Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Ponytail: First Caption Contest!

Hello all! This is just a little taste to hold you over for captions to come, but I think it is a really good appetizer. I found this image recently and just had to do a caption for it. 

The image just screams "FEMININE", right? Anyways, I liked it so much that I have decided to ask if anyone would like to caption it and send it to me for a contest of sorts! It's nothing really fancy; just anybody inspired by the image, or anyone who likes captioning, just shoot me an email at with your name and your caption of this image. 

As a little added incentive, considering that this is a "contest" of sorts, I will pick a winner of the submitted captions (assuming that there is at least three, so please, submit at least something!), and this person shall receive a free caption courtesy of me! They will be able to pick what they want in the caption (theme, characters, specific attributes of the characters, ect.) and I will do my best to satisfy their request and post it on this blog! I will give TWO WEEKS for this contest, and post an update in about a week, so please, it would be awesome if I got at least three entries! To start your creative juices flowing, here is my captioning take on the image:

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