Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boys Willing Become Pretty Girls

Guys Turned Into Stunning Emo Girls

Emo girls have a amazing sense of style when it comes to makeup and hairstyling. These lucky boys were turned into these stunning girls!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hypnotic Wishes Part 2

Part Two of the "Hypnotic Wishes" series. I will add a label for this story line as well.

Hypnotic Wishes Part 2

     Barbie and Lauren returned to Sophie's place on Wednesday as scheduled. "How are you adjusting to your new life, Barbie?" asked Sophie.
     "Just fine," replied Barbie. "I've actually got a full wardrobe of clothes and shoes now, so it's must easier to go out in public in different things. But I still can't stay away from a pink skirt! Probably a side effect of the hypnosis."
     "Maybe," smiled Sophie. Then turning to face Lauren, she asked, "Lauren, have you shown dear Barbie your present yet?"
     "What present?" asked Barbie innocently.
     "Well, dear, has Lauren told you her full story? No, well then let me fill you in. You see, Lauren was very much like you once. She was once a man too! My brother, actually. But a little bit of hypnosis, as you well know, can go a long way!:
     "So you mean Lauren has a - OH!"
     Lauren's panties and skirt fell to the floor, revealing her large dick that was tented up inside. Barbie stared at it lustfully, licking her pink lips as she stared at Lauren's 'present'. "Well, I don't mean to be a third wheel," exclaimed Sophie. "You ladies can go use my bedroom if you like, just try not to get cum all over my nice sheets!"
     Lauren and Barbie quickly hustled into the bedroom and began kissing passionately. Then Barbie dropped to her knees and took Lauren's cock in her mouth, giving reveling in the joy of giving her first blowjob as her pink lips caressed Lauren's dick. Eventually Barbie pushed Lauren over the edge, and she erupted in waves into Barbie's mouth. Sophie would be pleased, thought Barbie as she licked the remainders of Lauren's orgasms off her dick. I didn't let a single drop fall onto the sheets!
     Then it was Lauren's turn to drop to her knees, as Barbie received her first blowjob as a shemale. After climaxing and shooting her sissy seed into Lauren's mouth, Barbie was exhausted, and cleaned herself up and put her clothes back on as per Lauren's recommendation.
     "So, did you two have fun?" asked Sophie happily.
     "Oh yes," the girls said in unison.
     "Excellent!" Sophie exclaimed. "Well, there is one last business bit I want to clear up before you two get on with your lives. Barbie, I am trying to expand my business and I need girls like you to bring in customers, much like Lauren did with you. Would you like to try to use my new tape recording series on someone for me?"
     "You mean I get to feminize a boy of my own?" Barbie asked, her eyes glistening at the thought of having another boy experiencing the joy that she and Lauren have now.
     "Yes, all you have to do is get him to listen to this tape at night for about a week or less and he will become the girl that you mold him into!"
     "Great! Then I am totally in. Thank you for this opportunity, Sophie!"
     "No problem. The tape will also expand my business because our new customers will recommend me to others, so it's  a win-win!"
     With that, Barbie hugged Sophie, took the tape recorder in one hand and took Lauren's hand in the other, and trotted home happy as a feminized boy could be.

     On Thursday, a week after Barbie had discussed the plan to expand Sophie’s business with the new tape recorder, a perfect opportunity appeared in the door of their store. It was Mike, one of Ken’s freshman buddies, who had come by looking for his friend. As Barbie sized him up, she realized what a perfect candidate he would be. At 5’ 7”, with short brown hair, and a quiet, demure demeanor, he had so much potential!
     “Welcome!” greeted Barbie with one of her dazzling smiles. “What can I do for you today?”
     Mike, staring at Barbie’s enormous breasts, softly stammered, “Hi, um, I’m Mike, and I, uh, am looking for Ken? He still works here, right?”
     “Yes he does,” smiled Barbie sweetly. “But he is on leave for the next couple weeks to deal with his smoking problem. I’m Barbie, his replacement. Nice to meet you.”
     Barbie shook hands with Mike as he gawked at her exquisite pink fingernails. “The pleasure is, um, all mine,” he responded.
     “You’re cute,” she giggled. “Do you want to grab lunch together?”
     His hazel eyes widened, “Uh, yeah, that be great!”
    “Excellent. Then let’s go!” Barbie turned, tickling Mike’s face with her blonde hair as she called out to Lauren, “Hey, I’m going to take my lunch break and deal with this customer of ours. I’ll be back in an hour.”
     Lauren caught the glint in Barbie’s heavily made-up eye and winked back knowingly. “Okay. See you two later.”
     Then Barbie exited the store with her dainty arm around Mike, as he dazedly thought about his luck to be with this stunning blonde bombshell.

