Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Eve - Re-Education 101: How to Become a Blonde Bimbo

So as a check-in, if you have asked for a specificly requested cap and I haven't gotten it to you/posted it, don't worry, I haven't forgotten. I'm just trying to mix in some caps that I get to create on my own with request caps, which means it takes me a lot longer to get through all requests. Thank you for being patient.


  1. Great job, I liked the idea of showing the students outside of a classroom.

  2. i love your series. sorry i havent commented before, but i am really enjoying them. i had a suggestion, what if you made one of the more reluctant victims into more of a dragqueen bimbo? maybe one who is especially closed-minded towards the teacher's gay friends or something

  3. Hi elena. I love the series and all of your hard work. Please keep it up!