Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week O' Caps 6

Hi all! I know that this post is a bit later than the last few have been, but I said I was going to do a week straight of caps, and I won't drop that promise! This next cap is playing with a new concept I'm considering working with, based on the question "What makes a girl a girl?". There are a lot of qualities that differentiate boys from girls in society, and I think it would be interesting to focus on one of these traits per cap and have the guy transformed to reflect this. For example, this cap deals with makeup:

If you like the concept of picking traits to emphasize in a cap like this, let me know in the comments below. Even better would be if you have a specific trait you would like to see captioned: that would really help, as different people identify femininity with different qualities. So if you have thoughts, please share! Thanks!


  1. I love seeing beautiful hair on a woman and I would love to see that in a caption. Curly or complicated either way when I see long hair (especially red hair) it seems very girly.

  2. Thanks for submitting captions again. I would view your site hoping that you had put something new up. Now you are adding daily and every one is excellent. I hope you enjoy making them as much as we enjoy reading them.
    Best wishes.