     They sat outside in a secluded area at the local cafĂ© and talked about their lives. Barbie laughed at many of Mike’s stories and even began stroking his thigh with her dainty hand. Mike was extremely awkward and kept staring at her breasts the whole time, dumbfounded by how he could be out with a beautiful babe like Barbie. Finally, after about an hour of small talk, Barbie leaned in and kissed Mike on the lips. He could taste her strawberry lip gloss as she did and he quickly got a hard-on. Pulling away, Barbie looked at Mike with her soft, pouty eyes and said, “Mike, I really like you. And I can tell from the tent you’re pitching and by the way you’ve been staring at my tits for the past hour that you like me too. But why are you being so reserved? Don’t you want to ask me out?”
     Mike sighed. “I have been trying to work up the courage all day to do that since I saw you. But I really lack a lot of self-confidence and can’t do anything but drool when I see a pretty girl like you. The one desire I really have is to become confident enough to ask a girl like you out. But I just can’t.”
     “I’m truly sorry,” Barbie said with a sympathetic look in her eye. Then she brightened up and exclaimed,      “You know what, I think I may have just the thing!”
     She turned around and dug into her pink purse, giving Mike a view of her round ass. Turning back, she handed him a pair of headphones and a tape recorder.
     “What is it?” he asked quizzically.
     “This is a tape that will help boost your confidence,” she replied. “If you put it on when you sleep, it gives you compliments to improve you’re self-confidence and self-awareness. It worked for me very well.”
     “Try it tonight when you go to sleep,” Barbie said as she rose from her seat, flashing Mike one last look as her ample cleavage. “I’ve got to get back to work now. But if the tape works and you work up the courage to ask me out, come find me. Bye now, sweetie.” 
     Mike watched as Barbie blew him a kiss and stalked off in her 3” pink heels. Looking at the tape in his hands he thought, Damn, I’ll do anything to get closer to that woman. I hope this’ll work!
He paid the bill and left, returned to his home and relaxed on the couch watching reruns of ‘House’ until about 11 o’clock, when he decided to go to sleep. He donned the headphones and almost immediately fell asleep listening to the soothing voice murmuring about how sexy he was, how confident he should be, how beautiful he was. But about a half an hour into the recording, the mantra had changed. Now the voice was saying to Mike:
     “Mike, you are now completely in a trance. You will follow every command on this tape.”
     “You will feel the urge to put on makeup and wear it at all times. You want to have you eyebrows plucked into a delicate arch. Your eyelashes will feel weak and out of place without a nice, thick layer of mascara to lengthen and curl them. You’re eyelids will feel frail and flawed without pretty eye shadow on it. You need to have foundation and the feel of blush on your cheeks. And of course, you yearn for the taste of sweet, creamy lipstick and lip gloss on your lips. You will feel imperfect and ugly without any of these. You will realize what you want and may be shocked by it, but you will learn to love it. But no matter what, you will never guess that this tape is the source of your new desires . Now rest, and carry out these orders…”
     The tape repeated itself over and over again. Eventually it shut off, and soon after, Mike awoke to the new day. He paced around for much of the morning, deliberating about how to ask Barbie out, all the while pondering why he felt so different, so ugly, this morning. Finally, he worked up enough courage to walk down to the store where Barbie worked. He entered and saw that only the other blonde worker was there. Feeling out of luck and hopeless, Mike turned to leave, when the blonde coworker called out, “Wait, Mike! Barbie’s in the back doing her makeup. Feel free to walk in the back room and talk to her. “Thanks, er, Lauren,” he said as he stared at her nametag on her perky breasts.  Mike walked into the room behind Lauren and found Barbie putting blush on her face. She was wearing a pink dress with a black floral pattern that ended about halfway above her knees. When she saw him, she put down her brush and got up to hug him, exclaiming,      “Oh Mike! I’d new you’d come. Ready to ask the question?”
     As she embraced him, squishing her large tits up against him, he stammered, “Well, yes, I guess. But I feel like my face is just sapping all of my confidence away, it’s that bad. Do you have anything to cover up my acne?”
     “Sure, honey, take that seat where I was sitting and turn to face me.” Mike did so, swiveling the chair away from the mirror towards his blonde goddess. Barbie began to apply some foundation to Mike’s face, which didn’t quite match his complexion but still looked pretty good. She added some pink blush for good measure. “Anything else bothering you?” she asked.
     “Well actually, yes,” he replied shyly. “My eyes feel really weak and look really dull. Anything to make them stand out?”
     “Sure,” Barbie answered, as she began to apply a gray eye shadow to both eyelids. She added mascara and curled his eyelashes to give them a fuller look and outlined his eyes in black eyeliner for good measure. Mike felt immensely better and more confident with this new weight on his eyes.
     “Thanks,” he said. “That feels like a big improvement. Now to you think you could make my eyebrows a little less bushy?”
     Barbie could and did, plucking Mike’s eyebrows into a soft arch. Finally, she said, “You know what? I think you should try this. It tastes really good.” and she began to apply soft pink lipstick and cherry lip gloss onto Mike’s lips. He licked his lips afterwards, delighting in the creamy taste they had.
     “Okay Mike, if that’s it, do you want to see what I’ve done?” Barbie asked.
     “Sounds fine,” Mike replied. “I feel great.”
     But Mike’s feeling of happiness began to ebb away as Barbie turned him to face the mirror and he realized that he had put makeup on him! His eyebrows were very thin and arched delicately, while his lips were pink and creamy. His eyes were the changed the most, with thick, long lashes curled upwards towards eyelids painted a smoky gray color, while his eyes had been outlined in black, making them stand out. “What did you do to me?” he stammered.
     “Well, I did what you asked you to do,” Barbie pouted to him. “I put foundation and blush on to cover the acne, the eye shadow, mascara, and eye liner makes your beautiful hazel eye’s stand out, and you cannot tell me that the lip gloss and shaped eyebrow doesn’t feel good.”
     He grudgingly admitted to himself that all of the makeup had felt good and made him feel better. “But I look like a girl,” he complained.
     “Oh, you don’t look like one without long hair,” she said smiling to him as she draped her arms over his shoulders. “Besides, I like a man who’s in touch with his feminine side.”
     “Then you know what, Barbie,” Mike said, standing as he turned to face her. “Why don’t you be my girlfriend?”
     “Oh Mikey!” she exclaimed as she threw herself upon him. “I’d thought you’d never ask!”
     After they kissed for a minute, Barbie’s strawberry lip gloss intertwining with Mike’s cherry lip gloss, Barbie pulled away and said, “You know, I bet it was the makeup that gave you this new confidence!”
     “Aw, come on, Barbie. It can’t be that.”
     “Well what if it is? I don’t want a boyfriend moping around in self-doubt all the time. Here,” she said, handing him a small black purse. “This contains all of the makeup I used today. Let me show you how to use it yourself, in case you’re feeling a little doubtful about yourself.”
     Mike was completely against this idea, but found that his hand had a mind of its own, as Barbie instructed him how to apply foundation and blush, shape his eyebrows and outline his eyes, curl his eyelashes with mascara and cover his eyelids with eye shadow, and how to put on lipstick and lip gloss to give his lips that perfect bow shape. After about an hour lesson, Barbie insisted that Mike take the makeup purse home with him “just in case”. She then kissed her boyfriend on the lips one last time and escorted him out the door, promising to call him the next morning.
     Mike walked home from his visit with Barbie quickly, as many people on the street were giving him funny looks. Yet as he continued down the street, his quick pace slowed to a normal gait, as he realized that he didn’t care what other people thought! His new confidence carried him through the rest of his walk and the majority of the evening. However, at about 10 o’clock he felt that he should remove his makeup, as it detracted from his manly appearance. But after removing all of the makeup, something felt wrong. Really wrong. He was extremely self-conscious, noticing all of the smallest flaws on his face, and his face felt numb. So he rubbed some of that cream Barbie called ‘foundation’ over all of his facial flaws, until it covered his entire face. He tickled his cheeks with some blush, which felt good and made his cheeks look rosy and health. Next, he noticed how dull and faded his eyes looked. So he outlined his eyes with a black pencil to make them stand out and added some gray eye shadow to his eyelids to make his eyes look deeper.
He frowned as he saw how limp and insignificant his eyelashes looked with the new eye shadow. Thus, he pulled out his mascara and curled his lashes, making them thicker, darker, more visible. Finally, the last flaw was the dry, colorless look of his lips.  Some pink lipstick and shiny lip gloss shaped his lips into a glistening pink cupid’s bow that just screamed perfection. Putting his makeup away, Mike was shocked by how sexy he had made himself look after only one session with Barbie. But a new wave of confidence confirmed the blissful feeling he got from wearing all of this makeup and he flounced away from the mirror, ignoring his thoughts of doubt. Mike decided to turn in for the night, putting his headphones on as he rested his head on his soft pillow, smiling with the pleasure he got from his little makeover.
     An hour after Mike was sound asleep, the headphones’ message changed from one promoting confidence to a new one. The tape’s new mantra played for the next 7 hours, saying:
     “You are now in a trance in which you will follow all commands given. First, you want to wear heels. You want a pair of sexy boots or pumps. You love how these heels make you feel taller, more powerful, more confident, and sexier. They make your legs perfectly shaped and long and you just love to slip you feet into their smooth straps and soft velvet. Without your heels, you feel short and puny, and walking will make you tired. So you will wear them anytime you go walking.” 
     “Next, you have the need to have long, sexy hair. You love the way it flows over your shoulders and down your back, how it caress your face and tickles your neck. It adds to your confidence, making you feel more noticed. Without long hair like this, you will feel cold all the time and feel ugly and self-conscious. But everywhere else on your body you want to be hairless. Nice and smooth, not icky and rough. ”
     “Finally, you will learn to love the new you, even if you realize what you want and are shocked by it. The confidence that these changes give you will overpower any doubts you may have. But no matter what, you will never guess that this tape is the source of your new desires. Now rest, and carry out these orders…”

