Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camp Cheerio: Michelle and Natasha

The second edition of the "Camp Cheerio" theme. This time, two boys have to use their heads to either escape or try and win the competition for their freedom. They try different approaches; with different results! I had a lot of fun with this one, and enjoy the moral of the story in the last caption!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Screwing With Sis

Hello all. Sorry its been so long since I last posted. Life had just been busy, and when I have had time to commit to this blog, my mind has been fluttering around too much to find something solid. On the plus side, that means that the next "Hypnotic Wishes" segment is on its way, while the idea for the next "S.H.E.M.A.L.E Starz" is firmly locked down. On the minus side, it means less captions, so all I have for you today is this one, which I actually enjoyed writing. It is a single caption split into three sections detailing the slow, self-imposed transformation of a young online blogger. Sigh. The ends to which sibling competition and one-upping will push you too is simply marvelous. Enjoy.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jeanne the Feminizing Genie

This is a 5-part multicap collection about Jeanne the Genie. She talks about her past, her experience with her powers, and finally, gives a very special wish to the boy listening to her stories. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

S.H.E.M.A.L.E Starz - Part 3

Had a little bit of writers block that prevented me from getting this part of the series out sooner. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. This time we find that Serena and Hallie utilize their "hypnotic" attractiveness to bring in a third member to the club: Emily Starz. Enjoy!

Part 3: Emily Starz

     Serena and Hallie spent the better part of the week improving their appearance and routines, each excited by the knowledge that they had a friend they could confide in. But their lives as part of the Seven Stars also had to be prioritized over their lives as the two Starz. Mel was hosting another party at his house and this time expected everyone to come with dates. Sora and Hal began to fret over what they were going to do, when Hal came up with an idea.
     "Sora?" Hal asked meekly. "I was thinking...I've never had much luck with girls. I've always shown up to these parties alone, and everyone has given me hell for it. So I was wondering...would you be my date? Just for the night?"
     "You mean as Serena?" Sora asked. Hal nodded. "Well, I don't know...give me a little while to think about it," Sora replied. The next few days were a little awkward between Sora and Hal. Sora had still not given any word on what he thought about Hal's proposal, and Hal felt kind of bad for putting his friend on the spot. Finally, it was the night of the party, and Sora still hadn't told Hal anything. Sighing, Hal slowly got ready for another party alone, when the doorbell rang. He slowly went to the door, and was shocked at what he found waiting for him:
     "You didn't think I would leave a friend hanging like that, did you?" asked Serena, standing at the door dressed in a sleek silver cocktail dress.
     Hal smiled. "You are wonderful! And you look so chic! But what are we going to tell are friends about you?"
     "Well, we'll just say that I'm a girl you met down at Sora's club, and leave it at that! Plus, we can say that Sora was working late, so that takes care of both of my personalities."
     "Great! Let's get going."
     Serena and Hal entered Mel's place to quite a few shocked faces. "Who's the blond with Hal?" Albert whispered to Lars.
     "Not a clue," Lars replied, smiling. "But I'm glad he's finally sticking his neck out to get a date."
     Hal and his mysterious new girlfriend were the stars of the party. All of Hal's friends wanted to know who this beautiful girl who socialized with the group like she was a part of it since they all first met was. Hal stood by her and was able to disarm most of the tough questions. But when Mel pulled him aside, Hal became a little more nervous.
     "Hey buddy," Mel smiled, throwing his arm around Hal's shoulders. "Looks like you've landed quite a catch."
     "Yeah, she's pretty special," replied Hal.
     "Well, listen. Me and Emilio have been noticing how you have been a little distant; not very intimate with her. I bet Emilio a hundred bucks that you've got it in you to make out with your date by the end of the night. He says there's no way that you've got the guts. So what do you say? Will you prove him wrong for me? Just this once?"
     "I don't know..." said Hal, suddenly a little nervous. "I don't think she would appreciate moving this fast..."
     "Well, how about this. I'll give you 15 minutes to maneuver around her doubts; then I'm going to send Emilio into the room with you. Show him what you've got."
     "I think that's a little too..." Hal sighed as Mel exited the room without another word. He quickly walked over to Serena. "We have a problem," he murmured. "Mel is expecting you and I to act a bit more...friendly."
     "What do you mean?" asked Serena, perplexed.
     "Well, when Emilio walks into the room in a few minutes, Mel wants us to be...oh shit! Here comes Emilio now! Quick, kiss me!"
     Serena instinctively puckered up, and received her first kiss as a girl right as Emilio walked into the room. It was so much different than she had expected...she was almost sad to have Hal slowly pull back to address Emilio, who was standing there grinning stupidly.
     "Man, Hal, it looks like you caught an easy one!" he chuckled. "I would love to check out Sora's club if the girls are this willing."
     "Only willing for the right price," Serena smiled, flashing a dazzling smile. "But for a stud like Hal, or even yourself, its free of charge!"
     "Really?" asked Emilio, slowly pacing towards Serena.
     "Yeah," Serena replied, looking at Hal as she spoke. "In fact, I bet I could get Sora to hook you up with a great girl from our club; her name is Hallie, she's quite stunning, and very willing..."
     "Is that so?" Emilio's eyes lit up, unaware at of the deep color of scarlet on Hal's face. "When do you think I could meet her?"
     "But...but Emilio...what about Tiffany, your girlfriend?" stammered Hal.
     "Bah, what she doesn't know won't kill her," Emilio said, turning to Serena. "So how about Saturday night? Could I swing by to see this 'Hallie' then?"
     "Sure thing," Serena grinned. "I'll make sure Sora has her she's ready by 8 o'clock."
     "Great. See you then," Emilio called out as he lumbered out of the room.
     "Serena, what have you done?" exclaimed Hal as soon as Emilio was out of earshot. "I can't face my friend as Hallie...what if he finds out? He'll rip me limb from limb!"
     "Hal, I did a huge favor for you tonight by not only coming to the party, but kissing you as well," stated Serena, leaving out the fact that the kiss was a bonus for her as well. "So like I was a friend to you, you can be a friend for Tiffany. I have no intention of letting Emilio get away with his infidelity; you will be the bait that catches him in our trap."
     "What did you have in mind?"
     "I have an idea, but I want to run it by Tiffany first. Let's get down to the club early tomorrow morning - you'll need a lot of time to get ready for your big night anyways..."

