return home to her mom and younger brother. She had informed her mother, Charlotte, of the changes that had occurred in the past month, which actually excited her mother, who had informed Misty that she always wanted a daughter to help her around the house after Misty's father had died. But Misty's 18 year old brother, Chris, had not been informed of the gender change, so when Misty walked in the door, Chris was more than a little shocked.
     "Well, hello there beautiful,"  Chris said, not realizing that the beauty he was hitting on was his sibling. "What brings you here?"
     Conveniently, Charlotte walked in that moment and greeted Misty. "Welcome Misty! It's been so long!" she said.
     "So long?" asked Chris, confused. "Mom, I know that I would remember this hot girl if I'd seen her before. Who is she?"
     "Well Chris," Misty said, taking in a deep breath. "I'm Mark. Or rather, I was Mark."
     At first, Chris was still confused, until the realization hit him. "Mark?" he asked in disbelief. "My older brother? You're a...a girl?"
     "That's right," smiled Misty. "I transitioned into womanhood about a month ago."
     "Well, I can see that this is a lot to register," interrupted Charlotte quickly, noting the shocked and slightly angry face of her youngest son. "Chris, why don't you help Misty carry her things to her room?"
     "Fine" Chris answered sullenly. He roughly grabbed Misty's bag and motioned for her to follow him up the stairs to her old bedroom. He dumped he bar on the bed and growled at her, "Here's your old room. I'm sorry its not all pink and fluffy like a tranny like you may like, but its a nice, normal room to sleep in."
     With that derogatory comment, Chris stormed out of the room, shouldering past Misty and Charlotte to get access to his room, where he promptly slammed the door shut.
     "He doesn't seem to be that open to this idea  of me becoming a woman," sighed Misty.
     "Yes, I'm sorry he was so mean to you," Charlotte said. "I have a feeling that part of this is because of the friends he's been hanging out with lately. They are very homophobic and against anything that isn't heterosexual, and Ive been noticing that their views have been rubbing off on Chris. I just can't think of anything that could turn him around and make him see that inside you are still the same sibling he loves."
     Misty flashed her mom a sad smile of thanks as she thought about how it used to be between Chris and her. There was no way for Chris to understand what life is like now for her. Unless...
     "Mom, I think I may have an idea," Misty suddenly said. "What if I could make Chris experience that which he fears so he can get a little empathy for me and other transsexuals?" She quickly explained her side-job with Sophie, Lauren, and Barbie and told Charlotte all about the competition that was going to go on in a month. "You always said you wanted a daughter. You could have two daughters to discuss shopping, makeup, and boys with for as long as you want me to hypnotize Chris. All I would have to do is take Chris to a vacation house that Lauren owns and I could make him understand what I'm going through!"
     "It sounds like a great idea!" exclaimed Charlotte. "I'm okay with you doing this whenever you like."
     "Great!  Then I'll go tell Chris about our 'vacation' now!" said Misty.

