Monday, January 31, 2011

Bimbo Powder, by BIMBO Inc

This is a new idea I am going to keep running for a while. I am going to "advertise" various products for BIMBO Inc and keep a running chain of these products under the BIMBO Inc label on this blog. The first idea is BIMBO POWDER! Check it out! 

The Joys of Femininity

Not every guy is forced into femininity! Some awaken their fairer side willingly, with fantastic results!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Ballad of Julia Hot

These three caps are a part of fictional storyline in which a male singer was transformed into an amazing diva named Julia Hot, who inspired record companies everywhere to get male singers in touch with the higher-pitched side of the musical scale. Enjoy!

"Julia Hot"

"Kirsten Kunt"

"April LeFine"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Elena's Angels (and Fairies)

Wow, I really haven't posted in a while. Things have been hectic with the holidays and whatnot, and I hope that these 'heavenly' captions will help make up for lost time.

My inspiration for doing this themed post is based off of a wonderful picture from Titillating TG Captions (the link for it is here:
I found these images so amazing that I just had to recaption them. And then make some more angels. And a few more still! So all credit for the images in the first two captions go to Titillating TG Captions @

Hope you enjoy these gifts from above!