     "I love the idea!" exclaimed Tiffany after Serena told her the plan the following morning. "I always knew that Emilio was the type to look at other girls behind my back, but this is going too far! I will punish him for this!"
     "That's the idea," nodded Serena. "Hal, are you sure you're comfortable with all of this?"
     Hal swallow. "I guess. I'm still really nervous about him discovering who I am, but once I get over the awkwardness of the role, I suppose it won't be that bad."
     "That's the spirit!" Tiffany smiled. "Now come on, sweetie, I'll help you get ready. You've got a big night ahead of you, and I want you to look fabulous!"
     The plan was then set into place. Tiffany, knowing all about Emilio, knew exactly how to get Emilio's attention. "He's big on the feminine girly-girls," she said. "So we'll get you all dolled up in pink with some nice frills and curls." And did Hallie look feminine. By the time they were done, Hallie's hair was lusciously wavy, her eyes were big and surrounded by large amounts of mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. With some nice pink lipstick, arched eyebrows, and a frilly pink dress, Hallie looked every bit the girl she had become in the last week at the club.
     "You look absolutely wonderful, Hallie," Serena smiled warmly. "You really are one of the brightest shining Starz around."
     "Oh, stop it," blushed Hallie. "There's only two of us Starz who have embraced the fairer sex anyways, so that's not really that great of an impression."
     "Well, I don't know," Tiffany said, slowly inspecting every detail of Hallie's attire. "You're looking pretty good. Flawless even. But it takes more than a pretty face and sparkling personality to win Emilio over; he likes his clean, proper girls to have a bit of a dirty side, if you know what I mean. Will you be up to the challenge?"
     Hallie took a deep breath. "I think so. In fact, I know just what I am going to do," she said with a determined look in her eye. Tiffany and Serena smiled at each other. Hallie had blossomed from a timid bud into a courageous flower, and they only just beginning to see her petals open. "Alright," said Serena. "All we have to do now is wait."

