Sunday, March 11, 2012

Odds and Ends to Discuss

Hello everyone! After spending so much time on the blog this week for the Week O' Caps, I did a little housekeeping to improve the blog. I added some new labels, in case anyone was looking for something specific to their interests, and a quick opinion poll at the bottom of each caption (which I see some people have already discovered, which is fantastic!). And with the opinion poll at the bottom, please don't hesitate to voice disapproval if you don't like it - constructive criticism can be just as helpful as compliments!

As for future posts, I've been deliberating on how to post future captions. I think that instead of doing sets of three captions in a post, I am going to split them up into multiple different posts. The main reason for this is that I realize that some of my labels for posts only apply for one or two captions in a large set, so doing one post per caption will let people access the kind of caption that they want more easily. This doesn't mean that I won't do themes, just the themes will be in multiple different caps posted on the same day. But the other advantage of this is that I could make posts whenever I finish one, as oppose to waiting until I finish a full set. So my question to you is this: would you prefer that I post a lot of caps (a full theme of 3-however many I do) about once a week, or spread out posts for the theme over the course of the week? Right now I'm leaning towards doing a lot of caps on one or two days a week, but I would like you to share your opinion in the following way: If you want me to keep doing a lot of caps on one or two days, click the "Fantastic!" option on the opinion poll at the bottom of this post; if you want me to do single caps 3-5 times a week, instead click "Below Average" in the same poll. Feedback in the comments section is also appreciated!

Okay, so I will be gauging the poll at the bottom of this post to judge what I should do - if I get a large vote one way or another, I will do that format for posting caps. 

Elena Starz

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