     Mike woke up  from the sound of his phone ringing, feeling refreshed and confident. He answered it to the bubbly voice of Barbie, who invited him to come over to her place in two hours. After writing down her address, Mike decided to take a bath. He soaked for a while, then decided to be bold and preceded to shave his body hair, even in his privates. The he dried off and touched up his makeup to get ready for visit, making his lashes a little longer, his lips a little plumper and shinier, and his cheeks more pink and rosy. But when he looked in the mirror, he realized how short he looked and how ugly his hair looked this morning. No matter what he did, he still couldn’t make his hair look any better. After about 30 minutes of washing and combing, Mike realized that he had to hurry over the Barbie’s apartment. He quickly grabbed his makeup bag and hustled over to Barbie’s, realizing how tired the jog had made him when he arrived.
     “Welcome!” Barbie exclaimed joyfully, kissing Mike on the lips as she opened the door. “I love what you did with your face, it looks amazing!” she said as she welcomed Mike into her small living area.
     “Thanks!” Mike said, swelling with pride and confidence at how well he had done on his second try alone. Then all of a sudden he saw a mirror across the pink room and a wave of shame passed over him as he once again noted how small his stature was. “Barbie, do you think I’m too short?” he asked.
     “Honey, I think you look amazing just the way you are,” she answered. “Why, do you feel small?”
     “I don’t know,” he replied. “It’s just that lately I wish I could be taller, you know? Something to put a little spring in my step.”
     She nodded sympathetically, then brightened as a thought came to her. “Hang on, I have something that might help.”
     She trotted back into her bedroom in her 4” pink pumps for a few minutes and came back with a pair of black boots. Mike noticed at once that they were woman’s boots, as they had 4” heels and a little black bow on the top of each boot. He began to protest, but Barbie cut him off saying, “Look, this is all I have. They don’t quite fit me, so I’m hoping they’ll fit you. I promise that you’ll feel much taller and much better in them. Try them on.”
     Mike agreed and began to unzip the first boot. He immediately fell in love as the soft material caressed his feet as he slipped his toes into the boot. Zipping it back up while he sat down on Barbie’s soft pink couch, he just loved how the boot fit snug all the way up to the ends, which ended right before his knee with a black bow. He curled his feet into the second boot, enjoying zipping this one up slowly as its soft interior gradually encased his entire lower leg, soft velvet rubbing against his smooth leg. Finally he stood up in these magnificent boots and after learning how to balance in his new heels, found that they fit him perfectly. Mike could not believe at how much height the boots added to his stature and noticed how they shaped his legs exquisitely. The new feeling gave him a surge of confidence as it made him feel more powerful and commanding.
     “I love them!” he exclaimed, as Barbie grinned at his happiness.
     “Great! So, do you feel as perfect as I think you look right now?” Barbie asked as she stroked his neck.
     Mike was about to say yes, when the tickling on his neck made him realize how cold his head was and how wrong his haircut was. “Not quite,” he said. “I don’t know what it is, but my hairstyle seems all wrong. I want it longer, fuller, and the shortness of it makes my neck cold.”
     “Poor baby,” Barbie cooed. “I may be able to help you and your cold neck.”
     She left the room once again and Mike expected her to return with a hat or something, but instead he saw a mass of long hair in her hand when she reentered the room.
     “Here,” she offered. “Is a wig I used for a costume party. It may not be quite what you’re looking for, but it will keep your neck warm and give you the feeling of a full head of hair. Let me help you with it.”
     Mike admired the long, luscious wig that a soft brown with plenty of shiny blonde highlights in it and was delighted with its soft touch as Barbie lowered it onto his head and secured it. “Why don’t you take a look in the mirror?” she suggested.
     He agreed and went to stand in front of the full length mirror across the room. He was shocked by the difference in his appearance. The boots made him at least two and a half inches taller, with stunning heels that were both thin and delicate and powerful at the same time. Mike was pleased at how confident they made him look and feel. But it was the hair that really stunned him. The hair flowed over his shoulders in soft golden-brown waves and fell down his back well below his shoulders, accenting the wig’s beautiful length. The bangs had been pulled up over his head in a small bump that only added to the volume of the hair. The golden-brown matched nicely with his gray eye shadow, black-lined eyes, and pink lips. Minus the t-shirt and shorts he was wearing, he looked like a stunning, authoritative woman.
     “You look just amazing,” Barbie murmured as she hovered over Mike’s shoulders. “So powerful and sexy.”
     Mike’s uncertainty towards this feminine appearance of his slowly faded away as he began to strut around the room in his boots, staring at himself in the mirror as he did. Confidence and self-assurance just oozed from the bombshell in his reflection.
     “I do, don’t I?” smiled Mike, as the goddess in the mirror smiled back. Then he turned serious. “But it’s only until my head and face feels better, okay?”
     “Sure, honey, whatever you say,” grinned Barbie. “Why don’t you take a nap and then we can go for lunch at the mall?”
     “Okay, I guess the walk over here did make me a little tired,” he replied, yawning. “A nap would be nice. But I don’t think that I want to go outside looking like this.”
     “Just put on those headphones I gave you,” Barbie answered. “They’ll make you feel more confident for our little trip.”
     Mike reluctant agreed, realizing how much more confident he had become in just two days of wearing the headphones. So he donned the headphones and curled up on Barbie’s soft pink couch, falling asleep in minutes. As he dozed off, the tap began filling his head with subliminal messages, saying:
     “You want to feel girly. You yearn to act like a girl. You will follow all orders anyone gives you at this time, especially if it makes you act like a girl.”
     After a few repetitions, Barbie turned down the volume on the headphones so the messages from the tape were audible in the background. She began to talk to Mike.
     “Can you hear me Mike?”
     “You will follow every command I give you from now on. Understand?”
     “Good. I am going to shape your new personality. When this personality is in control of your actions, your name is Misty. Misty likes being a sexy, feminine, yet commanding girl. Misty likes makeup, high heels, short skirts, and dresses. For every item of makeup you put on, each feminine piece of feminine clothing you wear, and each time you act feminine, Misty powerful personality will become more dominant over Mike’s wimpy personality. Do you understand?”
     “Okay. You are going to want go shopping with your best girlfriend when you wake up. Mike may realize when his personality becomes subdued by Misty’s personality, but the he will have no idea that the headphones are the cause of his problems.  So, in five minutes, when the messages from the tape stop playing you will wake up. Okay?”
     Mike continued to sleep as the tape continued to feminize his subconscious and develop Misty. Five minutes after his conversation with Barbie ended, he work up on cue. Yawning daintily, he smiled at Barbie, who grinned back at him. “Ready to go to the mall?” he said eagerly.
     “Sure, honey,” Barbie replied. “But first I have a question. I know you’re a little nervous about going to the mall looking like you do. So would you like to disguise yourself as a girl? I can bring you a nice skirt and top if you want to really hide yourself. What do you think?”
     Mike looked at the pouty eyes of his girlfriend, who really seemed to want to doll him up. He felt conflicted and felt like his head was having an argument. Finally, a sweet, feminine voice in his head said, Go for it.
     “Alright.” Mike conceded. Clapping her hands happily, Barbie trotted into her bedroom and came out with a pair of black panties and a matching black bra. Mike cringed when he saw them, but slowly put them on as Barbie insisted that they were important in case anybody was looking up his skirt. Who would be trying to do that? Mike wondered as he secured the bra clasps. Boys, answered the feminine voice in his head, a little louder this time.
     Barbie returned once Mike was finished putting on his bra and panties, holding a short jean skirt in one hand and a red top with spaghetti straps in the other hand. Those are cute, the sensual voice in Mike’s head giggled. Let’s try them on.
     Mike agreed with the voice, slipping the tight red top over his soft locks and pulling the skirt all the way up his legs, where it stopped 5” above his knees. It feels good, doesn’t it? asked the voice in his head loudly. 
     “Yeah, it does feel good!” Mike answered softly to the voice in his head.
     “One last thing,” Barbie said, holding up two fleshy lumps.
     “Breasts!” exclaimed Mike and the voice simultaneously.
     “Yup, they’re the last part to your ‘disguise’. Here, let me help you with them.”
Barbie, inserted the breast forms into Mike’s bra, gluing the ‘C’ cups into place. “There we go. You ready to leave?”
     “Hold-on, let me check my makeup,” said Misty. After pulling out her compact mirror and primping her hair a couple times, Misty was satisfied, and motioned for Barbie to follow her. “Come on, girlfriend, let’s hit the streets.”

     Misty led the way, clicking around in her black heeled boots, while Barbie followed in her 4” pink pumps. Misty quickly fell behind, however, as she couldn’t find the right stride in her new heels.
     “Try walking heel-to-toe and take shorter steps. It’ll help you keep you balance,” suggested Barbie.
     Misty took Barbie’s advice and found that not only was it easier to walk, but this method all made her ass sway sexily as she walked.
     “Hey, this is great. Thanks, Barbie,” Misty smiled at her bff.
     “No problem, Misty,” Barbie said as she returned the dazzling smile.
     Wait, why did she call me Misty? Mike asked in the back of Misty’s head. “Because that’s my name, silly,” Misty retorted as she flounced down the street towards the mall.
     Misty and Barbie walked down the street to the occasional catcalls from drooling onlookers towards the mall. When they got there, they made a beeline for the shopping department. Aren’t we going to the food court? Mike’s voice asked meekly. “Of course not. We’re going to find me a nice dress and maybe more!” Misty replied authoritatively.
     The two girls headed for the lingerie section of the woman’s department, but on the way Misty saw a sexy silver mini dress. It was shiny, chic, and even Mike had to admit that it was stunning. “Why don’t you go try it on?” Barbie asked. “I’ll go find a nice pair of heels to go with it.”
     So Misty flounced off to the dress room, locking herself in with only the dress, a mirror, Mike, and herself. As she held the dress up in front of herself to see, Mike began to realize that if his body put on that dress, there was no way he would be out of skirts, for this silver mini was unbelievable. He tried to move his limbs and stop Misty, but found that she was in control as she took off her top and miniskirt. Mike began screaming in her head, No, don’t! Stop this! Yet she continued on, putting the silver mini dress over her black bra and panties. Please, Mike whimpered, his voice softening to a whisper in her head as she posed provocatively in her new dress.
     “Hey, I found some great heels,” called Barbie’s voice from outside the stall. “Here, I’ll slip them under.”
Misty grabbed the box the slid under her door and gasped as she open it to find a pair of stunning sliver heels that were very open with little straps around the ankle and end of the feet. She unzipped her soft boots and readied herself to step into her new shoes. Don’t, whispered Mike. “Sorry, Mike,” Misty whispered back.      “But Misty is here to stay.” With that, she stepped into her heels and Mike’s voice in her head went silent.
Barbie watched as Misty stepped out from the changing stall in her new appearance. She was absolutely stunning, her long golden-brown hair falling over his shoulders onto the thin shoulder straps of the mini dress. The straps were so thin that they displayed ample portions of Misty’s C-cups, yet Barbie noticed that she managed to hide her nipples well. The silver v-neck plunged downward, showing even more of her tits. The dress ended a good 5” above Misty’s knees and showed off her great, flawlessly smooth legs. Finally, Misty’s feet were in the nice silver pumps that she had found, adding to her height and confidence.
     “Damn, girl, you look hot!” Barbie exclaimed.
     “I know, right?” she happily replied. “Except I could use some breasts of my own, and maybe a new, personal hairstyle as well. You got any contacts for that?”
“Of course, honey,” Barbie giggled. “But are you sure that you are okay with this? I mean, you know what I did to you right?”
“Barbie,” Misty said, shaking her ass as she clicked over next to her friend in her new heels. “I know everything that you did to Mike, but I can’t be more pleased that I am happy as Misty. I am so thankful that you brought me alive. Thank you!” With that, Misty leaned in and kissed Barbie on the lips, the first of many girl-to-girl kisses in her new life.

