Friday, November 30, 2012

Alana - Re-Education 101: How to Become a Blonde Bimbo

I'm back with my own caps! Thank you so much to all the people that contributed to the series while I was in a cap lull...really appreciate it. So here is a fun image to work with...I actually came up to the conclusion to the story before I wrote the rest of it, so the start may feel a bit arbitrary, but I think the concluding bit is worth it in the end...hope you enjoy!


  1. That is a captivating picture and compelling story. Not to get too picky, but it should be "your girlfriend" not you're.

  2. Awesome job on the cap. I enjoyed the story and how you tied it in with the story. I feel a little bit sad for Ben's girlfriend because I don't think she will be able to compete with Alana.

  3. You don't write out the endings first? Or at least have an idea of how the caption is going to end?