Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cap for Courtney

Hello everyone! Long time no post! Its been a while, and I'm still not out of my captioning lull period yet, but I wanted to break up my break in caps with a caption I made for Courtney over at Courtney's Clean Caps. She is a fantastic captioner with some great themes and really hits all of my favorite styles when it comes to captioning. In order to pay my respects to her work, I got permission to make a cap in her name. Hope you all (and especially Courtney) enjoy the cap, and don't forget to check out her blog!
-Elena Starz


  1. Elena, lovely cap and you capture the essence of Courtneys blogs theme! He looks cute btw, will we see him in or after the salon visit?

  2. Great Cap Elena! I think he "doth protest too much" as a famous writer once said. Good to see you are still posting!

  3. Ha! I would have to do the same thing - short dress, blonde hair... but how to get the guy to cop a fell...?