Monday, December 10, 2012

UPDATE! PLEASE READ! - Re-Education 101: How to be a Blonde Bimbo

Hey all! So I've done exactly 30 caps for this series so wasn't a month of consecutive caps like I had hoped, but based on the feedback I've been getting, I think you're all okay with that! But speaking of feedback, I wanted to spend a little time with some ideas bouncing around in my head/things I wanted to ask you all about. So this post is going to be a little long...but bear with me, because its important!

First, I was thinking about some "themed" ideas because I have a lot of similar images depicting similar things. For example, I was thinking about "jobs" that students in the class could get after college, which could portray anything from maids to waitresses to models to strippers, etc. Or another idea was a club theme in which its a bunch of caps of students who end up clubbing for some reason or another. I was thinking about doing 7 straight caps for each mini-idea. If you like this concept, let me know - I would also love weekly themes suggested if I can get access to those images (your recommendation of images would help!)

Another idea I was playing with is defining recurring characters. This thought came about when people would mention things like "I'm surprised Professor Blonde would do that" or "I think the Dean should..." and I realized that I had my own opinions about it. I would like to note that at first, I purposefully left the personalities of my recurring characters a bit vague so people could imagine the characteristics they want in them. However, I thought I would set down my vision for what I see people to be. Professor Blonde has two simple traits: she is always for feminizing all the students in the class and will only feminize males. She will let females drop for that reason, but males/shemales are not allowed to drop the class unless it furthers their feminization. She's not really vindictive or obsessed with dragging boys into her class to feminize them - she lets boys come in on their own terms (or because of someone else's terms) and makes them into beautiful blonde bimbos like herself, because that's what she loves doing. The other two characters worth mentioning are DeeDee and Dean Daniel Rests (here is an example cap). DeeDee is a whiny, bitchy blonde bimbo who likes feminizing other boys into hot bimbo sluts like herself - very one-dimensional. Dean Rests is a character who mostly observes the changes occurring on his campus with passivity - he notices changes and may have an opinion about them in his head (generally against the feminization), but his actions are neutral. I haven't decided on a reason why this is (especially on why he doesn't just shut down the class) or whether or not to feminize him (people have suggested this and it is VERY intriguing), but I haven't thought of a good enough backstory to work around. If you have suggestions on what to do to develop the characters of Professor Blonde, DeeDee, or Dean Rests, please let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to make "tribute caps" (the guest caps I've shown plus some others on different blogs that have popped up) mimicking the series, I hope this helps focus your thoughts (not that you HAVE to follow these rules if you want to make a "How to be a Blonde Bimbo" cap...just the guidelines I follow in my caps).

Finally, I wanted to ask you for some review. What was your favorite cap so far? What was your least favorite? What do you want to see more of? Do you have more images you'd like me to use? Let me know!

Whew....that was a lot of writing and a lot of reading if you read it all. Because I know there are a lot of bimbos out there reading my stuff (including myself *giggle*), I give you a short summary of things I'm asking you to respond on:

1. What do you think of a week of "themed" caps such as "jobs", "clubbing", or other mini-ideas? Feel free to suggest ideas.
2. What do you think I should do to develop the characters of Professor Blonde, DeeDee, and Dean Daniel Rests (especially the last two?)? Why does Dean Rests not close down the Professor's class? Should the Dean be feminized? Let me know what you think?
3. Review these last 30 caps! Let me know your favorite, your least favorite, and what you'd like to see more of for the next 71!

Thank you all for the support...the willingness to do this comes only from the kind words and requests you all send me to keep me are all so lovely! Kisses!

-Elena Starz


  1. Haven't had a chance to read through all of the series, but what I have read I adore! Great to see a large amount of great bimbo themed captions!

    So far my personal favorite has been Kerri Re-education, mostly cause I'm a sucker for the younger idea(big AR fan). Haven't had any I didn't like.

    I like the idea of the themes, great way to mix it up and add some spice into the idea.

  2. So many questions.., I'll try to answer as much as I can.
    I can see the theme weeks as a good break, keeping you from getting bored with the concept. You said in the first cap it seems like Prof Blonde has always been there so maybe one week we could see some of her former students, or bimbos throughout history.
    I know I keep coming back to this, but it seems like a real mystery as to how she is allowed to continue converting so many without resistance from the dean, or parents, etc. In my mind she has some history in the area that has created a sort of acceptance spell, but you may have a different vision. Either way I'd love to learn more about her past.
    It's hard to pick favorites as they all seem so good. It is a good excuse to go back and read them again. I'd say Lucy, Candi, and the one with the twins stood out.

  3. my take on why the Dean or parents seem to accept it is that because all the boys signed up for the class for their own reasons, even if they were mistaken on the course aims, People see it as helping the boys be who they want to be. Maybe the Dean doesn't get that she doesn't let you drop the class since Plenty of girls have done so and the high pass rate skews him a little when it comes to noticing no boys have dropped out.

    the fact that she hasn't ever really forced anyone with the exception of a few bullies buys her tolerance, and the bullies themselves are better people now so everyone in the school is happier that they are the way they are now.

    just my thoughts on that subject anyway.


  4. My opinion on Dean? Great idea. But, instead of being someone against feminization who ends up getting feminized, why not make him someone who starts out against feminization, but eventually becomes an alpha male with a harem of bimbos? That sort of.. shakes up the formula.

  5. i like the idea of themed caps, but i think it'd be best for it to be new boys changed to fit into a new job. so for example a strip club needs some new strippers and asks the proffesor to supply them. Or maybe a summer school that deals with making students into maids.

    The idea of recurring characters is always fun and i like the sound of DeeDee's personality. I generally like these new caps. I enjoy guys being turned into bimbo's. Being all giggly and girly, maybe losing a bit of intelligence. I really liked the drag queen caps too.

    Keep up the great work


  6. It was hard trying to pick out some favorites since I've loved like 99% of them. My top three would have to be Kerri, the first Holly one where she ran into her ex, and Misty & Christie. I didn't like the three Dixie ones. I think showing them in the club would be great, but I also would not mind seeing them giving more high school recruits. As far as the while thing of why does no one think to protest the professor's work, seeing add you've already introduced magic into the series, why not say that every new bimbo has a spell that radiates from them where purple don't question the end result

  7. I personally would enjoy seeing a theme week. Another idea you could implement for a theme could be MILF/Cougar week.