Friday, September 28, 2012

Putting Her Sissy Into a Bind

7th day of caps, which means I have gone a full week! Whooohooo! I think I'm going to go for a little longer because I still have some nice images I want to use and I'm enjoying what I'm putting you, so keep tuning in for a cap a day! In the future, I'm actually going to have a lot of caps for you all because I've been doing some things on the Haven and for caption contests on other people's blog, so I would expect a cap a day for at least the next month...although there might not be any themes to the posts. Thank you all for your support and comments to help me reach 1 million votes, and for the continued love as this blog moves on towards 2 million!

So this cap is a little unique for me in that I don't normally do sissy caps and it wasn't even a part of the themes that people voted for - that being said, this image spoke to me enough that I KNEW that this was the kind of cap I wanted to make it I hope you enjoy this new twist of sorts!


  1. Love it! Great story and excellent pairing with the picture, I am so excited to keep seeing more of your caps!

  2. Very squirmy. I look forward to what you have upcoming for us.