Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whose Idea was it Anyway?

These three captions are just messing around with the concept of hypnosis. In the first, Dianne (the girlfriend) hypnotizes Rosemary (the boyfriend) into a dress and wig for prom. In the second, Rosemary hypnotizes Dianne into "forcing" her to go to prom as a girl, because Rosemary wants to go. The third is the most complex; Dianne hypnotizes Rosemary into thinking that she hypnotized Dianne into "forcing" her to go to prom as a girl, because she wanted to go, but really this is just an idea placed in her head. In a bit of further explanation, Rosemary is always the redhead (and her dialogue/thoughts are in a matching red color), while Dianne is always the brown-haired girl (and her thoughts are in a matching brown color). This was done because the dress colors aren't identical in each image, even though the models are the same. Alright, hope this doesn't thoroughly confuse you, and if so, I hope the explanation here helps. Enjoy!


  1. Two of my favorite themes: hypnosis and prom! Love this set! When I first read your explanation of the third cap before I looked at the cap itself, I was a little confused but once I read the cap, it was very clear. I liked all the caps a lot and appreciate that for the third cap, you tried (and succeeded) in doing something a little different with the idea of hypnosis. Very creative and fun set!

  2. Very creative and well written set. Nice imaginative use of two well worked themes to make them fresh and entertaining as something never seen. Loved the picture choices the beautifully matched the creative stories. Very well done!

  3. i don't know if it's the idea of Prom, or the images themselves, but this series is terrific!
    The girls in the pix are sooooo cute, and the stories are something different and fun..

    did i say the dresses are to die for? they are.