Saturday, September 15, 2012

State of the Blog

Hello all! Just got back from my trip tonight and wanted to put something up real quick. I know the title of this post is a bit ominous, but I have good news. I was in and out for the three weeks that I was on my trip, and I realized that I REALLY missed captioning! Whenever I had time on the internet I tried to post something for you because I wanted to blog and do caps so badly! So basically, I will be making caps much more frequently in the future! Yay!

After that positive note, I wanted to use this post to deal with a few more things. The 2 year anniversary of the blog has passed, and by the end of the month we are projected to get out 1 millionth view of the blog! I'm incredibly excited, and wanted to do something special as a result. So here is what I'm proposing. I want you all to tell me what kind of caps and stories on this blog that you really like. Like captions or stories you think define my kind of captioning/storytelling, the kind that you read and say to yourself, "Yep, that's an Elena Starz cap!" I'm going to propose a few topics myself that I think epitomize me (and explain why), but if there are others you like, let me know! I want EVERYONE, at a minimum 10 people, ideally 25 or some crazy number of commenters, to post their preferences in response to this post, or in an email to me (love to get emails from you all! Love it!). The result of the most popular theme will be a week of caps based exclusively in tribute to that theme! So without further ado, here is my proposed "Elena Theme's"! 

1. Bimbos: Probably my favorite theme to write for you all, because the valley girl, airheaded talking style is so fun to make, and the images generally are really sexy too! Let me know if you like!
2. Hypnosis: My favorite method of transformation by far, because it can be so versatile and so believable, if you do it right! Tell me if this is your favorite!
3. Prom/Pageant: These caps tickle my fancy because they are memories of mine that are quite fresh due to my age, and the sexy hair and beautiful gowns/outfits are so much fun to pick out! If you want to crown this theme as the best in show, let me know!
4. Drag Queen: Not necessarily my most common theme in terms of numbers on my blog, but I've gotten a few emails asking for more of these caps, which is fine by me - I love the reality of this theme and its personal too, because drag queens were actually the reason I got into captioning (long story...). If you want more of the big and glamorous, tell me!
5. Salon/Hair: Ohhhh, how I love these caps! Big, beautiful (and especially blond) hair is the number one thing to get my juices flowing. If you enjoy reading about these transformations, let me know in a response, and add your favorite hair color! (I realize I sometimes overdo the blonde motif, so if you want some brunettes, redheads, or really love the blondes I caption, tell me!)

I will take any other themes you suggest into consideration (a great place to look for themes is on the labels on the right hand side of the blog...emo/scene, sluts, strippers, magic...all great ideas too). 

I realize this post is going on for a while, but I wanted to also put out the possibility of more stories and telling you about where I am in all of them. I would love to continue one storyline as a reward for 1 million hits on the blog, so I'm going to let you vote on those too! Here are the stories that are unfinished/I've been thinking about, with details that may influence your vote (like how long they take to make and how long until the series is completed...because it may take me a while to finish some, if that affects you opinion at all). And same with the caps, post what storyline you want continued in a comment or an email to me. Here are the options!:

1. S.H.E.M.A.L.E Starz: A lot of people have asked me if I finished, and I definitely have not. I've done three and plan on having seven at the end of the series (one for each of the Starz), so it might take a bit to finish, especially considering that it takes me a while to write each individual story. The benefit, besides the story plot, of course, is that each story is standalone, meaning I can post them one at a time and still give you enjoyment. Tell me if this is the one you want continued!

2. Hypnotic Wishes: I got REALLY close to finishing this one this summer, but ended up doing How You Dress It Up instead. I've done 5 of the seven I was planning on (one more hypnotism and the last one is The Pageant). They take a decent amount of time to make, but I would finish it soon. Let me know if you want to finish the last two in the series!

3. How You Dress It Up: A Matter of Perspective: The newest story, but also the longest...I've been posting it in small chunks, and will continue to do that if you all vote to prioritize the continuation of it. However, I plan on going through a full school year of events - homecoming, winter break/winter formal, Valentine's Day (maybe, TBD...), prom, and an epilogue of sorts which explain the long term results (as in, years into the future) of the crossdressing campaign at St. Elmo's. Let me know if you want to stick out this long term project and keep it going in the near future!