     Barbie and Misty finished shopping, buying some lavender, black, red, and silver bras/panties, a couple of dress, some miniskirts, and of course some nice heels and boots. After opting to stay in her new silver heels and mini dress, Misty followed Barbie out of the store to Dr. DD’s place, where after brief introductions, Misty settled in for an operation for a pair of 32DD breasts and some extra hip and butt work at Barbie’s recommendation. She awoke after the two hour operation a new woman, with her own sensitive boobs and an ass to die for. There was a little extra time left before the afternoon was over, so Barbie dragged Misty two doors down to Serena’s Salon, where Misty quickly befriended Serena. They quickly discussed what Misty wanted to look like, and after some quick deliberations, Serena and her girls got to work on Misty, painting her toes and fingernails shiny silver, while adding French tips to each finger and toe. Her makeup was touched up too, opting for a sparkly silver eye shadow on her eyelids, a pinker blush on her cheeks, and a brighter pink lipstick and lip gloss to go along with black eyeliner and lots of mascara. After trimming her eyebrows in to a thin, high rising arch, Serena got to work on hair extensions and the rest of her hair. Misty wanted to be a blonde, yet retain some of her darker brown roots. So Serena added long blond hair extensions to Misty’s brown roots, so that the top of her head was mostly brown, but has her hair fell down the sides the brown blended in to solid golden hair. The result was a look that made Misty look like a brunette and a blonde at the same time. Her bangs were pulled back over her head into a small bump that added volume, much like in her old wig. Finally, Serena turned Misty around to face the mirror. She stood up, cocked her head sexily to the side, absorbing every detail of her new appearance. With her stunning haircut, shiny, pouty lips, beautiful breasts, and a stunning dress that showed off her new curves, she was a walking wet dream of Mike’s.
     But Mike is me now, Misty thought to herself as she grinned at herself in the mirror. And regardless of whether or not Mike would be pleased with this outcome, he definitely has become more confident. Or at least, I have.
     And with that, Misty hugged Serena, accepting the silver bra and panties that Serena gave her, thanked all the salon girls, and trotted off with Barbie down the street, towards her new life.

First image credited to Emberwilde at, the second, third, and fifth images credited to Candi at her former website of, the fourth image is credited to Nadine at

BFFs (Breast Friends Forever)

Best friends forever, no matter what gender

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Story

This is the first part of a four part series that I've been working on. It's a hypnotism based series that has different stories in each part, but all characters and events are related from one story to the next. Hope you enjoy the first installment!

Hypnotic Wishes: Part 1

     Ken had a problem with smoking. It had started when he was in high school, just a single cigarette every once in a while, but now at the age of 21 he had reached the point where he could not last without smoking three packs in a day. His friends had been trying to convince him to quit for over a year now, but try as he might, Ken could not last any longer than a month before he was right back to smoking three packs daily.
     Finally, his supervisor at the drugstore where he worked, approached him with an ultimatum. "Ken," he growled. "Customers have been complaining about the smell of smoke in the drugstore. Just standing near you tells me that the smell is coming from you and your clothes. Either you clean up your act in the next two weeks or your fired."
     As Ken stood still with shock staring at his boss stomp off in frustration, his coworker Lauren walked over with a sympathetic look on her face. She was a gorgeous blonde twenty year old who Ken had been infatuated with the moment that he saw her. With perfectly rounded breasts and a pert ass, she the kind of girl who seemed to be untouchable for a slob like Ken, yet she was also friendly to him and he kept the hope that one day he could muster up the courage to ask her out.
     "I'm sorry that Mr. Walton gave you such a harsh threat. It would be a real shame if you weren't around anymore," Lauren said as her blue eyes stared deep into Ken's blue eyes. Trying his hardest not to drool at the sight of her beautiful eyes and flush pink lips, Ken stammered, "Yeah, it would be terrible."
     "You know, there may be something I can do to help," Lauren said. "I have a friend who is a hypnotist. She cures people of their smoking habits all the time. Maybe I could give her a call to see if she could help you out?"
     "That would be great!" Ken exclaimed.
     "Excellent! I set up an appointment for you tomorrow and take you to meet her," Lauren flashed Ken a dazzling smile and turned around to saunter out to her car. Ken watched her beautiful butt shake as she strutted out the door in her three inch heels. Damn. Ken thought. I get the chance to be closer to Lauren and cure my smoking addiction. This is fantastic!
     The next day Ken went to work with a little extra spring in his step. He greeted Lauren with a warm smile, who responded with an equally bright flash of her white teeth. At the end of their shift at four o'clock, Ken helped Lauren into her red jacket and received another beautiful smile that framed her gorgeous face. As they walked down the street to the hypnotist's apartment, Lauren filled Ken in on what her friend had told her about their appointment.
     "My friend Sophie was completely happy to help you transition to this positive new stage of your life," Lauren said as she clicked along the street in her black heels. "I will show you her apartment, where you will have three sessions this week until Sophie is done."
     They arrived to the apartment doorstep in five minutes, as it was only four blocks from the drugstore. Standing in the entrance, Lauren turned to face Ken.
     "Well, I have to leave you here. I have another pressing appointment at 4:30. Sophie will take good care of you," she said. Then she quickly leaned up and gave Ken a peck on the cheek. "Good luck."
     As she turned to leave, Ken started out of his momentary shock from the kiss and asked, "Wait, when can I see you again? I need all the support I can get."
     Lauren pause to look over her shoulder. "I'll see you at work tomorrow and come by on Sunday after your second session." She flashed another sparkling smile that melted Ken right then and there and flounced off down the street. Ken watched her strut down the street until she turned the corner and left his sight. He sighed and thought, Here we go, as he walked into the apartment under the sign that said:
Hypnotic Wishes: Making all your desires come true

