Monday, August 8, 2011

Caption Contest Results!

Hello everyone! I am back, as promised, after more than a week offline with results from the caption contest! I must say that I was glad that when I came back there were more than a few wonderful captions to look through and evaluate. I especially want to commend those among the entrees who were first time or one of the first time caption creators - all work received was wonderful, and I'm so glad that people worked up the courage to at least try! But while there were many great captions, one in particular caught my eye. This caption from The Knight is the one that curled my lashes, made me shudder with excitement, and really did the ponytail justice, and thus is the winner of the caption contest!
Knight, whenever you are ready, I am more than happy to make you a caption. Whatever you want, be it a caption for an image you already have, a scenario you want me to play out with an image I have, something with a blonde, a brunette, two guys turned into two girls, a willing guy, a guy hypnotized into a bimbo, whatever you heart desires, I will make it! Just post your requests in the comment section of this post or send me an email: I will make a caption ASAP after receiving your request. And to the others who entered the contest, do not grieve; I will also give you a caption of your choosing if you email me what you want in it (although I will prioritize The Knight's first). Thank you to all those who entered, and let me know in the comments section if you would like to do something like this again!

-Elena Starz

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