     Misty left her room after her mom had gone downstairs. She was excited at the prospect of letting her brother experience the joy of being a girl, while additionally taking care of her protege for the hypnosis competition. She softly knocked on her brother's door, who gruffly allowed her entrance. "What do you want?" he growled.
     "Well, Chris, I know my transition has come as a shock to you, so I wanted to help us get back to the way we used to be," said Misty. "Let me take you to a vacation house for the week. We can bond and reconnect and I can dispel any fears you have about me."
     "Humph. Like we could ever go back to the way things were," muttered Chris. "You are a prissy little transvestite sissy, not anything like the brother I once had."
     Misty sighed. "Chris, what is it you want from me? I'm trying to help here."
     "I want my brother back! I want us to both be heterosexuals who like the same gender, to be able to talk about the same things again, to do fun things together that we both want to do. That's what I wish."
     "Well, then let me try to do that. Just come on this trip with me! Mom's already approved it. What have you got to lose?"
     "Fine," Chris reluctantly agreed. "But I want my wishes satisfied, or I won't be happy with this change."
     "Oh, don't worry," Misty smiled. "Wishes will definitely be fulfilled. We'll leave tomorrow. Pack light!"
     So the next day, Misty and Chris got up early and traveled  out for two hours out into the isolated place where Lauren's vacation house was located. They entered the two-bedroom house and placed their clothes in their respective rooms. After that, Chris made a beeline for the large plasma screen TV in the main room, in an obvious attempt to tune out Misty. However, Misty secretly smiled, as she knew that the TV was already set up with the hypnotic video that Sophie had created.
     "Come on, Chris," Misty said in fake frustration. "Let's talk about our feelings."
     "Hell no," answered Chris as he reached for the remote. "I am going to enjoy this break my way, which means chilling out with some shows for a few hours."
     "Alright," Misty sighed, feigning remorse. "I guess I'll just go into town to by some new clothes. I'll be back for dinner. Oh, and the speakers on the TV don't work, so you have to put on those headphones over there."
     "Sweet. Later!" Chris said as he unknowingly slipped on the hypnotic headphones.
     "Yes. See 'you' later," Misty smiled as she slowly closed the door to the house. Once she left, Chris immediately turned on the TV and was pleased to see a video of a skimpily clad, busty girl on the screen. He watched the program with beautiful, provocative woman for over two hours as the headphones slowly began to fill his head with subliminal thoughts. After about three hours, the screen went fuzzy for a minute, and a picture of Misty appeared on the screen. "Hello, Chris," Misty said to the half-aware, half-hypnotized Chris. "Your name is now Christy. You will respond to the name Christy at all times from now on. You will now be recieving some commands from me. You will not remember this hypnotic session, but the commands I give you will be ingrained in your concious forever. Do you understand, Christy?"
     "Yes" Chris mindlessly replied.
     "Excellent," said Misty's image. "From now on, whenever I say, 'Silly Miss Christy', you will fall into a deep hypnosis as Christy, and when I say, "Christy complete', you will come back to full awareness as Chris, but without recollection of our discussion during hypnosis. But for now, listen to my voice, and absorb its message." Then she disappeared and closeup of a woman's face appeared on the screen.
     Christy, Misty's voice said your favorite color is purple. So naturally, you love the feel of beautiful purple eyeshadow on your eyelids. You want to curl your eye lashes with mascara, make them full and lush. You need to tweeze and shape your eyebrows into a perfect feminine arch permanently. If any of these things are missing from you appearance, you feel feel incomplete. 
     Next, the beautiful eyes disappeared and a pair of luscious red lips appeared on the screen. Christy loves wearing beautiful lipstick. Shaping your lips into a perfect cupids bow, making them full and plump, and making them shiny and red practially makes you orgasm. You cannot walk around for a minute without your lip stick and lip gloss on your face. And of course, you always carry your lip stick, lip gloss, compact mirror, and other cosmetics at all times, because freshening up regularly is a requirement for the beautiful Miss Christy.
     After that, the lips faded away into a variety of images of dresses, skirts, panties, bras, nylons, and heels. Dressing appropriately is the most important thing to Christy. Boy clothes are absolutely prohibited.Dresses or skirts are a requirement at all times. You will feel naked without them. Christy will need to wear a matching set of panties and a bra also, especially once her new breast grow in! Christy loves high heels too, liking how they force her to take petite steps and sway her hips sexily like the sissy she is. 
     Chris sat in his hypnotic stupor for over 10 hours, watching the images of makeup, dresses, heels, prancing girls, and listening to the hypnotic commands of the tape. At first, Chris just noticed the girls in the video. Then, he began to notice what they were wearing. How the walked. How they applied makeup and chose the right colors for their complexion. Finally, for the last couple hours, Chris want to be those girls. He yearned to have long hair, makeup, a short skirt, and heels. Misty finally came back later in the night, pleased with the way Chris mindlessly sat, absorbing the messages from the video and headphones. She finally turned off the TV and escorted Chris to bed, leaving the headphones on overnight. Finally, the two siblings fell asleep, one thinking about dresses and makeup and walking in heels, the other thinking about the fun day ahead tomorrow.