     Serena and Tiffany spent the next hour preparing the club for Emilio's arrival. Although the club was not officially open, there were still many stagehands and other performers who needed to be out of the building so Hallie could act without the potential for interference. Mr. Ru was quite helpful with all this, winking at the girls knowingly. "Only one more performer left and we are open for business," he smiled. "Make sure you catch a good one!"
     At exactly 8 o'clock, everything was ready. Serena waited at the door, while Tiffany and Hallie hid backstage. To her surprise, Emilio was actually on time for once in his life, and Serena greeted him with welcome arms. "Hello," she smiled warmly. "It's good to have you here."
     "You know it," retorted Emilio boldly, his eyes scanning the large room hungrily. "So where's Sora? Does he have that girl ready to go?"
     "Oh, don't worry. Sora's around here somewhere," Serena chuckled to herself. "But he's attending to business right now, so you won't be able to see him tonight."
     "Whatever," Emilio shrugged. "I guess we can skip the formalities. Hey, isn't this place a little empty, though?"
     "Yup. Sora got it cleared out especially for you. It'll be just Hallie and you tonight, free of charge."
     "Excellent.  I'm looking forward to it. So wear is she?"
     "I bet she's just finishing right now. Hallie? Are you done? Why don't you come out, honey?"
     Serena and Emilio turned to the back of the room where the entrance to the dressing rooms were, and both stood stunned as they watched Miss Hallie Starz strut out of the room and down the catwalk. Serena stood still for a moment, shocked by the fact that Hallie had switched to an even shorter, skimpier dress and added long, chandelier earrings in the hour that Serena had been cleaning, and impressed by the fact that she made herself look even more radiant than before. Serena recovered her composure quickly, but this was not the case for Emilio; he stood mouth agape, practically drooling over the sight of this unknown beauty. "Hey there, big boy," cooed Hallie as she came closer to Emilio. "I heard I was going to be working with a stud tonight, but I think they undersold you."
     "Emilio, this is Hallie Starz," smiled Serena, almost giggling as Emilio tried his hardest to keep from jizzing his pants right then and there. "I'll leave you two kids alone. Call if you need anything."
     She then departed, leaving Hallie all alone with a sex-starved testosterone-charged beast of a man. Yet for some reason she felt no hint of fear for her friend. She's got a fire in her heart and soul, Serena thought to herself. Emilio better hope he doesn't leave with burns.
     Hallie waited until Serena was completely out of sight before she began to work, slowly moving closer to Emilio. "So," she said, practically a foot away from Emilio. "I hear your looking for some fun tonight. Is that right?"
     Emilio nodded, without words for the first time in my life.
     "Good," she smiled seductively. "But first, let's get ourselves into the mood a bit. Serena, could you bring us out some wine?"
     She motioned for Emilio to sit down, and touched him provocatively the whole time that Serena was serving the wine. "You look nervous," Hallie said with a sexy little laugh. "Am I making you uncomfortable?"
     "Not at all," gasped Emilio, almost spilling his wine after Hallie rubbed his crotch for the first time. "I've just never had someone come on this strong before in my life!"
     "That's funny," Hallie crooned as Emilio gulped down more wine. "Hal always told me that you were always such a forceful fellow. I figured you'd appreciate the same up-frontness from me."
     "Oh, I am really appreciating this! But how do you know Hal?" he asked, suddenly quizzical.
     "Hal and I go a long ways back," Hallie said, brushing off the awkward moment with ease. He used to confine in me during the first years of high school, and we've been extremely close ever since."
     "Is that so? I've never seen you hanging around with him ever. And trust me, I wouldn't miss a beauty like you."
     "I'm sure you wouldn't," replied Hallie, chuckling to herself. "But that doesn't matter now. What matters is that you are done with your wine, and I am ready to perform. So go on, sit on that chair over there. I've got a special lap dance routine worked out just for you."
     Emilio immediately got up and placed himself in the chair that Hallie had pointed to. As soon as he sat down, she began her routine. She began dancing slowly and provocately, thrusting out her ass and bust and flouncing her hair in his face. After about a minute she unzipped the back of her dress and peeled it off, revealing nothing but a pink bikini and a matching bra. Emilio sat mesmerized as Hallie climbed into his lab and began grinding away, slowly working his already agitated manhood into a frenzy. This isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, Hallie thought to herself as she continued to gyrate. He isn't as big as he claims he is; hell, it's barely a prick! He deserves what's coming to him.
     Eventually, right after she felt the first tremor throbbing against her ass, Hallie dismounted her ecstatic partner and looked at him with a grin on her face.
     "Don't stop!" he pleaded. "Dear god, don't stop now! I want to see you dance a little bit more!"
     "Sorry," Hallie shook her head. "You're night is done. But trust me; you will see me dance plenty of times in the next week."
     "Good..." Emilio smiled, as he passed out from the drug in his drink. He wouldn't wake up for another three hours.

