Thursday, October 25, 2012

Too Big

Hey all! A bit of an update here on what's going on. First, I think I'm going to stop doing the "dirty" caps...not to say I won't ever do them, but I realize that I have a vibe for cleaner caps (at least in terms of images) and feel that I should stick with that based on comments and personal preference. Secondly, I've been sick for a bit which has limited captioning ability, so expect more new stuff soon, but not immediately. Third, I'm going to throw out some more Haven Caps that I've had ready for a while (plus any new ones I make because I owe a lot of caps to people on that site...bad me...) then get back into new stuff. If you have any requests, as always, for when I get rolling on new stuff, send me a email or leave a comment. For now, enjoy this cap and expect more frequent posts in the future!

-Elena Starz

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