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How You Dress it Up: A Matter of Perspective (Erik's Story), Part 2

To hold you over until I upload the final caption for the Thank You to Followers Week, here is the next installment of this new story. It follows directly after Part 1 and should be read as such. Enjoy!

How You Dress it Up: A Matter of Perspective (Erik's Story), Part 2

The news spread like wildfire through our little town. Reports that the Phillips had been forced to move out of their old city due to similar "issues" arose, and John Phillips took the week off, while Darlene remained inside their house as well. But poor little Judy...or whoever she really was...had to endure her first week of school. She was picked on by more than a few kids in school, including Matt. The teachers didn't really know what to do with her - the gym teacher, Mr. Bunyan, didn't know whether 'she' was a he who should change in the guys' dressing room, or whether she was really a girl, or even if 'she' was a he then he should change in the girls room because he acted like a she. Matt and his sophomore cousin Brett made the decision easy by refusing to admit her entrance to the boys room.

I felt really bad for Judy. Frank had reported that she started crying at least twice a day in classes, and on Friday had decided to go home early to avoid the torment. I was extremely shocked when I first figured it out Judy's secret, but I don't think anyone should have to suffer the kind of verbal abuse that she received that first week. But I suppose I had a unique relationship with crossdressers...

You see, my father was once a chronic crossdresser. He managed to keep it a secret from me most of my life, but at the age of 12 I discovered my mother and a tall, brunette woman having a heated argument in my parent's bedroom. And so I had my first conversation with my father, all dolled up in makeup, a wig, and a dress, about his fetish. He promised to stop, because Mom really seemed to dislike it. But about three months later, Mark and I discovered a large, secret stash of wigs and dresses deep in the attic, and we knew he hadn't given up his favorite pastime. We both were of the opinion that this was the reason why Mom left, but Dad said there were other factors too. He made a deal with us: "If you don't tell you're brother about my little secret or talk about your mother leaving," he said, fearful of repudiation by our younger, innocent 8 year old brother, "I promise to stop and be the best father you boys can ask for." We agreed, and Dad was true to his word - although he never could bring himself to getting rid of his stashes in the attic, he never once brought the box down into the rest of the house, and Frank never knew of Dad's more feminine side. Mom wasn't mentioned much after that, and it didn't matter because Dad was the best parent anyone could ask for.

For not knowing how close he was to a crossdresser, Frank had a large feeling of empathy for Judy. Saturday afternoon, he marched right up to the Phillips door (the first person in a week to do so) and asked if he could see Judy. To everyone surprise, he was not turned away, and actually spent the night at their house. He came home Sunday night, just as happy and bubbly as ever. "I think I found a new friend!" he exclaimed happily. Indeed, for the entirety of the second week of school, Frank and Judy could be side-by-side, always alone, but always together. Even when we got home, he couldn't stop talking about her. "She really just shy," he said one day, like there was no reason for her isolation. "Is she...actually a she?" I asked him out of curiosity. "I don't think so...but she's never out of a dress so I can't tell," he responded cheerfully, like it was no big deal. I was extremely proud of my brother at that moment - he was even more mature than me!

But although I was impressed with Frank, others weren't so keen on his interaction with Judy. Mrs. Sanders avoided him like the plague, and Mark had heard our father having long, heated conversations over the phone over what we assumed was Frank. Finally, one day in school, Matt confronted me. "Dude, why the hell has your brother been hanging out with...'her'?" he sneered, gesturing in the direction of where Frank and Judy were standing.
     "What's the big deal?" I asked. "So she's a little different...has she ever harmed you?"
     "It not about what she's doing now, it's what she's promoting in the future," he replied with disgust. "All it takes is one guy to dress like a girl, and everyone thinks its acceptable - its not! Like my grandpa says all the time, all it takes is someone to start an unnatural trend, and pretty soon the youth of this town - our generation - will be corrupted by such non-natural activities."
     I said nothing. "Fine," Matt muttered. "Stay passive. I for one am not going to let our town go to hell in a handbasket. So tell you're brother to leave "Judy" alone. I'll see you around."

He stalked off, managing to give Frank a hard shove on his way out. I stood there, upset by my friends words. How could he be so ignorant? Well if he's worried about unnatural activities, I thought to myself. I suppose we'll just have to make it a natural trend. As the bell rang for the end of school, I grabbed Frank by the wrist. "Be home by six o'clock sharp," I said. "Ow! Why so soon? I was going to go over to Judy's house..." he complained. "We're going to make our town go to heaven with a handbag," I replied mysteriously. "Just be on time."

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