     When Chris woke up the next day, he was alone, unaware that Misty had already woken up and removed the headphones from Chris' head to prevent any suspicion of her plan. He groggily got up and took a shower. Absent-mindedly, he used Misty's flowery shampoo and even began to shave his body. What am I doing? Its almost like Misty is rubbing off on me. Every since she's been here, I've been been acting really weird, thought Chris angrily. Oh well, I might as well make everything smooth since I'm already 90% done...
     Then Chris reentered his bedroom and went to his duffel bag to find his clothes. However, something was wrong! Jeans were still in his bag, but they were skinny girl jeans! Even worse, there were no sign of his briefs - just a pair of panties and a matching bra! "Misty!" Chris yelled as Misty came to the door. "Where are my clothes?"
     "They're all there in your bag in in the closet," she answered innocently.
     "No they're not! There is only girls clothes! What the hell did you do with my stuff?" he screamed.
     "I didn't do anything with them. You still have jeans, undergarments, and a top, just like before," she answered, smiling.
     "This isn't funny! This is serious!" he said, jabbing a finger in bosom. "I can't go around looking a sissy transvestite like you!"
     "Of course this is serious," she replied, suddenly serious, as she slapped him across the face. "You need to learn some manners. First, you don't go around poking girls' boobs. Second, you need to be more respectful to transvestites and even other girls! So that's why we're here. I got mom's approval to set whatever punishment I want to slap some sense into you. And that's what I intend to do. You will spend the next week as a girl like me, doing whatever I say, whenever I say it, without complaint."
     "You can't do this to me!" shouted Chris, looking both furious and scared at the same time. "I'll run away!"
     "Good luck with that," Misty retorted. "We are 20 miles from any other town, in a gated facility, with all the locks geared against you escape. And even if you do escape, where would you go? Mom won't take you back until I approve of our little training session and you'll look mighty strange pleading for help in a skirt and heels."
     "Then I just won't do what you say!" Chris argued, seeing his options beginning to slip away.
     "That's the best part," answered Misty. "I don't have to do much to motivate you. Let me show you. I am going to leave and wait half an hour. By then, I expect you to have put on panties, a bra, a wig, some other clothing, even some light makeup. I'm feeling so generous, that I'll let you pick out the clothes and your wig. You can choose the most masculine clothes you want - it just has to be in your bag or in the closet. Your wig choices are in the closet. Good luck, CHRISTY."
     With that, Misty left the room and locked the door, leaving Chris fuming and on the verge of tears. She can't do this to me! he whined to himself. Maybe I should defy her and just go au natural all week. Then again, I guess it couldn't hurt to see if she left any guys clothing lying around by mistake...
     So Chris made a beeline for the closet and threw the doors open. To his dismay, there were nothing but skirts, heels, a few wigs, and drawers full of panties, bras, and tights. He was about to slam the closet door when his eyes came to rest upon a pair of purple panties...and instantly his mind was flooded with hundreds of pictures of panties flashing over and over again in his head! When he cleared the images from his mind, he had already put of the purple panties and was just clasping a identically colored bra onto his chest. What the hell just happened? he asked himself. I definitely don't remember putting these on! All I did was look at the closet...
     And once again, after a quick glance at all the feminine clothing in the closet, Chris' mind lost control of his body as it was bombarded with images of skirts, heels, dresses, nylons, leggings, and blouses. When he came to again, he had donned a pair of opaque black tights, a purple pencil skirt, and was finishing tying the laces on the small black boot on his foot. Why is this happening? he moaned. This must be what Misty was talking about. At least I'm wearing boots instead of a true heel. But maybe I can stop it! All I have to do is stop looking at the clothing...
     But unfortunately for Chris, his eye glanced at the long blonde wig in the closet as he attempted to avert his eyes from the closet. After another round of subliminal images of flowing hair, heavily madeup eyes, thick lashes, and plump red lips, Chris didn't regain control until he heard Misty's voice calling, "Almost done in there? It's been over an hour..." When he became aware of his surroundings, he realized that he was putting on some final touches of mascara to his eyelashes, which perfectly matched his lavender eye shadow and pink lipstick. He rushed out of the bathroom to the full length mirror in his bedroom and was shocked. There stood  a very attractive girl with wavy blonde hair and a cute purple, floral top. "Is that really me?" he wondered aloud as he ran his hand through the golden locks on his head.
