Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Bimbo Theme" Update And Asking For Help

Hi all. Caps to come soon, but I'm really excited about this new idea I've had and I wanted to share it all with you to see what you think. I've been storing A LOT of images of blondes, especially blonde bimbos, so I was thinking...why don't I cap them sequence! I'm undecided what I want to call it,, but basically for 101 straight days I'm going to post a blonde bimbo cap. Exciting! 

For all of you who are, like, "I don't like blonde bimbos as much..." or "What about all your other caps?" - don't worry. I'll still be posting random caps like I always do, but once I start this theme I'm guaranteeing a blonde bimbo cap everyday. Basically, that means you'll be getting two caps in a day sometimes! 

So here's what I'd like from you all - here is the "help" I was asking for. First, the easiest thing that anyone can do, I'm looking for names that epitomize "blonde bimbo". Like, if you were going to pick some good bimbo names, what would they be? My goal is to not reuse a name in a cap (except for a special few which you will learn about... ;) ), so lots of names are good and helpful to me! Note that iterations of a name like "Christie" and "Christina" are okay and don't count as "repeating" a name. Secondly, if you have any images you want me to cap, some blonde bimboish image that you've had tucked away and want to see capped, send it to me at and I'll add it to the series! Finally, if any of you can think of a creative name for this theme (ideally incorporating 101 because it is the number of caps I plan to do, but not necessarily with it...), let me know too!  I'm REALLY EXCITED about this and hope you'll all get into it as well, so once again: Bimbo names and theme names in the comments, images emailed to me, and let me know what you think of this theme via either! Feedback and questions are great! Thanks!

-Elena Starz


  1. First of all, I've been following this blog for a while but am just now getting vocal. I love your stuff, ESPECIALLY bimbo caps. As for bimbo names, you can never go wrong with names like Barbie, Bambi, Chrissy, Tiffany, and Britney. Now I've always been a fan of hypnosis themed caps, so what if the theme was something like "Re-Education 101" where it is like a school people are sent to to be bimbofied? Just spit ballin'.

  2. I'm really looking forward to this too! I really love your bimbo caps! It's going to be an interesting one with names - 101 needs a lot, but don't forget that most things can be 'bimbo'd a little by exchanging 'y's for 'i's and ensuring they're all dotted with hearts! (Not that the latter is really applicable to captions! And perhaps something in the lines of 'Can't count to 101'?

  3. here are some names for ya


    i hope that its usefull

  4. Now that is a wonderful idea. I hope that it works out well and you are not distracted. First, there are the obvious ones (to me) like Brandi, Candi, Tiffany etc. but some others not so obvious would be Ashley, Brittany, Nikki, and Destiny.
    Best wish in your endeavor.

  5. I like this idea and wish you the best on keeping up with your strict guidelines.

    Here are some names:

  6. Great idea! Here are some good bimbo names:

    * Amber
    * Ashlee
    * Bambi
    * Barbie
    * Kerri
    * Mindy
    * Tammi
    * Cindy (or Cindy)
    * Kimmy
    * Nikki (or Nicole)

  7. This sounds fantastic, though ambitious. I'm looking forward to it.
    I agree with Crow- a lot of names can be bimbofied by ending with an I. Think Steffi, Kimi, Tiffani, Jessi, Candi.
    As for theme, my brain first jumped to genies or harems, but those aren't usually blondes. Then I thought of a genie having to serve penance by converting that many.
    Another thought would be if you have a couple different themes that sound fun maybe there is some sort of contest to see who can create more bimbos.

  8. Fifi