Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Story!

This is a one part story about a college boy named Tom, who gets hypnotized by his co-ed neighbor. Hope you enjoy!

Curiosity Killed the Cat

          Tom was a very lucky man. At the age of 21, he did exceptionally well in school, made lots of money at his job in the hardware store, and was still able to party every weekend. His friends were always jealous of how lucky he was with the ladies, calling him 'The Cat' because of how he stalked his prey with animal intent and always got what he wanted. But life was on the upswing even then. A new senior co-ed had moved into the dorm room right next to his, a stunning brunette named Maddie who was all tits, hips, and ass. Tom immediately knew that she was one for him, as she was constantly in skimpy, provocative outfits and always gave him a lustful look as she passed by him in the halls. But even more amazing than her body was her voice. Maddie would sing to herself in her room at night, crooning softly and beautifully as Tom listened through the locked door between their connected rooms. He would fall asleep constantly to her voice or whatever song she was singing with next door.
          Finally, Tom decided to make his move. A week after she moved in, he confronted her in the hallway when they were alone. True to her slutty demeanor, Maddie was dressed only in a tight black corset, with a black bow perched right between her firm breasts, and a short black miniskirt that barely covered her panties. "Hi," greeted Tom, flashing a winning smile. "I heard you singing in your room last night. You have a beautiful voice."
"Thank you," Maddie grinned as she batted her heavily made-up eye lids. "Maybe I could give you a private performance sometime."
Oh, this is going to be too easy, thought Tom to himself. "Sounds great! Why don't you come alone to my room Friday night?"
"Oh, I don't know if that night will work," said Maddie as she brushed her silky hair behind her ear. "I think I need at least three more nights. How about Saturday evening?"
"Okay, works for me," he replied. "But only if you flash me a little something to hold me over for that extra day?"
"Alright," she grinned coyly, leaning over to expose her enormous tits to Tom. "And as an added bonus," she said as she lifted her miniskirt to reveal her lacy black panties. "Now I've got to run. Bye, sexy!" and she turned around, leaving Tom drooling at the preview of what he was going to see Saturday night. But the one thing that struck him as odd was a small bulge pushing out from Maddie's panties. He spent the rest of the day wondering about what it could be. Tom fell asleep that night wondering with a slight doubt in his mind about Maddie's 'imperfection'.
          That night, Maddie left the song she was listening to on repeat as she donned headphones, knowing that Tom could still hear the tape, even if no one else in the dorms could. So all through the night, Tom's subconscious was molded by the repeating poetic line:
"You know what you fear,
About Maddie dear.
That small hint of doubt,
 Is beginning to clout,
 all of your judgment now.
You want to discover,
What's under her cover.
You desire to feel,
That suspected eel,
Which slithers in her gown.
You yearn to touch,
Because you have a hunch,
That she is no 'she' down below."
         So Tom spent all of the next day, and all of Friday, staring at the now apparent mass between Maddie's legs. It was apparent as she strutted towards him in her extremely short skirts, blowing him a kiss as she did, and it was obvious whenever she arched her back to stretch, tossing her soft, straight locks back as she thrust her mystery package forward. Each night he laid down, trying to rationalize how a beauty like Maddie could have a manly surprise in her groin area, falling asleep to Maddie's song as it shaped his subconscious each night to make him more and more intent to discover the truth about his dream 'girl'.
          Before he knew it, it was Saturday night. He had spent three whole days pondering Maddie's hidden item and unknowingly spent three nights becoming more and more lustful to find out what it was for sure. A soft knock on his door jolted him from his life-absorbing trance and he opened the door to find Maddie leaning sexily against the door frame in only her black corset, black panties, and matching 5" pumps. Tom quickly glanced at her face and noted the excessive amount of mascara and black eye shadow, her eyebrows shaped into a sexy arch, and her shiny lips colored with red lipstick. Her hair was straightened and covered most of her right eye, adding to the sexy appeal of the gorgeous locks that ran down to her shoulders. The corset pushed her breasts up beautifully, making them appear larger and more inviting. But Tom's eyes lingered on her panties, where the small bulge he had just noticed three days ago now seemed like a large lighthouse beacon, attracting all of his attention. Eventually looking back into her deep brown eyes, he offered her a seat on his bed. He sat down first and Maddie sexily swayed over to join him, opting to sit in his lap instead of on his bed. She nuzzled against him, pressing her tits into his chest to try and seduce him. Yet all Tom could do was stare at her panties, feeling something in there press against his thigh. Maddie finally caught the gaze and smiled. "Oh, I see you already have something in mind that you want to see instead of my song. That's okay. I knew you were the man for me by the way you gaze at me lustfully."
          She dismounted from his lap and motioned for him to move away and turn around. "I don't think it's proper for you to see me undress," she chided jokingly. Finally, after removing all of her clothes, Maddie gave him the okay to turn around. Tom obeyed, and was shocked and surprisingly pleased with what he saw.
          There sat Maddie, her enormous breasts freed fully, her hair tickling the tops of her mounds. But down below, there was a large, 7" erect cock between her legs! "Now, I hope this isn't too much of a shock for you," she said as she began to play with her dick. "I tried to drop some hints for you before our date. But the fact that you still went through with the date and aren't running away means you're curious. Am I right?"
          Tom stood still, getting a stiffie of his own seeing Maddie naked. "Yeah, guess I am interested," he confessed, bewildered. "I just don't understand how someone like you can look so stunning and still hide that huge member!"
"Yes, I suppose it is an art. But anyone, man, woman, or anything in between, can look as sexy as me with a little work. Why, even you could be a hot blonde if you wanted to!"
          Maddie smiled as she saw a somewhat dreamy gaze from Tom at that comment. He then opened his mouth to reply, then shut it quickly. "You want to touch it, don't you?" whispered Maddie.
"Yes," mumbled Tom, blushing as he did.
"Well, I'm sorry dear," replied Maddie forlornly as she began to gather her items from off the ground. "I have a strict policy of only letting women, or people who dress like women, touch my dick. So you will never be able to feel my dick. Unless, of course," she said, stopping her walk away from Tom to look over her shoulder at him. "You dressed like a decent woman." With that final comment hanging in the air, Maddie exited Tom's room through the joint door between their rooms, softly locking it behind her.