     Ken knocked on the door of the apartment until a singsong voice answered, "Come in!" Ken opened the door and stepped into a large  two room apartment with hot pink walls. He glanced around the room to find a pink vanity with a large mirror across the room from him and a small table in the middle of the room with two chairs placed on opposite ends. "Take a seat," said the singsong voice that Ken assumed belong to Sophie. "I'll be out in a minute!".
     He took a seat in a chair facing the vanity and saw a sheet of paper in the middle of the table. He was just about to read what was on the paper when Sophie walked into the room from the bedroom to the right of the vanity. Ken looked up to see the pretty brunette woman of about twenty-five who was carrying a large black purse and wearing a lacy black blouse with black pumps. "Hi," the woman said warmly as she extended her hand. "I'm Sophie."
     "Ken," he replied as he shook her dainty hand. "Thank you so much for seeing me. This is a real gift."
     "You should thank Lauren," she said. "It was her urging that prompted me to help you out free of charge." 
     "Yeah. She's a real generous for helping me turn my life around," he said.
     "Well know, let's get down to business," Sophie said as she dug into her purse for something. "Lauren told me exactly what you need, so I will explain how it is going to work. You will have three sessions of hypnosis with me: The one today, a check-up one on Sunday, and a final meeting next Wednesday. There is a contract on the table in front of you that you need to sign, basically for my records and to protect me, seeing as I'm doing this for free as a bit of help. So do you have any questions or concerns before we start?"
     "Just one," Ken said slowly as he took the pen that Sophie handed him. "I don't want to sound distrustful and inconsiderate, but I have some doubts about the effectiveness of hypnosis. Considering that this is my last shot to pull my life together, what reassurances can you give me that this will actually work?"
     "How about this," Sophie said smiling. "When I hypnotize you this first time, I will do something to you that you when you are out. Then when I bring you back, you will see what I have done and realize that the hypnotism actually worked on you because you won't remember a thing. Then you can sign the contract after that. Deal?"
"Okay," he replied.
"Great, then let's begin." Sophie pulled a watch on a chain made of pink gold out her bag and began to swing it back and forth. "Just follow the watch," she smiled seductively. "And all your desires will come true."
Ken listened to her hypnotic voice and watched the hypnotic swinging of the pendulum. In about 10 seconds her was in a trance, unmoving. "Can you hear me Ken?" Sophie asked.
"Yes, Sophie."
"Great. First, you name is no longer Ken. When you are under my command, you will respond to Barbie. Understand, Barbie?"
"Yes, Sophie."
"Now Barbie, we are going to prove to Ken that I can control you. Take off all your clothes."
     Barbie complied, while Sophie walked into the bedroom and returned with a pile of feminine clothing.
"Barbie, put on these clothes, starting with the panties, bra, and stockings," Sophie commanded.
     Barbie mindlessly began the execute Sophie's order. She began to lift a pair of lacy pink panties up her legs until they covered her manhood. Next she donned a pink bra, the soft material pushing against her tiny breast as she secured the clasps in the back. Then she slowly pull a solid pink stocking up her right leg, then her left leg. She seemed enthralled by the sheer feeling as they tickled her hairy legs.
"Be sure to pull those stockings up tight," ordered Sophie. "Then put on the dress and heels."
     Obeying her mistress, Barbie tugged on her stockings, so that the pink ribbon at the top of her new stockings were an inch from her pink panties. Then she began to put on a hot pink mindress, smoothing out  the hem without even being told. I think Barbie may subconsciously be enjoying this, Sophie thought to herself as Barbie stepped into a pair of 3 inch pink heels.
"Now that pretty Barbie is dressed all nice, we need to do her makeup!" exclaimed Sophie. "Sit down at the vanity Barbie."
     Barbie walked over to the vanity at this command, her heels clicking daintily across the floor. She sat down in  the chair, smoothing her dress out as she did, and waited for another command.
     "No, no, no Barbie," said Sophie "That sitting position won't do at all. Cross your legs, dear. There, that's better. Now dear, we are going to practice putting on a little make up. We'll start with foundation."
Sophie grabbed some foundation from the makeup bag on the vanity. "Now I know this doesn't quite match your skin complexion, but this will have to do. Rub this on your face like so, spreading it out nice and smooth across your face. Here, try it."
     Sophie watched as Barbie began to imitate her demonstration, applying a nice even layer of foundation on her face. Sophie continued the tutorial, explaining what each item in her pink makeup bag was and how to use it. Then she stepped back to admire her work as Barbie began to pencil her eyes with eyeliner, pencil her eyebrows into a feminine arch, apply a gray eye shadow to her eyelids, extend and darken her eyelashes with mascara, and paint her lips ruby red with a tube of lipstick. After about half an hour of practice, with Sophie demonstrating and correcting Barbie as needed, Sophie was finally satisfied with Barbie's new look.
     "There," she declared as Barbie curled her eyelashes with mascara one last time. "Perfect. Now be a good girl and sit down at our table as I get the final piece."
     Sophie entered her bedroom and came out with a wavy honey blond wig. Barbie's eyes widened as she saw the beautiful flowing hair in Sophie's hands and trembled a little as her mistress slowly secured the wig on her head, the long golden locks falling over her shoulders and down her back.
     "Do you like the new you, Barbie, with your smooth stockings, beautiful dress, luscious makeup, and soft golden hair?" Sophie asked as she sat down across from her creation. 
     "Oh yes, Sophie," Barbie exclaimed eagerly.
     "Good," Sophie said. "So here are my final commands before I bring Ken back. I will give you this pink bag containing all of the clothes you are wearing, the wig, and a makeup kit. You will not see anything strange with this and will take this home with you. Next, you must speak in a feminine, high pitched voice at all times. Demonstrate this for me."
     "Like this?" asked Barbie in a very feminine tone.
     "Perfect. Anytime you do not speak in this voice, your throat will feel like it is on fire. Understood?"
     "Yes Sophie," Barbie said, feeling a slight pain as her voice wasn't quite as high as it should be.
     "Oh, and just because you came here for a cure for smoking, anytime you touch a cigarette, your hands start to burn, and anytime you smoke you will also feel a sharp pain in your throat. Is this clear?"
     "Yes Sophie"
     "Excellent. Now I am going to count to three and say 'Come back Ken'. When I do, you will return to your life as Ken before I hypnotized you. You will not remember what I have done to you or that you were once Barbie, but you will remember all of the actions I taught you and all the commands I have given you. And anytime that someone says the phrase, 'Wakey, wakey Barbie', you will return to your hypnotized state as Barbie. Okay, Barbie?"
     "Okay Sophie"
     "Alright. 1, 2, 3, Come back Ken!"
     Ken jolted back to awareness at that instant. He looked dazedly around and asked, "Is it done?"     
     "Yes,", smiled Sophie. "Do you notice anything?"
     Ken looked at her quizzically until he looked past her in the mirror and saw a heavily made-up blond woman in a pink dress sitting across from Sophie. "Hey, who's the new gir-" he stopped as saw a lock of blonde hair draped over his shoulder. "Holy shit!", he exclaimed as he looked down and saw that he was wearing a pink dress and a blonde wig. "You dressed  me up as a woman!"
     "Well, I had to do something drastic to prove to you that hypnosis works," Sophie said. "So yeah, that's what I did. Have a look."
     Ken got up and tottered over to the vanity mirror in pink heels and stared at his reflection. He saw a gorgeous blond with dazzling red lips and grey eyelids highlighting long, dark eyelashes. Just looking in the mirror began to give him an erection.
     "So now there can be no doubt of my skill," Sophie said as she sauntered over to the mirror to admire the beauty that was Ken. "Let me teach you how to take makeup off."
     Sophie demonstrated but refused to help Ken, forcing him to wipe off the makeup by his own hand. When he was finished, Sophie told him, "Your clothes are on the floor. You can change back into them now. But please put the clothes and wig you are wearing in this pink bag here. Then just sign the contract on the table and you're free to leave."
     Sophie placed a makeup kit in the bag on the floor and left the room, leaving Ken bewildered as he took off all of the feminine clothing, placing them neatly in the bag, and put on his regular clothes. Still in shock, Ken quickly signed the contract and left it on the table. He picked up the bag on the floor absentmindedly and began to walk out the door. "Be here Sunday at 5 o'clock sharp, Ken," called Sophie as Ken walked out the door. "
     "Okay," he called back, and began the long walk home, pink bag in hand.