     As soon as Hallie was sure that Emilio was out, she called over Serena and Tiffany, and the three girls got to work. They immediately slipped headphones on his ears and let a special, pre-designed tape play on continuous loop for the next three hours. Meanwhile, the girls dragged him back into the dressing room, took off his clothes, and hid his unsightly boner in a nice pair of panties. They shaved his body, dressed him up in new feminine attire, and worked on his makeup. Tiffany insisted that they go overboard and make him look like an overly-feminine doll; Serena and Hallie were more than happy to comply. Finally, there came the fake breasts, jewelry, and a beautiful auburn wig hand selected by Tiffany. "He won't be able to cheat his way out of being a girl with that head of hair," grinned Tiffany maniacally. After that, the rest of the time was spent at a dentist applying braces to permanently fix Emilio's crooked teeth. Then the three girls carried the feminized boy back to the club, strapped him to a chair and waited.
     When Emilio came to, he was a little groggy. "Wha...what happened?" he mumbled.
     "Why Emily, you're awake!" exclaimed Tiffany. "I so glad! You've been so busy lately; I want to make sure you like all the changes!"
     "What are you talking about? I'm not Emily; my name is Emilio."
     "Not anymore its not. Take a look in the mirror!"
     Emilio slowly gazed into the mirror that was being held up before him. What he saw shocked him. Instead of seeing his usual rugged self, he saw a very whorish-looking girl with long auburn hair and excessive makeup coated around her eyes. His brown eyes had been changed to an icy blue which matched the ridiculous shade of blue eyeshadow that perfectly accented his long false eyelashes. Thin, highly arched feminine eyebrows, a cupids bow-shaped pink lips, and two little mounds under a cute top left no doubt that Emilio was indeed "Emily".
     "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?" he screamed, then gasped as he saw that it was Tiffany holding up the mirror. "Tiffany? How could you do this?"
     "No, Emily," Tiffany retorted. "The question you should be asking is 'What have I done to myself?' You see, you have been cheating on me frequently, demeaning both myself and the girls you treat like crap. So of course I wanted revenge and jumped at the opportunity to do this. So now, you'll be working at the club with me, which fills the need for more drag performers, and I lose my disgusting boyfriend. It's a double win!"
     "Like hell I'll be working at this club!" he yelled, trying to break free of his bonds to rise out of his chair. "Never!"
     "Oh, c'mon, have an open mind. At least you'll be able to work with your friends..." Tiffany smiled.
     "What do you mean working with my friends..." Emilio asked suspiciously, then froze, with his mouth agape, staring at where Tiffany was staring. "You two..."
     "That's right," Serena said as she and Hallie briefly removed their wigs. "It's Sora and Hal. How are you doing?"
     "Wait," said Emilio slowly. "If Hal is Hallie, that means..."
     "Yup," chuckled Hallie. "You just got a lap dance from a guy. But I should be the one ashamed - you didn't even offer much up, if you know what I mean."
     Emilio's face grew red. "Shut up! Just shut up! I can't believe this! Release me! I'm leaving!"
     "You think you have a choice in this," sighed Tiffany, shaking her head. "Very well, we'll release you, but only to prove a point." She untied the bonds on Emilio's arms and stood back as he marched towards the exit. "Oh, by the way," she called out, right as he was about to leave. "I see Emily, let Emily see me!"
     Emilio froze in place. "Why don't you put on a new outfit and touch up your makeup, Emily?" Tiffany suggested. Instantly Emily made a beeline for the dressing room. The three other girls slowly followed, and were amused to find Emily touching up her makeup, as asked, already having changed into a new outfit with a black jacket and black leather pants. "You look cute!" Tiffany giggle. "Give me a smile!" Emily did as she was told without question, and then Tiffany snapped her fingers as her ex-boyfriend was in the middle of a pose. "What the hell just happened to me?" asked Emilio as he realized how he was posing.
     "Oh, I'm sure you know what's happened. That's part of the training," Tiffany explained. "See, I flooded your brain with hypnotic commands in the last three hours so that if I say a certain phrase, I can bring about the dormant 'Emily' personality, while shoving your personality to the background. You and your personality are completely aware of what is going on, but you can't do anything about it!"
     "You can't do this!" Emilio stammered, suddenly nervous. "I'll tell everyone who you really are," he said, looking at Serena and Hallie, "And I'll explain what you did to me!"
     "Good luck with that," scoffed Tiffany. "Try it. Say Serena, Hallie, and you're own real names."
     "No problem," Emilio retorted. He pointed at Serena. "You are! God damn it!" He turned to Hallie, frustrated. "You're name is Hallie. No...Ha..Ha...Hall...Hallie Hallie Hallie! Gaaaahhh!" Emilio screamed. "I am Emil..y, no Em...Emil...Emily! I can't do it!" He broke down in tears, falling to the ground.
     "There, there," Tiffany said. "Don't worry. I'll help you adjust to your new life in the club. We'll have you dressing properly, doing your makeup, and dancing in heels in no time! You'll be just like the rest of us; just another shemale dancer, the third of the Starz!"
     "Wait, what do you mean, 'just like the rest of us'? Aren't you are girl?"
     Tiffany laughed. "Silly Emily. Didn't you know all this time that we were dating that I used to be a man?"
     This new information was simply too much for poor Emily. She fainted on the spot, collapsing into the arms of Tiffany. "Well, I guess she didn't know," she said sheepishly. "Oh well, I better get her backstage. And you, Miss Hallie, excellent work," she said, smiling at her friend. "We ought to call you Hallie 'Heartbreaker' Starz now for that performance!"
     "Aw, it was nothing," Hallie said modestly. "I just kind of blossomed at the right moment."
     "I'll say," smiled Serena. "Thanks to you, we caught final performer for the club. Now, with three Starz working at the club, we're open for business!"