4. Mother's Know Best: I only did the first in this series, and I will continue it if it gets the most votes, but I really don't think its good enough to beat out any of the first three options. That said, I was planning on 2 or 3 more stories that are the longest individual posts of all the stories I've it would really take a while (especially because I lost some of the images I was going to use :'( ). I would personal dissuade you, but in the interests of democracy or in case you all surprise me and pick this as your favorite, I'm listing it as an option. Let me know...

Phew! Long post, but all done now. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote on your caption theme you want to see for a week-long celebration of that theme at the end of the month, as well as a storyline to continue in early October. I want this to work with lots of voices as a celebration of the work on this blog, so help me make this dream come true and comment or email me at PLEASE!!!!

-Elena Starz


  1. It is always a pleasure to see something added to your blog. I was first drawn in by your S.H.E.M.A.L.E. Stars and truly enjoyed the style and the episodes even though the overly made up Drag Queen is not one of my favorite. The photos did fit in well with the story.
    I think some of my favorite story line would include multiple parts of your list. Perhaps several photos as the story progresses of someone in hiding that needs to totally disappear. With the help of a "trusted" friend, acting the airhead Bimbo and talked into a little hypnosis to take the rough edges off. An extended period and the love of the clothes and power over some men. Perhaps to throw in a few hypno phrases to control the Lady's action.
    I am sure that you kan run a set that would be most enjoyable.
    Welcome back and so looking forward to anything that you might work up for us.
    Stay safe.

  2. Congratulations on the stupendous view count! That's really quite an achievement and a testament to your ongoin efforts! I can appreciate the energy needed to make such an output- my own collaborative being so neglected by me at the moment! In terms of your cations, I always swing by in the hopes of catching a bimbo cap. It's certainly a real fetish of mine, but in truth the thug that stands out from your captions is that they're always good fun! I imagine a large part of that comes from your enjoyment making them, so I'd suggest that you just keep doing what you feel! Q's long as you're enjoying it, everything else is just a bonus!

  3. I would like to see plenty more blonde bimbos. especially In the saloon. I would also like to see you finish the hypnotic whises story. well done on all these landmarks!!!

  4. I agree with Ms Lara, I would love to see more blonde bimbos in a salon. You have a great site here Elena, thank you for all that you do!

  5. Congratulations on your view-count accomplishment!

    My vote of preference would have to go to Prom and/or Hair - I enjoy classy pictures of women in their beautiful dresses, and I am a gigantic sucker for auburn redheads.

    I have not yet read all of your stories, so I'll have to hold off on choosing. Cannot pick a favorite if one I like more is just around the corner lol

    Again, congrats on your 1 millionth viewer :)

  6. Elena, I love prom /pageant themes. You've been kind to use my name in one awhile back. Thanks andi live yor very creative and entertaining blog. You can incorporate the salon theme in to a prom/pageant theme.
    Another favorite of mine is a lost bet. A guy as to go all the way with a transformation due to losing a bet with a friend, male or female. You can also incorporate a theme to what he has to wear; a Halloween outfit, cocktail dress, ...
    Look forward to future capa

  7. Congratulations on your big one mil! As for the captions, it's a pretty close decision but I'm gonna go for Salon, mainly because you can add elements of the other four categories (Bimbo-Salon, Drag-Salon, etc.).

  8. I think I will go along with the drag queen choice, and with it the making of a drag queen by hypnotic control and salon/makeover. Nothing like combining a few squishy little fetishes, eh?

  9. I think my fave from the list is the bimbo theme i love it when ppl lose their IQ and turning into a Light headed bimbos

  10. I love hypnosis and salon/majover the most. also hypnotic wishes is my vote for the stories. your my favorite captioner and you always use the best pics, can't wait to see more caps from you!

  11. Congrats Elena!! I really enjoy all of your work. my vote is for falling IQ's and blond bimbos, hypnosis being a fun catalyst.

  12. One more vote for drag queens. The more fabulous, the merrier! ^.^

  13. Congratulations for your 1 million! =)

    For "Elena Theme's" I'd like to see Hypnosis or Salon Hair (or both perhaps ;) )

    For the storyline to continue, I prefer Hypnotic Wishes for sure.

    I can't wait to see more caps from you too! >_<

  14. Congratulations for your 1 million views !

    may i vote in all 3 themes ?

  15. Glad to see you still going. I've really enjoyed going through your archives. I'd say my vote would be much like you listed it with bimbos and hypnosis at the top. You always seem to find hot pictures of slightly empty headed, big breasted beauties, and I love seeing how you got them there.