     The following day Ken went to work as usual, pleased with the fact that he hadn't smoked a single cigarette yet. He talked with Lauren about his experience with Sophie, how he seemingly spent no time at all with her, yet the treatment seemed to be working. When he described the shock of coming around in feminine clothing and a wig, Lauren giggled and asked him, "Is that why you've been talking in such a high-pitched voice today?"
     "No, I don't think so," replied Ken solemnly. "It's just that every time I deepen my voice, my throat seems to burn up. Maybe it's just a side effect of not smoking cigarettes today."
     "I suppose," smiled Lauren. "You're probably right."
     At four o'clock after their shift was over, Ken walked Lauren home, even daring to put his arm around her shoulder for the last block. As he watched her open her door with her delicate hands, she turned around and said, "I'll pick you up after your session with Sophie on Sunday. Bye". Blowing him a kiss, she gently closed the door, leaving Ken awestruck at his good fortune. My relationship with Lauren is finally getting closer and I'm kicking my smoking habit, thought Ken as he walked happily away from Lauren's apartment. All my desires are coming true.
     Ken walked over to the restaurant across the street from his apartment and ate dinner there in celebration of his newfound luck. He finally trudged home across the street at about six-thirty and was about to sit down to watch some TV when he phone rang. "Hello?" he answered.
     "Wakey, wakey Barbie," a singsong voice on the other end said. Instantly Barbie jolted to attention.
     "Can you hear me, my sweet doll?" the voice of Sophie cooed.
     "Yes Mistress," Barbie replied.
     "Excellent. Now Barbie, take off all of your clothes and put on your nice girly clothes in the bag I gave you."
     Barbie complied, taking off her jeans, polo shirt, and boxers before donning her pink panties and pink bra. As she was doing this, Sophie entered the apartment through the unlocked door, turning off her cell phone as she did.
     "Barbie, feel the softness of your pretty panties. Feel the way that your girly bra caress your titties. You love the feel of these, don't you?" said Sophie.
     Barbie squirmed with delight as she became fully aware of the sensual feel of these garments.
     "From now on, Barbie, you will always wear panties and a bra, never boxers or men's underwear, even as Ken. Do you understand?" Sophie asked as she sat down on the bed next to her doll.
     "Oh yes Mistress Sophie, always," Barbie exclaimed in her feminine voice.
     "Okay then. Barbie dear, I am now going to put a corset on you to give you the girly curves that you desire. You just love to have a feminine shape, don't you?"
     "Yes, Mistress Sophie," replied Barbie as Sophie tightened the pink corset to give her doll a 24" waist.
     "Good. You will now wear a corset at all times, okay? Now, dearest, put on your stockings, and be sure to pull them up all the way like we practiced."
     As Barbie began to ease the silky pink stockings slowly up her legs, Sophie reached out and began to rub the she-cock of her doll. Barbie began to moan softly as she experienced the erotic feeling of putting on her stockings combined with the pleasure her mistress was giving her.
     "Yes, you love the feel of the stockings brushing up your legs. What you feel right now is how you shall feel every time that you put on a pair of stockings."
     After Barbie finished pulling up the stockings, Sophie ceased her pleasuring of her doll and commanded her to put on her pink minidress and high heels. Barbie happily complied while enjoying the pleasure that the stockings, panties, and bra gave her. After she finished, Sophie ordered, "Barbie, you are now to apply makeup to yourself as I taught you yesterday. Use the makeup kit and small mirror in the bag I gave you."
     Following her mistress' command, Barbie began to apply foundation, eyeliner, mascara, a pink eye shadow, and a hot pink lipstick to top it all off. She executed this perfectly, her biggest challenge coming from her effort not to cream her panties as Sophie was rubbing her she-cock the whole time she was applying her makeup.
     "You just love putting on makeup, the way it feels, the way you look," whispered Sophie softly. "The pleasure I am giving you now is the pleasure you will feel every time you put on makeup. Now, Barbie, put on your wig."
     As Barbie lowered the honey blond wig onto her head, she felt the soft waves fall over her shoulders and tickle her back.
     "Long, flowing hair like this is what you desire Barbie. You love long, luscious hair of your own, especially hot blonde hair."
     "Mmmmm, yes Mistress," Barbie replied softly as she began to caress her very own blonde locks.
     "Now then, Barbie, l want you to practice walking in a feminine gait. Hold your elbows to your side, like this, and place one foot in front of the other as you walk. Be sure to take small steps or you'll trip in your pretty heels."
     Practicing as her mistress ordered her, Barbie began daintily walking around the room. Sophie had to conceal a grin when she noticed how much her cute ass wiggled when she walked heel-to-toe. Then Sophie had her doll practice how to sit properly like a girl and how to curtsey properly. When Sophie was finally satisfied, she stood up and gave some final commands.
     "Barbie, you are going to wear panties, a bra, and your corset at all times, but when I turn you back to Ken you will have no idea that you are wearing anything unusual. You will also walk as we practiced and sit as we practiced. You are to act and think as feminine as possible at all times when Ken returns, but Ken will again not see anything wrong, no matter what he notices. Understood?"
     "Yes Mistress Sophie."
     "Okay. Once again, when I say 'Wakey, wakey, Barbie' you are to return to this state. But now I am going to turn you back to Ken," Sophie said as she began to leave the apartment. "Please take off your dress and stockings and remove your makeup and wig. I call in a minute."
     Barbie watched as her mistress left her room. Staring at the walls in her room, she began to wonder why they were such a boring brown, when they could have been a nice bright pink! She then walked into her bathroom to take a good look at herself. She saw plump lips painted the prettiest pink, eyes shaped perfectly in black with hot pink eye shadow making them stand out. Her lashes will long and thick, curled away from her eyes in a very feminine fashion. Blond wavy hair cascaded down the side of her beautiful face to her shoulders, where the blond locks rested softly upon a hot minidress. Looking down, she noticed that the bulge in her panties was getting larger. She began to rub the silky stockings on her legs, delighting in how touching them made her sissy bulge grow bigger. Sighing, wondering why her mistress would ever want to change her back from the angelic doll that she was now, Barbie began to remove her makeup, took off her wig, dress, stockings, and heels, and placed them all in her special pink bag. Just as she dropped the last item in the bag, the phone rang. Prancing over to it, waggling her girly butt as she did, Barbie answered in a girly voice,  "Hello, who is it?"
     "1, 2, 3, come back Ken!" the familiar singsong voice called back.
     "Wait, who is this?" Ken questioned in the same feminine tone as the phone on the other line clicked. "Darn, they hung up. Oh well."
     Putting down the phone, Ken noticed how breezy and cold it felt in his apartment. When he looked down, her noticed that all he was wearing was a pink bra, pink panties, and a pink item he realized must be a corset!
     "Wait, why am I not wearing any shirt or pants?" Ken wondered aloud. Then he shrugged, thinking, Oh well. Guess I must have just gotten out of the shower or something. Nothing weird about that!
     With that thought, Ken crawled into bed in his pretty panties, bra, and corset, unaware of the changes that were happening to him.

     That Saturday was pretty uneventful. Ken stayed home most of the day, but decided to go out and get some supplies from the supermarket. As he walked down the street, he noticed a lot of people giving him odd stares. He thought this was very strange, seeing as he was just walking down the street normally, walking heel-to-toe, elbows at his sides, shaking his butt a little as he went. How unusual that everyone was staring. It made him feel very pretty to have so many people staring at him and he shook his butt a little extra each time he stepped.
     His gaze on the walk drifted from window to window, admiring the pretty dresses in the dress shop, the perfect color of pink displayed in the paint shop, and the beautiful bouquet of flowers in the flower shop. Mustering all of his willpower to not go in and buy all of these wonderful things, Ken continued on towards the supermarket. But when he looked into the window display in the cosmetics store and saw the hot pink lipstick and glittery pink eye shadow, he knew he just had to buy them. Walking into the store, he asked the brunette at the counter how much the two items cost.
     "They cost about $20 together. Are these for you or your girlfriend?" the brunette asked, smiling as she noticed the feminine voice of Ken and saw a pink bra strap jutting out from his t-shirt.
     "They're for a friend," Ken said smiling just as wide. "Do you have anything else that would look good with this?"
     Hiding her grin, the brunette went through a list of items, finally helping Ken settle on a soft plum eye shadow and a shiny hot pink lip gloss. "The total is $36.96," the brunette said as she rang up the sale. "Will we be seeing you here again soon?"
     "Maybe," Ken said called cheerfully over his shoulder as he exited the store. Staring at the supermarket down the street, he realized that he had spent almost all of the money that he was going to use. Oh well, he thought to himself as he strutted back to his house. At least I purchased some supplies!
     Ken got home at around 5 o'clock and cooked himself dinner in his panties, bra, and corset. About an hour later the phone rang and once again Sophie brought Barbie to life. Again entering the unlocked door, Sophie ordered Barbie to strip down and get in her bathtub, telling her to submerse herself in water, but the leave her head above water. Pouring the contents of a sweet pink substance in the water, Sophie left her doll to soak for 15 minutes. When Barbie got out of the water and dried herself off, she realized that all of her body hair was gone!
     "Good, you are now a hairless girl," said Sophie smiling. "You are to keep yourself smooth and hairless at all times. Now get dress and do your makeup."
     Barbie complied eagerly, moaning sensually as her mistress rubbed her she-cock and nipples until they were erect as she put on her bra, corset, panties, and stockings. She enjoyed the extra sensations of the silky garments caressing her smooth skin. She put on her hot pink minidress and heels and began to do her makeup as Sophie continued to pleasure her. Opting for her newly purchased eye shadow and lip gloss, Barbie barely even realized that she was still feeling waves of pleasure as she put on the makeup even though her mistress had stopped fondling her she-cock and nipples long ago. Moaning softly as she placed the wig of soft blond waves on her head, Barbie checked her makeup on more time before turning to her mistress for her next command. Sophie had her repeat her feminine walk, curtsey, and hand gestures, each repetition becoming more and more girly. Finally Sophie decided that her doll was perfect and left Barbie with this final command:
     "Barbie, you love to walk, talk, and act feminine. You will think like a girl, act like a girl, and feel oh so wonderful as you do so. I want you to walk to my apartment tomorrow morning at 9 for our session. I know that I told you to be there at 5 when you were Ken, but I have a special surprise in store for you. Also, you are to do your makeup, put on your wig, and come dressed in you bra, corset, panties, stockings, and pumps only. Don't be late!" called Sophie as she opened the door to leave. "Oh, and come back Ken!" she said as she quickly shut the door.
     Smiling in the mirror at the beautiful makeup job framed by his adorable golden locks, Ken began to giggle with delight at how cute he looked with his new, self-bought makeup. The soft plum made his exquisitely curled lashes stand out, will the pink glitter eye shadow attested to his new femininity. The new lip gloss and lipstick made his lips shinier, smoother, and a bright pink color that he just loved. Sighing happily, he took off his makeup and went to bed in his pink bra, corset, and panties, dreaming of makeup, pink walls, and blonde hair.