     "It is, Christy," answered Misty as she walked into the room, looking at her sibling from head to toe. "You look absolutely beautiful. How do you feel?"
     Well, I got to say, I do look pretty hot, admitted Chris as he looked into the mirror again. And although all the feminine clothing feels weird at first, its actually kind of nice! I'm actually liking dressing as a girl! But I can't tell Misty that!
     "This is terrible! Why would you do this to me?" he moaned. "I look so frilly and sissy. It makes me sick!"
     "Really?" smiled Misty wickedly. "I was hoping you'd say that. You aren't even dress half as feminine and prissy as you could be. Instead of being thankful, you whine and moan. So I am going to show you what a real sissy looks like...Silly Miss Christy!"
     With that phrase, Chris instantly became hypnotized and was putty in Misty's hands. "Excellent." said Misty. "Christy, after this conversation, you are to make yourself appear as frilly and feminine as possible. Hairstyle, makeup, dresses, everything. Chris will be fully aware of what you are doing, but will be unable to stop from beautifying himself. Understand?"
     "Yes Misty!" squealed Christy. "I'm so excited to be a girly-girl!"
     "Great," Misty grinned. "Christy complete! You brought this upon yourself, Chris!"
     "What do you mean?" Chris sneered. "Like you could do anything to me in the last 5 seconds-"
     Instantly, Chris' body stripped down to nothing but the panties, bra, and the wig. "What's going on! I can't move!" Chris yelled as his body made moved towards the closet and grabbed the most feminine see-through babydoll and put it on. Chris was still yelping as he moved into the bathroom and his hands grabbed the curling iron. Chris moaned helplessly for the next two hours as his hands curled and twisted the blond hair on his head into a variety of sausage curls and ringlets until his entire head was covered in curly blonde rings. Next, silver earrings were jammed into Chris' lobes, causing him quite a bit of pain in addition to his same. After the earrings, a silver necklace, and all of the feminine curls on his head were in place, all Chris could do was wait meekly as his hands got to work on his makeup. His eyebrows were waxed and shaped into a thin and feminine arch and his lips were painted into a perfect, shiny red cupid's bow. An excessive amount of eyeliner and lavender eye shadow was used to draw his eyes out wide and make them pop, while lots of mascara was used to curl his eyelashes into the most dainty and long feminine eyelashes. After four hours without control during his sissification, it took all of Chris' willpower not to break down in tears as the girl in the mirror practiced primping her golden curls, batting her eyelashes, and blowing juicy kisses to the mirror for another full hour. Finally, his body flounced into the room, curls bouncing, and stood in front of Misty, who was grinning ear to ear. "Why Christy," she exclaimed. "I love this look so much! It's so feminine and perfect! I think you ought to spend the rest of the day like this, don't you?"
     "Oh yes Misty!" Christy answered eagerly, as Chris screamed inside his head, now having lost control of his speech as well. "It be just like a wanted! We can be siblings again with a lot in common and a lot to talk about! Like dresses, makeup, shopping, and boys!"

Part 4: The Competition will be posted at a later time. Here is a sneak peek at Christy's competition attire...

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None of these boys every expect what was going to happen to them...but what fun is a surprise if you know its coming?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Boys to Beautiful Blondes

These three unsuspecting men ended up as stunning blondes, due to a deadly doll of an alter ego, a pile of magic clothes, and an evil step-mother!

Dolled up as Queens

These unsuspecting men are going to be spending a little longer at the club than they expected, and not as the gender they expect!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Careless Creations

All of these girls were men who weren't so careful in their decision making, and ended up in an unexpected situation

Sunday, October 17, 2010

TG Cheerleaders

Give me a T! Give me a G! What's that spell? Four guys who were feminized and turned into cheerleaders!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


A little makeup and hairstyling can go a long way to turning a boring boy into a wonderful woman!

Waitress Dares

These two boys were served up more than they could bargain for when they made bets with girls. Now they are the one's serving others, as the beautiful blond waitresses Heather and ReneƩ!

Food for Thought

These tasty treats turned these men into scrumptious beauties!