Friday, October 26, 2012

What I Desire! vs. What I Desire?

Hello all! This is a Haven set I did really recently and liked a lot so I wanted to put it out there. The first cap (What I Desire!) is a more general perspective of the feminizer that lays out some details, while the second cap (What I Desire?) goes into the mind of the man being feminized as he slowly accepts the changes happening to him. I also drew a lot of parallels/similarities between the caps in terms of word choice and order of events, which I was quite pleased with, and I hope you'll all enjoy these two as well!

What I Desire!

What I Desire?

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  1. Not that it's not what I desire, physically anyhow, I'd be kind of bummed about losing my 'mind' in the process. It just seems like knowing how I've changed would be so much more of a turn-on!!!
    Wonderful stuff here, Elena!