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything...

Hello all. I have a lot of things I want to talk about regarding this blog, another website I think deserves mention, and a caption I've been meaning to show, so this post will kind of have a mix of everything. First off, for those of you waiting for the next part in the S.H.E.M.A.L.E. Starz series, I apologize for the wait - the story is almost complete and will be up this weekend for sure. Second off, I want to put in a plug for Strapped In Silk, a very wonderful website that contains a collection of audio tapes, written stories, images, and, best off, a weekly caption contest. Each week a new image is posted and you have an opportunity to email a caption off and possibly win a free hypnotic mp3. Even if you don't win or don't want to caption, the weekly images/captions are very entertaining, so I highly recommend checking out this contest at this link. I recently tried entering a caption in the contest for the first time, and although I didn't win, I was really pleased with how it turned out. Here is that caption; hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did:

Finally, as a last piece of business, I am actually really interested in sponsoring a caption contest of some sort. I don't really know if it would be better to post images and have people email me their captions, or if I have a contest of some sort and give a free caption to the winner(s) of the contest, but either way, I would like to know that I have a little bit of interest before I actually attempt to put something together. If you have an interest in participating in either of these contests, whether you make the caption or I make the caption for you if you win, please respond in the comments section for this post. Thnaks!

-Elena Starz

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Camp Cheerio

This is a multiple caption segment with two three part sequences. This is the first part with Jenson and Jim, or rather, Jenna and Gemma, the two newest recruits to Camp Cheerio, a prestigious cheer camp with a special section disciplinary section dedicated to "reinventing troubled youth and educating them in the wonders of cheerleading and femininity". The second part is the epilogue to Jenna and Gemma's stay at camp, which can be found here. Enjoy!

Camp Cheerio: Epilogue

Here is the epilogue to the Camp Cherrio segment with Jenna and Gemma, located here. What happens by the end of the summer to Jenna and Gemma? Read on to find out...