          So there sat Tom, more confused than ever. Here was his dream girl, someone who wasn't really a girl at all! Even worse, Tom was beginning to realize the extent of his obsession with her cock. Some part of him was actually considering dressing as a woman to get a hold of Maddie's dick! Trying to fight the thoughts in his head, Tom went to sleep, swearing to himself that he was going to break romantic ties with Maddie the next morning. But Maddie's new tape had other plans in mind. The new recording, programmed to play continuously for a month when Tom was sleeping, attacked the macho part of his subconscious, instead programming these thoughts into his head:
"You don't want to touch, you want to suck Maddie's beautiful cock. After seeing it in all its glory, mere touching cannot suffice. You want to taste her womanly seed, revel in her thick, erect glory. But to achieve this, you know you must become the woman of her dreams. Ask her what she wants. Buy the necessary products. Find out how to use them. Act more feminine, talk more feminine, think more feminine. If you do this, you will then get what you need to satisfy you."
Over and over the tape played, day after day, week after week. The very next day after their visit, Tom went to meet Maddie. After greeting each other, Tom asked, "So Maddie, what is your idea of a perfect woman?"
"Keeping you options open, eh?" smiled Maddie knowingly. "Well, I like a very feminine blond woman in black, with lots of jewelry, heavy makeup, and lots of perfume. Oh, and lace and short skirts are a requirement." " Anything else, you want to know, Tom? Or should I call you Tina?" she teased.
          Tom walked away with a huff at that comment, muttering to himself that he was "Just keeping his options open." But after another six days with the hypnotizing tape playing, there was only one option 'Tom' wanted. After that first week, he had gathered up enough courage to spend his entire month's paycheck on a wig, makeup, blouses, skirts, corsets, bras, panties, stockings, heels, jewelry, and perfume. After five more days of the tape, 'Tina' had gotten very skilled with makeup, jewelry, perfume, matching clothes, and fixing her hair. The end of the third week found Tina dolled up every night, swaying her hips, prancing around in 5" heels, acting feminine in every way possible, just as the tape recommended. 27 days after her encounter with Maddie's true self, Tina finally became comfortable with her new self. Dressed up in her favorite outfit, she looked at herself in the mirror. She quite stunning, just like Maddie had said was possible. She was scantily clad in a black, nylon mesh mini dress that was very see through and ended just below her very visible lace panties. Her smooth, hairless legs ended in 5" stiletto heels, while a lace choker covered her Adam's apple. Black bracelets jingled on her wrists, while long, black chandelier earrings hung sexily from her newly pierced ear lobes.  Her hair was long and soft, a brown wig with lots of blonde highlights, giving Tina the appearance of being a dirty blonde. Her bangs parted off to the sides so that hair hung like curtains pulled just barely across her exquisitely made-up eyes. Below her delicately arched eyebrows, Tina's blue eyes were framed by long, thick lashes heavy with mascara, while purple eye shadow on her eyelids and white eye shadow just below her eyes and above the purple made her long lashes pop even more. Just below her nose, between two flawless cheeks, Tina's lips were drawn into a perfect cupid's bow, with light pink lipstick and matching, moist lip gloss to perfect those cock-hungry lips.
          Satisfied with the perfection of her look, Tina decided that it was time to reveal her new self to Maddie. After spritzing on a healthy dose of perfume, Tina sauntered over to the door joining her room with Maddie's and knocked daintily on it. Posing in the same way Maddie did during their last date, leaning sexily against the door. Maddie opened it after a minute, hiding her pleased smile by covering her hand over her mouth as she saw the raging beauty before her. "Hello, beautiful," moaned Tina lustfully in her new, feminine voice. "I'm Tina Serenity. But I can't be serene without a chance to put my lips on that beautiful cock of yours. Come on, baby. Let me at it."
          Maddie smiled, pleased with the results of her hypnotic tapes. "Why, hello, 'Tina'," she chucked. "I see you were eager to meet my demands for getting your slutty lips on my cock. What a surprise. I had you pegged for a bimbo slut the minute I saw you. But enough talk. Let's complete your transition."