     Finally, it was Sunday morning. Ken got up early to look his best. After taking a pink bubble bath with the special liquid that Sophie had put in the tube the night before, Ken donned his bra, corset, panties, and stockings. He wriggled with delight at how the smooth stockings made his little bulge move with excited pleasure. Next came his lovely hot pink dress and heels. Ken expertly walked over to his mirror, his soft elbows at his sides, his 3" heels clicking heel-to-toe, then smoothed the hem of his dress as he sat daintily down in a chair. Crossing his legs, he began to do his makeup. Ken started by applying his foundation, then arched his eyebrows into a delicate shape. He followed by shaping his eyes with eyeliner and added length and curl to his eyelashes with mascara. Next came his soft plum eye shadow, painted delicately over his eyelid, while the pink glittery eye shadow was added above it on his eye socket. Finally, Ken used hot pink lipstick on his lips, covering them with shiny pink lip gloss to add shine. When he was satisfied with his work, Ken brushed his wig so that all of the waves were defined and perfectly curled at the ends. Placing it on his head with a shudder, Ken stared into the mirror at the stunning blond that he was. Gasping as he saw the time, Ken quickly gathered up his things and sauntered quickly over to Sophie's house for his hypnotherapy.
     "Welcome!" Sophie said with a wide grin as she opened the door for Ken. "Feeling beautiful today?"
     "Oh yes!" exclaimed Ken eagerly as he sat down softly in his seat. "I haven't felt this good in a long time."
     "Excellent!" said Sophie as she sat down across from her transformed doll. "Then let's get started! Wakey, wakey Barbie!"
     Barbie's eyes widened slightly as the phrase was uttered, but nothing in mannerisms or appearance could show a major difference between Ken and his not-so-alter-ego.
     "Okay, Barbie, we have a lot to do today," explained Sophie. "We have a couple of appointments scheduled today. Take this purse and put your makeup and other possessions in it. We going next door to meet a friend of mine."
     Barbie quickly did as she was told, putting her makeup, hand mirror, and tissues into a small pink purse, then flounced out after her mistress.
     They turned right and arrived at the door of Bran D. Doll, plastic surgeon. Bran was an old friend of Sophie's, she explained. Dr. DD owed her a couple favors and would be glad to help out Barbie.
     "Okay Barbie," Dr. DD said warmly. "If you'll please have a seat over there, we'll get started."
     Barbie trotted over and laid down on a long table. "What are you going to do?" she asked as the Doctor slipped the anesthetic mask over her dainty lips and nose.
     "We're going to give you a nice pair of pert breasts of your very own!" Sophie exclaimed excitedly.
     "Mmmm, that sounds nice..." Barbie murmured as the anesthetic dropped her softly into a dreamless state.
     A couple hours later, when the anesthetic wore off and the operation was complete, Barbie awoke slowly. She fluttered her long lashes as her blue eyes opened and sat up carefully. A heavy, yet warm weight was now on her chest. She looked down to see a pair of massive tits attached to her dainty chest!
     "Go ahead, take a look in the mirror," said Dr. DD. "We gave you  our house special - 32DD breasts - and I added a little extra flesh on your hips and butt for free."
     Barbie stood up and clicked over to a mirror, seeing all woman in his reflection. The breasts were large, his hips and butt had become wider and fuller. She cupped her breasts to feel the soft tenderness and moaned as Sophie began to rub her nipples.
     "Oh yes, I forgot. I also gave you sense receptors in your breasts so that you will feel all woman too."
     "Well, let's thank the nice doctor, now, Barbie!"
     "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" squealed Barbie as she trotted over to give the doctor a big hug, her new tits and enlarged ass shaking as she did. Pressing her new breasts tightly against Dr. DD as she embraced him, Barbie found a certain pleasure as she felt a bulge in the doctor's pants press against her.
     "Come on now, Barbie no dawdling. You'll have plenty of time to spend with men later, but right now we need to go to the salon!"
     "Yes Sophie," replied Barbie as she slowly released the burly doctor. Curtseying to him, low enough so that he could see her new bosom, she then pranced out the door after Sophie.
     They then walked back across Sophie's apartment to the building on the other side of it, were the salon stood. Entering it, they found no one there but themselves and a couple staff loitering around.
     "Hello, Serena!" exclaimed Sophie as she went to embrace a woman across the counter. "This is Barbie," Sophie said as she gestured over to her doll. "Barbie, say hello to my good friend Serena."
     Barbie curtseyed politely to the raven-haired beauty in her late twenties. Smiling back at Barbie, Serena said, "Oh yes, we'll be able to have a lot of fun with her. I know all of your requests and we've got the whole staff and salon at your command, Sophie. So shall we get started?"
     Agreeing eagerly, Barbie sat down in the chair where Serena indicated. Without a moment's delay the salon became alive, moving about to make Barbie the beauty that she was. Her wig was taken off with a small protest from Barbie, but the staff began to wash out her hair and add brunette hair extensions to match her natural hair color and the length of the wig. As that was happening, two pairs of salon girls began working on Barbie's nails, a pair for the toes and a pair for the hands. After filing them down and making them smooth, French tips were added to every toe and finger, giving them delicious length and delicate beauty. Next, the girls began to add nail polish, pink of course, to complete the transformation of Barbie's nails. When they were done, all of Barbie's nails were pink with a white French tip sticking out to add length and beauty.
     But all was not done. Although all of the hair extensions had been added in, there was still the hair color and hair style. A platinum blonde dye was chosen and after submersing her hair in the dye, Barbie came up with a thick head of stunning platinum blonde hair. Serena and the salon girls opted for a simple hairstyle, telling Barbie that she could chose something more complex when she came back later. They straightened her new blonde locks and took the ends of her hair into two bunches, tying them together with pink bows to give Barbie two cute, yet sexy pigtails that hung over her shoulders in the front. Sweeping her platinum bangs to her right so that the bangs hung just above her right eye, Serena finally gave Barbie a mirror and the okay to look at her transformation.
     Barbie's eyes welled up with tears - she was overjoyed by the wonderful job! She looked at her dainty hands, a soft pink with the white French tips to add to her ever-growing femininity. The platinum blonde hair was just to die for, a sexy, girly color that matched his makeup perfectly. But what made Barbie the happiest was her pigtails. They made her whole hair smooth and flow towards these glistening bunches of hair, while the pink bows with white embroidery just screamed of the femininity that she was craving. Primping her hair a few times, feeling the touch of her perfectly done fingers run through her very own hair, Barbie was satisfied and squeezed every girl in the salon with a hug, thanking Serena especially for making her so happy.
     "Are you ready?" said Sophie, smiling at the obvious joy of her special girl. "We have to finish your hypnosis session at my place and then you can go home and enjoy your new accessories."
     Thanking everyone merrily once again, Barbie began to leave when Serena called out, "Wait!"
     The raven-haired goddess handed Barbie a hot pink bundle. "Every first time visitor gets their own pair. Do you like them?"
     As Barbie unraveled the bundle, she found a matching pair of hot pink panties and a bra, both of with were decorated with tiny white hearts on them! Gasping with the joy of new clothes to try on, Barbie hugged Serena once again, promising to come back soon as she left for Sophie's apartment.
     When Barbie clicked into the room in her heels, she found Sophie talking with another gorgeous blonde.
     "Lauren!" exclaimed Barbie excitedly.
     "Hey, cutie," Lauren said, flashing her trademark smile. "You look great! I know Sophie can work some magic, but damn! You're hotter than me!"
     "What do you have there, Barbie?" inquired Sophie.
     "Oh, it's a wonderful pair of panties and a bra that Serena gave me!" Barbie gushed.
     "Well, why don't you try them on for Lauren and I? Take off of your clothes and model those for us!"
