Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Breast Friends

Hey...haven't heard much from you all in terms of comments lately...I don't require comments but I do like to know if the caps I'm putting out suit your taste or if I should go in a different direction. Please comment or email me because I'm sharing caps that I REALLY like, but if you all don't like them then I can try reversing course. Anyways, this cap contains a FANTASTIC image, which I hope you'll enjoy!


  1. This is a great cap Elena, I really love the interaction between the two bimbos.

  2. I think that perhaps if they went to a toy store they MIGHT be able to buy a CLUE, but only if it was made by Hasbro!

    Maybe their male personas don't want to come back because they feel fabulous enough on their own!

  3. I like the pic, and I like the story, and maybe it's my eyes or my viewer, but the red on gray is hard to read.