Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For Cousin, For Duty...or For The Chance to be a Promgirl?

The fourth cap of the week is here! I felt like a prom cap, and had been saving this gorgeous image for a while, and hence this cap was made! I feel like I didn't highlight the elegant hair, beautiful dress, or the salon involvement quite as much as I could have, but I wanted to change up the style a bit by doing a cap that was focused more on dialogue with a narrated epilogue at the end. Hope you like this different style...tell me what works and what doesn't in the comments below!

P.S. THANK YOU TO DEMENTIA FOR NOTICING THE MISSING LINE! I totally forgot to double check, and I left a few words out...thank you so much! Here is the final, added version:


  1. Looks like the very end of your story got caught of, at least from what I could view.

    Figured you would want to know and maybe upload a corrected version.

  2. Terrific cap. Love the picture and the story. Also, I like what you did with the background of the text box so it matched Hallie's dress. Very well done!