          With that, Maddie stripped down, exposing her semi-erect cock, smiling at how the heavily made-up eyes of Tina lit up at the site of it. "Now, slut, I am going to put these headphones on your head, and then you will suck me off. Understand, bimbo?" Tina nodded, licking her frosty pink lips eagerly. So Maddie put the headphones on Tina's soft blond head and over her ears, while the final tape began to finish the transformation of Tom into Tina.
          "Your name is Tina. You are a bimbo slut who loves sucking Mistress Maddie's cock. You will follow her every command, partially because you are too stupid to act of your own free will, but mostly because you want another opportunity to suck Mistress' cock. Now grab her cock."
          Tina followed the orders of the tape, grasping Maddie's large member in her dainty hand. "Pump your hand, you bimbo," ordered the tape. "Feel it grow in your hand, all warm and thick. You love this feeling, don't you, Tina?"
"Oh yes," moaned Tina as she began to pump Maddie's cock with her hand.
"Now take Mistress Maddie's wonderful dick in your mouth. Love the taste of your lipstick mingling with her swollen flesh. Now work it around in your mouth. Please your mistress."
          Maddie began to gasp with pleasure as Tina's lips and tongue began to work her into an orgasm. "Any minute now," whispered the tape to poor Tina. "Mistress Maddie will begin to release her seed into you delicate mouth. You are to swallow all of it, not letting a single drop of her sweet nectar escape. After this final act, when you swallow her seed, Tom will be gone, and Tina will be here forever. You will only be able to think about feminine things like makeup, fashion, shopping, cleaning for Mistress,  and pleasing Mistress. So say goodbye, Tom. Tina is here to stay."
          As this final statement was uttered, some part of Tom's subconscious reared up, realizing the gravity of the situation. He screamed in Tina's head, "Noooooooooo!" as Maddie finally climaxed and erupted into Tina's mouth. After swallowing Maddie's sperm, Tina's head cleared, of Tom, her past, and almost everything else. She looked up at Maddie with a blank, yet happy stare, her dirty blonde hair falling over her left eye. Maddie smiled at her, pleased with how good her bimbo had gotten at makeup in such as short amount of time. "Well, slut, did you like your first blowjob?" she asked.
"Oh yes, Mistress Maddie," squealed Tina. "Your cock is absolutely scrumptious!"
"Yes, it's just one of the many chores that you will be doing around here from now on, such as cleaning, washing, and serving guests."
"Oh goodie! I can't wait!"
"I know, neither can I! But first, we ought to go shopping, improve your appearance a little, and then you can move in with me!"
"Oh, thank you, thank you, Maddie! How would I every get along without you?"
"Not very well, sweetie. You're a bit hopeless when it comes to thinking activities. So come on, let's go!"
          And with that, Maddie led Tina through the department store, both scantily clad in 5" heels, where they purchased the frilliest panties, bras, and dresses, as well as very revealing clothes and slutty makeup. A quick stop at the local plastic surgeon gave Tina an ass to die for, as well as size 32FF breasts that only added to her bimbo appearance. Finally, a trip to the salon ended up with Tina getting her eyebrows permanently arched, slutty permanent makeup applied, false lashes glued in, collagen lips to make them the perfect cock-sucking size, two inch acrylic nail attachments that were painted pink, and long, bleach blonde hair extensions that allowed the stylists to give Tina lots of volume on top with hair still way past her shoulders. She was a walking wet dream, who tottered around Maddie's room in 5" pink stilettos, pink panties, and a pink see-through blouse every day, serving Maddie's every whim. After a little practice adding a little makeup, Tina looked stunning 24/7, with long, thick lashes, black eye shadow and eyeliner, and of course shiny pink lipstick and lip gloss to make her puffy lips that much more slutty. She was Maddie's blonde bimbo, but Maddie had plans for her. A new junior had taken over Tina's old dorm room after she had left for Maddie's room, and she had seen him eye Tina's waggling, exposed butt many a time in the halls. Maddie suspected that with a little influence from the tape, Tina could have her own little playmate to suck off and be serviced by. It's like they say, she thought to herself as she watched Tina tease her cock with her pink lips. Curiosity killed 'The Cat', but satisfaction brought 'her' back.

Images credited to Steffi at steffimariechen.blogspot.com and Nikki at nikkissweetdreams.blogspot.com

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  1. I loved the story. it was absolutly brilliant. Please write more.