Barbie did as she was told, showing Lauren her new breasts and she-cock for the first time.
     "Wow, Dr. DD is still as good as always," murmured Lauren to Sophie. "I know I asked you to go all out, but this is just fantastic!"
     Barbie then began to get dressed, putting on the pink panties and bra, which matched nicely with her solid pink stockings and heels.
     "Barbie, you are a knockout!" exclaimed Lauren as Barbie blushed her thanks. "Now why don't you touch up your makeup as a demonstration for me?"
     Barbie eagerly complied, sitting down softly and crossing her legs before the vanity she was becoming very used to seeing. Lauren giggled at how she moaned softly as she touched up her eye shadow and lipstick.
     "Damn, Sophie," Lauren laughed. "I know I said to make putting on makeup pleasurable for her, but I didn't think she would be this erotic!"
     "Only the best," said Sophie smiling as Barbie put the cap on her lip gloss and put it into her pink purse.
     "Are you ready for the final piece?" asked Sophie.
     "Oh yes. Time to complete the feminization of this doll," replied Lauren.
     "Alright then," said Sophie. "Barbie, we are going to finish your hypnosis training today. You will come back Wednesday with Lauren for a check-up on your progress adjusting, but this will probably be your final session with me. First off, you will obey Lauren when you are hypnotized as Barbie, understood? Good, now here's the tricky part. I am going to bring Ken awake in a couple of minutes. You are to act completely feminine in mannerisms and voice still, but you will no longer think like a girl. You will think like Ken did before our sessions, but with all of the memories that you have from this week from 'Ken's point of view. Okay?"
     "Yes Sophie"
     "Good. Now face the vanity mirror. Great. Now come back Ken!"
     Ken jolted to full awareness for the first time in many days. "Hey Sophie," he asked. "Are we done with this session today? I have to go see Lauren..."
     Ken stopped as her looked ahead to see a stunning blonde in all pink that may have been even more sexy and gorgeous than Lauren. His dick shot up to attention as he realized that he wanted to be with this girl very, very badly. "Sophie," he asked. "Who's the hot girl over there...OH MY GOD!"
     Ken screamed in a girly voice and his hand went to his mouth as he realized that he was looking at a mirror at himself! He was frozen in a position with his mouth slightly open and his hand held up in a feminine fashion near his mouth. He observed that the hand, his hand, was painted a delicate pink and had long white tips on them, very girly. The hair, his hair, was a platinum blonde that oozed feminine sexuality, especially when he saw the hair ended on his shoulders in two girly pink bows. But it was the face that really shocked him. His face was smooth and flawless, with a slight tan tint to it. His eyebrows were still the dark brown that they normally were, but they were shaped into a very feminine arch. His eyes were also perfectly shaped, with long, luscious lashes curling outward from both eyelids away from his eyes. His eyelid was painted in a soft plum, above which a pink glittery color was painted to accentuate his new feminine face. The finishing touch was his lips - they were full and plump, painted pink with a glossy coat that just oozed sex. To top it all off, the gasp of his has opened his lips slightly, making him look lustful yet unaware like a bimbo hooker. He was his very own wet dream.
     Ken looked down a little and saw two mounds sticking out pertly from a hot pink bra that had little tiny, white hearts all over it. Before he could touch them to see if they were real, Lauren leaned over his shoulder and cupped his tits, rubbing the nipples sensually. The feeling it gave him, in combination with his sexy bimbo appearance he saw in the mirror, made Ken come in his hot pink panties.
     "Looks like you enjoying this as much as I am," smiled Lauren as she saw the wet spot appear on his panties. Releasing his breasts, she began kissing his neck. "I knew as soon as I saw you that you would be my perfect little girl," gasped Lauren as she passionately began working her kisses up to Ken's juicy pink lips.
     "Whoa, whoa, whoa, what?" Ken asked as he reluctantly pulled away from Lauren's erotic kisses. "You did this to me? Made me look like this...this sexy Barbie doll?"
     "No silly, that was me," said Sophie as she stepped into Ken's view. "Those hypnosis sessions, while they did cure you of your smoking habit, were a favor for Lauren. She's always wanted a sexy blonde lover to call her own and she asked me to turn you into what she desired. Now, Ken is no more. You are now Barbie."
Ken stood up in shock when he heard this. He heard a soft clicking as he backed up and looked down to the realization that he was walking perfectly in 3" pink heels and stockings. Staring back in the mirror, he even saw that he was holding his elbows at his sides like a girl and shaking his newly enlarged ass as he went. He saw his whole body for the first time, seeing the hairless body, long, exquisitely shaped legs, rounded hips and ass, and curves that accentuated his enormous tits. All of a sudden, memories came flashing back to him. Putting on stockings as Sophie rubbed his manhood. Practicing walking in heels. Buying makeup in the cosmetic store. Putting on the slutty makeup that he was wearing now! Going to Dr. DD, looking in the mirror at his new hair and nails at Serena's salon! He sat down softly in a chair as he remember with stunning recollection all that had happened.
     "I'm going to have to be a girl," he whispered to himself.
     "Yes, Barbie, a very sexy girl," said Sophie. "If the tits, hair, makeup, and mannerisms that you find impossible to stop doing or remove don't convince you, the contract that you signed the first day with me guarantees that Lauren and I can do anything we want to you."
     "But what about my job?" he whimpered.
     "Don't worry, silly. I'll tell Mr. Walton that Ken couldn't stop smoking and quit and I'll recommend my friend Barbie to replace him," Lauren said as she cuddled up next  to Barbie. "Mr. Walton loves his sexy blondes and won't deny you and your sexy little ass."
     "But what if I refuse?" asked Ken.
     "Well, then here's the deal," said Sophie. "You have two options. The first is, if you agree to become Barbie, I will hypnotize you to help you with mannerisms, voice, how to do your hair and makeup, ect. You will still be in control of your body, but you will act like a girl because of the hypnosis. The second option, if you refuse to become Barbie, is a much more strict punishment. I will hypnotize you and turn you into a bimbo. You will have a low IQ, love skimpy clothing, and of course you will want a man's cock at all times. You will not have control of your body in this state, but you will be fully aware of everything that's happening. So, what's your choice?"
     Ken pondered it for a moment, biting his lip and getting a taste of his lip gloss. "Alright," he finally said. "I'll become Barbie."
     "You'll be a real cutie," Lauren said as she snuggled up next to her new friend.
     "Yeah," said Barbie, flashing Lauren a dazzling smile reminiscent of her own. "I will."
     Sophie then hypnotized Barbie once again, placing of the commands she had taken off for 'Ken's awakening back on, and had Barbie change out of her panties and into her other pair and her dress. When she was finished, Barbie was back to her own bubbly self.
     "Thank you for the options," Barbie said as she hugged Sophie.
     "Of course," said Sophie, grinning. "We wouldn't want you to have no choice, now, would we?"
     Lauren laughed at this and dragged Barbie to the door, who managed to just grab her purse from the vanity before she left. The two girls trotted down the steps together in their heels and when they got to the base of the steps, Lauren bit her lip and asked:
     "Barbie, I was wondering if you would like to come back to my place for a little fun?"
     "It would be my pleasure," said Barbie as she smiled at Lauren.
     The two blondes, standing at equal height, looked deeply into each other's blue eyes. With the wind blowing Lauren's honey blonde hair into Barbie's platinum blonde hair, the two leaned forward and interlocked lips,  Barbie's pink mingling with Lauren's red. They kissed for a few seconds before releasing, smiling at each other with equally dazzling smiles, and began to walk hand-in-hand towards Lauren's house.
Well, this didn't turn out exactly the way I thought it would, but I have gotten together with Lauren, thought Barbie to herself. I guess my desires really did come true.

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